Speech Analyst: ‘Drunk’ Mumbi Phiri’s Moment Of Error

Questions are being asked as what has led to a one month suspension slapped on Vocal Hon. Mumbi Phiri, from her position as Patriotic Front Deputy Secretary General effective 24th March, 2018.

Our Team has managed to put pieces together as to what happened. The incident in question took place on 03-03-2018 at a PF Fundraising event at Ndoza Lodge in Chilanga.

On that eventful function, Hon. Phiri, was the senior most PF member, who could call up President Edgar Lungu to speak to guests.

Lusaka Province PF chairman, Mr. Lorrance Longwe, called on Hon. Phiri, who instead of just calling on the Party President to address the gathering started her own lamentations to the surprise of those in attendance.

“You see President Lungu loves women very much that’s why you see he has now nominated me as MP, he loves women very much, Mr President Before u come here allow me to call Kings Malembe to sing a song one more time because he sings very well and I want to dance iwe kings isa Kuno fast, Malembe then stepped on stage and began to sing, later on Mumbi Phiri grabbed the mic away from him again and said iwe kings let me call Lungu to come and speak first also”, a visibly happy Hon. Phiri, said.

The same function recorded a power surge for more than two times….

When President Lungu stepped on stage to address the gathering power failed sending the whole banquet hall into darkness.

When power was restored President Lungu was surrounded by Security wings to protect him.

As President Lungu began to talk, power was cut again this time Hon. Phiri was still on the found on stage, this time close to President Lungu at his right hand side, making many wonder how she got there when the power failed.

In case you missed what happened, that is a brief. And we are told that Hon. Phiri, has shown remorse hence a 30 day action to make her reflect.

It is surprising that Zesco failed to sustain electricity supply to an event where the Head of State was in attendance. We hope there was a better explanations.

That should not happen not just where there is Head of State but to every part of Zambia. Zesco must be on top of things.

We have not forgotten our promise to post an analysis regarding Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany, Anthony Mukwita. Our Team of Analysts are on the article,we have actually established that His Excellence Ambassador Mukwita, went against the 2018 National Budget when he said no taxes for five years. Watch out.

Also, probably, you agree with our analysis that State House is panicking over the impeachment motion advanced by the Opposition United party for National development.

Even if the motion may not succeed on paper, due to the arrogance of numbers. It is not a clear picture for the PF, it is an edge of the seat affair.

Patriotic Front Members, especially those left out of Ministerial Jobs in preference for MMD-PF Members can be very dangerous. They are also those PF Lawmakers who see Vice President Inonge Wina, as a opportunity to become Ministers as and when President Lungu, is out of State House.

Independent Members of Parliament are not fully behind the PF, some support the UPND, others are just neutral, it is now or ever, make money where it is possible. A single vote counts, in monetary terms a lot of kwachas?

Everything is possible, some Lawmakers may even miss this historical motion for whatever reason, others maybe blocked by “purpose” just frustrate the plan of the UPND. Every PF Parliamentary must be in the house, otherwise it can be a disaster.

Another hindrance ahead of the motion is a possibility by National Assembly Speaker Dr. Patrick Matibini, to strike out some of the grounds contained in the impeachment advanced by the UPND on technicality.

The Speech Analyst



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