Letter: Anything Wrong With Impeachment Motion?

It is sad and shameful how ignorant some people are. This impeachment is not targeting the PF neither is it in the interest of the UPND, but in the interest of protecting the constitution from those that abrogate it.

Impeachment is mostly fostered by the legislature to keep in check the Executive and their unlawful acts. The legislature is not the UPND or PF only, no, it comprise Independent MPs, PF and UPND MPs, as well as MPs from other political parties.

So this pool of MPs functioning as one of the arm of government collectively referred to as legislature have a constitutional right to impeach the president if he abrogates the constitution.

All what we need to look at are the grounds for impeachment- did the president violated the constitution when he refused to hand over instrument of power when the petition of election outcome was lodged in?

We need to raise the levels of our debate and begin to look at things with sober minds. We can no longer continue massaging irregularities in the name of die hard members.

We ought, at least once, realise that allegiance must be paid to people that sent you there. i rest my case.


  1. mkambo

    that’s automatically true.people should be taught how things move.thanks mwenya

  2. panyelekesa

    it is indeed sad and shameful to see how ignorance has engulfed many zambians,pipo think the impeachment motion has been raised bcoz of the upnd,it is imperative dat we educate one another on this

  3. Man Mutiz

    Monga Simunayendekho Ku Sukulu Open Your Ears To Hear Your Friends Are Getting Rich Vukani Mitu Bane Ni 2018 eyi

  4. shanflex

    for hw long will zambians remain ignorant wake up pipo and c were zambia z heading

  5. BO

    Zambia has been held behind by PF and UPND. This is a pure greedy moves to keep power in the same hands

  6. At it

    My comment is that, if you fail to gain pwer through a vote the only other way is to loose moral standards so as to forget to think about peace that has been enjoyed, but to try to start other malicious moves to disturb the people. It is evident that you are known by your tribe.Your tribe does not recognize other languages and welcome heart but segregation. Now,why do you want to copy things from elsewhere? Y can’t you wait to be a shared in place of offe through anomal vote unlike try to bring in somehow what is of highly graded as rites to civil conflict. Wait for the right time.

  7. sech

    Zambians are not ignorant -Its you who is ignorant.Is it because we are not in support with your foolish impearchment motion?

  8. Hubert


  9. never mind

    Passing by please tell us what the meaning of impeachment coz some of us we don’t know.

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