Nevers Mumba Sentenced to 3 Months Imprisonment

Former Vice-President Nevers Mumba has been sentenced to three months imprisonment with hard labour for providing false information to a public officer.

Mumba, a UPND sympathiser, has been acquitted on a charge of illegal trespass at ZNBC after he went to protest coverage of the post August 2016 elections.

The former MMD president Nevers Mumba who still claims leadership of the former ruling party has been jailed three months for allegedly giving false information to a public officer at ZNBC.

Magistrate David Simusamba found Mumba guilty and sentenced him to three months.


  1. Man Mutiz

    Kukonda Vokamc Kamba Navoonse Vamene Sunaoneko Mupunzile Punziso Ni Pf Eyi

  2. Man Mutiz

    Kukonda Vokamba Kamba Navoonse Vamene Sunaoneko Mupunzile Punziso Ni Pf Eyi

  3. Honourable Simpasa Cletus

    This Time The Govt Is Right

  4. sim1

    Akanwa ka kwa pwele

  5. John phiri

    The government is right I agree with you honourable Simpasa

  6. BO

    That’s freedom of information for you, you cannot express your own opinion least you are sent to prison …! What false information did he provide to police?
    Some of the PF ministers are still in post even when the courts declared their seats unlawful – are these ministers going to be imprisoned for accepting government salaries while performing their duties unlawfully? One rule for others…!

  7. BO

    Rev Mumba should have NEVER left the church for politics…!

    • Majory

      God has his own way to deal with people,, it just takes time! I recommend that he goes back to God in submission and repentance,,, not vama politics!!

  8. Kamata

    Just when he left politics for church….. boom!!!! Ba gwira! Mulandu siuola.


    Former Vice President of the Republic of Zambia. A Clergyman Nevers Mumba is this not a disgrace? You are a Man Servant who should be honest to people and God. But because of being selfish you commit silly mistakes. And remember that this has dented your reputation.

  10. Boma Inonge

    He should have never left God for politics, sorry eeh,but there is still room for repentance.

  11. Dalice me

    God pliz intervene.

  12. Joseph

    GOD, his with you, DR mumba. No weapon fashion of RAT shall prosper.

  13. Sir Hando


  14. bravo

    With God there is no pretence the harder and holier than thou you pretend,the easier you get the highest level of imbarracement, God is not a politician and don’t use Gods name in personal gains

  15. Nelson

    Azamuziba yesu

  16. CR7

    There’s tym for everything,ts also said to b ‘truth hurts’ Annalise dis game wel dat man Mumba were exercising his ryt of expression. Not so long som ministers were nullified bt dey remained n de offices nothing happened nt until wth Mumbai al bcoz he tokd abt elections n iligemate ELC..!
    Shame almighty ll intrvein

  17. FGM

    Iam sorry that has landed him in prison. I believe those committing crimes with impunity will also be imprisoned in the near future

  18. Miracle

    Zambia shall be saved!!!!,believe in God ba pastor it shall be well,this is simply the consequences of running away from the call of the lord hope you shall preach Jesus now

  19. pastor Oscar chanda

    Comment God is Aware of your situation Dr.Never Mumba.
    Exodus 3:1-9.The Israelites were in misery for 400 years.they cried day and night to Yahweh .but Yahweh were not silent.He heard their cry .He said l haven seen the misery of the Israelites. l myself not the Angel God Himself l will come down and rescue them.and God sent Moses to rescue them.Am encouraging you man of God .God is Aware of your situation in prison.He’s going to rescue you. He’s bursy preparing Moses by this week you will be out in Jesus Christ name. we serve the omnipotent God not ipotent.

  20. pastor Oscar chanda

    CommentTheres A Spoken Word Over Your life.Mathew 4:4.Go’s has saying something on you. this word is for you only .What you will be in the future. Zambia shall be saved. when God speaks his word on you .you will face loneliness. persecution. criticism. mockery. e.t.c.it’s a painful process. e.g Joseph. God said Joseph you will become a vice-president in a foreign land.but before that he was sold by his own brothers. throwned in prison and finally landed on the spoken word.when God speaks on you you will undergo through that process. it’s a painful process. Zambia shall be saved very well in Jesus Christ name. pray more.stand on the promise of God.psalms 30:5-6.

  21. pastor Oscar chanda

    Comment We ar together in prayers. because what ever born in prayer sustained by prayer. 1thessalonians 5:17

  22. pastor Oscar chanda

    Comment Your are An Overcomer Dr. Nevers Mumba.1john 4:4. the power of God within you is greater than the problems around you.you are a winning Christian. be strong.pray more.God is big.

  23. pastor Oscar chanda

    Comment He is resurrected. Luke 24:5-6.Jesus was burried for 3 days and the all Hell were celebrating. Dr.Nevers there are people who are celebrating over your suffering. don’t worry He’s alive you will celebrates laugh and dance again the bible says weeping may endure fo r night but joy comes in the morning.break thr ough is on the way in Jesus Christ name. the bible says after the resurrection He appeared to many people. very soon you shall be known nation and international ly.God bless the great nation Zambia.

  24. man


  25. man

    Indeed is prison really a place of all

  26. jimmy simwaba

    Pliz my brother nevers quit politics God wants you to convert more people so that they become disciples i know you brother God is angry with you go back to your respected job no one has gone with wealth to grave .you will be richer in God’s kingdom

  27. Abel Lungu

    Ati man of God talking foolish things.

  28. James ngosa

    Woo! Bas mapepo providing false information. Ati man of God… indeed its imitation Christians

  29. Sober m


  30. Born face kaunda

    Yaba with hard labour

  31. Josphat Chambeshi

    No problem Mr Mumba sir God wants you to go back to that covenant you went with Him.God is the keeper of covenant He never leaves you or forsake. Repent God is a faithful God will forgive and stop involving in political ensures, you are a child of Living one who is God. God Loves youuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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