Hichilema Turned Away from Mwembeshi Prison

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and his entourage were turned back at Mwembeshi Open Air Prison when they went to see their incarcerated member Nevers Mumba.

Mumba was on Wednesday sentenced to three months imprisonment for provide false information to a police officer at ZNBC’s Mass Media Complex.

He was cantered away to Mwembeshi with the appeal process on Thursday not taking off leading to his continued incarceration.

Hichilema and his deputy Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba could not be ushered in as they could not produce the requisite identification to the prison authorities.

Below is what Hichilema posted to his social media on the indicident:

Greetings fellow citizens,

We hope you are enjoying the Easter.

It is with utter shock and disbelief that we wish to let you know that the State has refused us to visit our brother Dr. Nevers Mumba who is being held at Mwembeshi Prison in Central province.

With our party vice president Mr. Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and several other senior officials, we arrived at Mwembeshi prison around 12:00 hours and we were made to stand in the rains for close to two hours before being told that we cannot see Dr. Mumba.

This is not the independence our forefathers fought for and indeed we cannot continue with this as a Nation. Dr. Mumba has the right to be visited. We also have the right to visit our brother. We are commemorating Easter and it is time for all of us to show brotherly love to everyone.

For now, we wish Dr. Nevers Mumba God’s protection and to you our people out there, we say stay strong and keep Dr. Mumba in your prayers.

Blessed afternoon.




  1. Sir Hando

    May De Almight Protect Him As Did He To Daniel In The Pit Of Lions, Shadrick Misheck & Abed In The Burning Furnace Amen.

  2. Stephen Jere

    ati the “STATE” Refuses Us To See Our Brother Kikikikikikikiki..Mr HH Muzangena Sanga If U Ar Not Careful

  3. Justine c. Mukungule

    May the Lord God strengthen our brother in Christ Jesus in this trying moment.I hope he was just reprimanded.Only God knows if its a fair judgement.

    • Sera mutali

      All politician needs to be very careful ,Z will be another Luanda,the way things are us who are outside we are very worried ,

  4. Titus Himoonde

    Be strong 💪 Mr mumba God is the protector..

  5. Pas p

    Ubuteko plz try to be fair with yo pipo without us ther will b no government. God protect yo child 👶

  6. Majory

    Recognizing ester, though there is no good communication between the state ” as indicated by hichilema” I suppose there is a need to visit someone in need though the pain or shame it might cost us!!! God the comforter to protect Dr Nevers!!

  7. Samuel

    Be strong papa we pray for you

  8. Samuel

    God is with you just be strong

  9. sim1

    But sure hh ,his head is full of insects,he hh is even saying we didn’t have visitors permission,this to say one to visit the prison you have get permission ,no wonder hh is prisoner himself so we can’t be supplised.ndiwe jere kale.

  10. Happy

    May the lord jesus protect him frm evil hands.

  11. joseph

    Strong word but don’t involve politics

  12. mulenga julius

    Dont involve our innocent God in yo politics plz.who z Nevers b4 God????what changes has he brought in our land????? Instead of serving God then he mst test that piece of suffering.

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