Leaked Letter Alleges Cambridge Analytica Link to HH, UPND

The international data breach scandal involving UK company Cambridge Analytica has reached Zambia, as newly leaked documents appear to indicate that presidential contender Hakainde Hichilema and the United Party for National Development (UPND) may have hired the firm in the 2016 election.

Cambridge Analytica is currently in hot water in the US and UK for allegedly stealing the personal data of more than 50 million Facebook users, then using that information for “psychographic profiling” to manipulate voters with fake news and targeted social media advertising, according to several whistleblowers who have gone public in recent weeks.

According to an apparent letter of engagement dated 11 March 2016 from Cambridge Analytica to Hakainde Hichilema (attached below), which was leaked to several media outlets this weekend, the firm worked for the UPND in the 2016 election at a rate of $150,000 per month. The letter promised to “deploy certain third-party persuasion techniques which we have proven hugely successful in past campaigns in Nigeria. We feel that a similar approach is exactly what is needed to deliver victory to the UPND.”

The whistleblower also claims that Cambridge Analytica was introduced to Hichilema by his British political advisor, Henry Sands, who previously had worked for former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan on a controversial election campaign.

Documents uncovered by the Canadian newspaper the Globe and Mail show that Cambridge Analytica had boasted of using unsavoury tactics in that 2007 election in Nigeria, including vote buying and voter suppression, in addition to circulating anti-Islamic videos to stir up voters’ fears.

Zambia Reports is unable to confirm the authenticity of the letter. According to a report by QZ.com, Zambia is among the list of 30 countries where SCL Elections has claimed to have worked. Henry Sands is alleged to have a close relationship with UPND, arranging a 2015 speech by Hichilema in London.


  1. Trust

    No wonder he is….

    Why he wants short cuts GOD’s time is the best.

    • Lipkwa

      This so called letter was written by a Zambia whose command o English is questionable. It has several grammatical letters of which I have spotted some examples. Here are the errors:
      1. “of March 11”–this format is American, not British. 2. Provindent –This word is mispelled. This type of mistakes is often made by Zambian speakers of English.
      3. Our mutual friend — What does that mean?
      4. I hope can clarify — What does this mean?
      5. Data analytics firm — This is not correct.
      6. As we firmly believe that can — This is not good English

      • FuManchu

        And if having been hosted by HH, this Alexander Nix would have been aware as not to address HH as “Hon.” This is all smear campaign by somebody dead scared of UPND and HH in particular. Grow up people! Zambia deserves better!

      • Taylor

        Please tell them #Lipkwa, Why do they always bring our Mighty Country down? This is not right, let us all stand together and say NO to such articles, vanity!

  2. The Chosen One

    What a shame, what desperation if this is true. Going to the extent of manipulating people & pumping fake news on social media? God forbid & God Protect & Bless Zambia!

  3. Me

    RIGHT!!! Lol… quiet corny… he will survive still… I mean its HH

  4. Ishmail

    Comment Why? is the upnd so much desperate for power.

  5. Zambiaisours

    This looks like fake news!!…”please let ME office know…” Is it Nigerian pidgin??

  6. Ba Shi Noni

    Probablem with illiterate Zambian is they simply can’t read an entire document before jumping into conclusions. Let me help you, this letter says is a proposal mongo vija so when you go with your uncle to ask for a woman’s hand in marriage. Simply asking doesn’t mean you have married, are we together. No wonder Zambians are easily deceived, your conclusion mentality is pathetic with your coward behaviour of only being loud behind a fence

    • The Chosen One

      @Ba shi noni, I’m sorry but this is too serious to sweep aside as you suggest. The best is for the real journalists to investigate this further to understand why there’s such a deep interest by foreigners in the political out comes in Zambia. The article provides links to other websites where Zambia features & Cambridge Analytica is boasting about its influence. Just visit the sites before you conclude. God Bless Zambia

    • Kaimfa Chandang'oma

      Boss, you also seemed not to have read and followed the logic. The presentation of this letter clearly shows that is a follow up letter to some prior discussion and fundamentals already familiar to both parties.

      However, HH seems to have raised concerns around the pricing and this letter is proposing a way of reaching a common arrangement on the fees and not the assignment.

    • Even you who claims to be wise let me highlight you first there is no smoke without fire did you see the response to the same? secondly this letter is a clarity meaning it could be a third letter between two parties. be calm and watch the space not every one can despise you in life. thanks

      No smoke without fire. In my view just watch the space a lot is surfacing

  7. Ishmail

    Comment Not only on that letter even here is Zambia u can see unless u are illiterate to see the desperation. Election petition,Dialogue, impeachment and kambwili escort how? why? what a party, no direction if cheated today that dogs will be allowed to vote u can see how they can spend money to buy them

  8. Livingstonian Brashe

    I will never vote for HH so called UPND leader, the party is ok but the person leading the party is a problem, to hell with your plans Zambia is a Christian National, ECL was chosen by God the most high, no matter how much you try u will never sleep in state house, it’s God who gives, in fact you have to repent maybe you, re also involved in ritual killing you are a Bad man no vote from me never that is far more beyond satanic fake leader am disappointed go to hell.

  9. Joseph

    it, that a crime ? mweba PFOOL cadres, you behavers like mr RAT.

  10. John kabengele

    Can you all foolish people stop commenting and ready the whole article in full. English is straight. Don’t condemn HH.

  11. Chipolopolo

    Surely you can’t make this up. It must be true and I am disappointed with HH.

  12. MUMBA C

    Let’s leave it up to God for whosoever rules Zambia is the president for all whether yes or no. I mean Lungu or HH.

  13. Luther

    We are tired of manufacturing news by PF. No matter how u gang to blackmail HH . Will not stop supportin . Is our candidate for now and finish.

  14. Liyo

    go on people fight if you what one day you be disappointed if you find out that HH and PF eat on the some plants…..

  15. Donald

    HH is not a straight person

  16. pf

    The one who is chosen he doesn’t make mistakes like now lot of mistakes a coming from pf part
    You all know the reason why
    Will continue pointing the pf part to be the coz of the problems

    • Straightperson

      ECL was chosen,not God,but mama nono at Mulungushi rock in Kabwe.

  17. Leshina

    hh is a satanist. He does not love zed. Pipo wake and stop supporting this one man show

  18. Luther

    what u speak is what u Are!.. if HH is Satanist than u are also one.

  19. Paulo lukamba gato

    Foolish Zambians ! Don’t attack the person HH but the company that is trying to destroy the hard earned democracy in Zambia & the world at large , I know Zambians will start fighting over this , instead the government should find a way of this not to happen again , who knows PF did the same as it happened in India , & what India did was to close the office of the company (CA)

  20. Rasta Simon

    Zambians plz let’s unite let’s talk of development its only a small fire which can burn a big city and will need million litres of water to stop it how did the war start in Syria what are the results to day so be HH or LUNGU them will be safe but poor you and me will be in problems these two are brothers let them unite for the benefits of the people

  21. mikayele

    No wonder those inflated figures in certain places e.g dundumwezi etc.
    They were sure that victory was certain because of these corrupt tricks. Hence the refusal to accept defeat and embarked on endless court actions.I am disappointed.
    So after this plan failed then they want to think impeachment is their only chance.God forbid!
    In light of these revelations , that impeachment action is now even annoying to hear .
    God loves Zambia

  22. Rubish rat

    OK you think this is true, then give us a final letter of agreement where HH agreed to their pricing? Somebody with low calibre just sat and drafted this letter. The English is not even Britonic and has no inclination to truth. Works of chagwa’s failed minds.

  23. Remmy

    Leave my presdo HH alone

  24. Chisenga


  25. Joe


  26. Jose

    Judge not u cadres….. unless ngabali ba winso.

  27. Kabazela

    This English is Zambian people learn to say the truth

    • Jk

      It does not take 2hrs for one to cheat Zambian pipo, in a second millions will be cheated just like that.don’t just believe

    • Mbewe Richard

      Why do pipo want to see what is in other pipo’s bedrooms before they see what is in there rooms voting pattern should not be talked about one Z one N

  28. Zolileshamboko @shamboko.com

    Let’s love one another guys we are all one weather hh oh lungu z our president

  29. Jms

    Their is nothing to read don’t confuse us just consider that you are being ruled by a foreigner

  30. Nkonkosheni


    Chipuba ici tachakatekepo Zambia .Bt th party is ok nomba president bakwata achipuba.

  31. Kamata

    HH desperation will kill you mdala, just wait for your time.And if it comes, you will be the most hated president for giving false hopes to the people!

  32. sim1

    Chi hh you’re a fool,

  33. sim1

    Kanshi nga taba chifumshe ku mu kobeko.hh is a prisoner no wonder he behaves like a kahili.

  34. Stephen Jere

    Ba PF jst concetrate on wht u were elected for not wht the opposition ar doin backdoors.u see all u knw is “ubomba mwibala,alya mwibala” yet pipo ar suffering getin k700 as a salary hv u ever visited companies to see hw pipo ar suffering jst 2 get tht k700?.am nt upnd bt u ar forgetin tht mandevu constituence gave u 58,000 mwalaba mukatusanga!!!

    • Mbewe Richard

      Pf can not just keep quite because they know what they did for them to be in that office so they think hh can also do the same no wonder they are interested in knowing whatever the opposition is doing out there.

    • Mbewe Richard

      Iwe Stephen Jere you you must be right

  35. Joe

    Propanganda at its hight level. The more you WIll insult /acuse HH The you will bless HIM. Read The story Of balaam and barak you will understand. God might have allowed HH not to be president now maybe because God pipo of zambia learn something or HH to learn something. This thing will backfire just wait and see

  36. Derick

    UPND supoters tell him

  37. Derick

    UPND supoters tell him to respect the president and Zambian people

  38. Zach

    The letter is well understood, Thus why all these shot cuts na desperation. He spending alot

  39. Majoni Tyson

    PF is just instilled with fear, we have important issues pending such as petition the impeachment among others. How do they abandon those issues instead of concentrating on prematurely fake stories, pf leagued elections but how do they justify themselves by shifting dirt accusations on the visionary leader for our country. Just wait for the fate of impeachment don’t complicate Mr HH, a man for Zambia.

  40. Taylor

    Eish! Ati ‘Zambia Reports’ Am not really in politics but am just disappointed. Why do you always bring our Country down? Honestly speaking, I have never seen such a useless article before. I thought you people where matured. This website has just drained me mwandi.

    • Omond zimba

      Tylor you are right these pipo are busy dividing us slowly but sure some of these things are not very important but I also wonder why as if there is nothing important to talk about. They must be politicians also, behaving like cadres

  41. Disappointed Citizen

    I had a feeling this chap called HH isnt accepting the loss because he invested a lot of money. God’s time is the best. Lungu all the way.

  42. Livingstonian Brashe holla

    U know what you all followers of this idiot free Mason called HH, no matter a matter what, where God is concerned this free Mason will never Rule this Beautiful country Zambia, l wonder where this Burge came from, pipo of Zambia let’s go back how this idiot grabbed the party, after the death of a party found A_mazoka milupi was supposed to take over but this idiot because of power hungry and tribalism milupi was side lined that the party should only be ruled by a Tonga only but Y Y Y this man is greed and dangerous GBM will regret wait and see, ok challenge me how many people did he help since.Go to hell and become a president there not here in Zambia God forbid.

  43. Don

    guys have eyes and ears , be able to see and hear what is right , we don’t need to be telling you that ” this food eat ” or rather telling you that ” this feases you jump “. NO a big NO i repeat..you are all big thats the reason why you are using social media..you are required to be spiting what is senseble. gud9t.love you all

  44. jack daneils

    and don’t rush to involve GOD saying he chose any one ,be wise by watching & listening to the scene ,not uku landa fye what u think ,wala unfwe inso if u are wrong in the end ,learn to be quiet.

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