Four People Feared Dead In Juldan Motors Road Accident

Four people are feared dead after a passenger bus overturned in Kasama Monday morning.

Eyewitnesses report that the bus was travelling from Mporokoso to Lusaka but careered off the road and overturned.


  1. Rodney

    What has gone wrong with July Moyo.is it how he celebrates his holiday.from one in Zim to the other one?

  2. Joseph

    Sad news, MTRIP

    • Benson

      It’s sad news please let us prayer hard so that the devil which is this country we can go out some people they think by doing this they can win to become what they think.God is there will gaud us whom to vote.

  3. Raphael kahangu

    Pls Ratsa and other relevant authorities should look into this one in a couple of days to accidents occurred for the same company, too sad.

  4. joseph nkaka

    sad news

  5. momo

    sad news

  6. eddielimata

    sad news

  7. Martin Mumbuluma

    OH MY GOD,😳whats happening to juldan motors?
    From mazhandu family bus services to juldan motors.
    Its really sad news!
    May Their Souls Rest in Peace.πŸ™ŒπŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­

  8. saviour

    SAD NEWS.wat went wrong?

  9. Michael chilinda

    Sad news

  10. Nathan C K Fitch

    Too bad

  11. sam

    too bad

  12. Victor

    It’s wrong seeing people dying for know good reasons it’s wrong I tell you… Let’s pray for our country πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡²

  13. Mr Veezy-vicman

    A daily thought,
    A silent tear,
    A Constant wish that you are near,
    Words are few but thoughts are deep,
    Memories of our friendship i will always keep..
    My condolences mhsrip

  14. black spider

    Sad indeed

  15. Majory

    Sad news,,, we have nothing to do but pray πŸ™,,,, !!! Sad news πŸ“° indeed, I pray it won’t repeat πŸ”ƒ!!!

  16. ntamanyile

    Juldan we respect your buses nomba mwatampa ukwangala nemyewo yabantu.mtsriep

  17. Zolileshamboko @shamboko.com

    Sad news

  18. FGM

    Too bad indeed. May God bless our Christian country.

  19. Happy

    Too bad my condolences to the families.

  20. Mop's Brian Mapopa Mhone

    Too Bad

  21. Jonathan

    too bad Mr makumba

  22. Kaps

    Sad news

  23. Kalumphamkwinya

    That is πŸ˜”

  24. Kalumphamkwinya

    That is sad

  25. Jms

    Sad news we have two days on this earth so may the souls rest in peace and may God help us to comfort the families

  26. John

    Too bad

  27. moses chinyama

    no way devil

  28. Hotness

    Sad news indeed, may God comfort the believed families.

  29. Kingsley maluza

    It’s a very sad news…

  30. innocent bwalya

    sad news.May they lest in piece

  31. Chan

    Sad News indeed lets pray for our country

  32. jimmy simwaba

    We should pray hard it seems our country is being invaded by satanism. If all of are

  33. emmanuel

    Too bad

  34. jimmy simwaba

    We should pray hard it seems our country is being invaded by satanism. If all we wete really christians by practical in this nation God would have been answering us now because our hearts are very far from God.I advise the gvt too make stiff law .1.on prostitution 2.on witch craft 3.and we should try obey the ten commandments as a nation to be true christian country.

  35. Born face kaunda

    Its a very sad situation

  36. Izukanji b sinkala

    May their souls rest in internal peace.

  37. elijahzmakai

    My condolences mhsrip

  38. kaisunge

    2 bad

  39. paul


  40. Dickson Mtine

    Too bad especially to the who lose the souls

  41. Dickson Mtine

    Too bad especially to the families who lose the souls

  42. Michael

    Extremly Bad.

  43. Reuben

    Sad news, in a space of two to three weeks two buses of juldan

  44. Nkonkosheni

    Sad news. RIP.

  45. Jairos

    But what has gone wrong with juldan busses or is it that they are overspeeding too much


    Sad news.

  47. Hendrix Ludo mukosha

    My they soul rest n peace !!!!

  48. musonda

    Sad news

  49. Arnold

    Benson stop bringng politics in such matters keep dreaming.one day u wake up

  50. Josphat Chambeshi

    Sad news.God who is heaven help us.RIP

  51. moses

    may their Saul rest into everlastng peace

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