Opinion: Pres. Lungu’s Impeachment; What Is Wrong With The Motion?

I have keenly followed the augments regarding the impeachment motion with interest. As usual many commentators have given divergent views over the same. Most arguments are coming from numbers in parliament whether the UPND is able to get the numbers required to succeed with such an ambitious motion. to discuss the current impeachment I first want us to look at history briefly.

In 2003 Zambian lawmakers were to begin debate on a controversial motion to impeach President Levy Mwanawasa for violating the Constitution by appointing a vice president they said was unqualified.

Fifty-three (53) lawmakers signed a petition calling for Mwanawasa’s impeachment, citing a constitutional stipulation that a person must have served as a member of Parliament before being appointed vice president.

The Constitution also bared a person from holding the second highest office in the land if they lost in a general election.

Mwanawasa appointed opposition leader Mr. Nevers Mumba vice president in May 2003 replacing Enoch Kavindele, even though Mr. Mumba had never been a lawmaker and lost in the December 2001 presidential vote won by Mwanawasa.

The impeachment motion was being moved by UPND lawmaker Hon. Sakwiba Sikota.

Before the impeachment motion came to parliament, the opposition FDD had already mounted a court challenge, to be heard in October, arguing that the appointment was unconstitutional.

On another interesting note, an opposition legislator Dipak Patel – a Mwanawasa supporter recently appointed as trade and industry minister – said the motion was an act of “vindictiveness by the opposition.”

The motion was put to a vote on the government’s request and parliament members voted 92-57 against it.

Sakwiba Sikota, a senior member of the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) that sponsored the motion, argued that the president was guilty of misconduct and it was the task of the parliamentarians to do the right thing and impeach Mwanawasa and get Zambia back on track. The motion did not succeed to go far.

This was happening when the country’s ballooning budget deficit had prompted international lenders who supported 40 percent of Zambia’s annual budget to withhold aid and the government had said it expected no foreign debt relief that year.

President Mwanawasa was very calm about the development and encouraged his lawmakers to debate intelligently in parliament emphasising that there was a bigger challenge which required his attention.

I bring in this history because without history we may not know how to deal with matters and where we are going.

It should not be surprising today that the UPND has moved a motion again to impeach a different president this time around. It is in the DNA of UPND to make sure they use every provision in the constitution. They are good at this and this is the reason why UPND is the only party in Zambia that has pushed motions of impeachment in recent history.

So is the ‘IMPEACHMENT MOTION’ going anywhere? The answer is NO and those pushing for it know too well that what they are fighting for is a game of football in water.

But this is not to say the UPND MP’s are wrong in moving the motion, they have every right under the constitution to do so. The UPND is doing this to also maintain their relevance in the political space of Zambia. it is such as important thing for them to do.

However, this is where the UPND lose it sometimes, if the same energy they are putting on pushing this motion could be channelled to strengthening their party structures and also come up with a mechanism that can put them in power come 2021 they can archive more than what they will gain from this impeachment motion.

Because the impeachment is going nowhere, I think president Lungu and the entire PF should concentrate on working on improving the lives of the Zambian people and pay less attention to the motion.

Let me also mention that because the UPND is simply exercising it’s rights as a party, the motion should in no way affect the talks regarding reconciliation.

As I conclude, I would urge the UPND to concentrate on preparing for 2021 and forget about this impeachment and also the case of presidential petition. There shall be no shortcut to removing president Lungu from power. Let us all just accept that we are stuck with him until 2021. Anyone thinking we shall have another president before 2021 is day dreaming. By the way why do they want to remove a president who does not exist? Isn’t that hypocritical in nature?

May God Bless Zambia.


  1. chola

    I agree with you

  2. Philip mpande

    Point my dear.

  3. kasamanda

    I fully support you my brother may God protect you.

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  5. john

    That’s profound

  6. Mulley X

    I hope the people behind it have got ears to hear.

  7. wilfred phiri

    that’s very true my bro, let those that can hear get it

  8. Edwards

    You have hammered the nail by its head.

  9. Habib

    What I am getting from this is that, because the impeachment motion has failed in the past therefore it shouldn’t even be contemplated. What sort of thinking is this? While the writer sidelines the validity of the motion by attributing it to ‘UPND doing so only to remain relevant’ is really of no concern to him. If UPND has substantial evidence on why the impeachment should happen, then it is right for them to put in what ever resources they have in order for what is right to be realized. So I would say if president Lungu is indeed wrong then it is justified for him to be impeached. But where evidence suggests otherwise then the opposite should happen and he can continue guiding the nation without fear.

    • big fish

      He is a PF cadre .he does not know what he is talking about .

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  11. Kaps

    Leken balechula nemitima

  12. chishimba

    thats true but hey will be watching how it will end. God bless Zambia

  13. FGM

    We can not burry our heads in the sand and pretend that all is well. If a constitutional violation was committed , the motion is necessary. It will even update the citizens on the wrongs being committed. Court appeals also update the citizens on treachery of our leaders. So they are not a waist of time and resources , they make the movers popular and deter the wrong doers from being careless.

    • james

      Zambians are too judgement.why can’t you just sit and watch.isn’t your lane better for you to stay put.just becoz u are against them doesn’t mean the upnd are wrong.lungu violated the law so shud he answer.musazi kambakamba che just bcoz u hve a mouth atase

  14. Pleito Solomon

    From the account of upnd impeachment motions we can learn that these stingy species want to plunge Zambia into chaos to which we are ready to fight. And one word to President lungu, continue working hard for us the people of Zambia we’re behind come 2021 niwefye. Ishi nimbwa they know not what they re doing apart from pulling Zambia back. They do bad things for Zambia with the influence of Anglo America to which their leader is connected so that they come back to plunder Zambia as they did during privatization with hichilema h. As evaluator

    • COSTA C M


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  16. caroline

    All manner of patriotism should be supported by Zambian citizens, not any motion driven by greediness. May the president ba Lungu live longer on that presidential seat.He means well

  17. never mind

    shonsefye no bwa atasee

  18. Simwaka William

    My fellow countrymen why are we so behind in our thought? Let not be driven anyhow we are people who don’t think. When time of politics has gone let it and move for new step of developing our country than wasting the much needed engy on thing that cannot even bear fruit to help the nationa to at the greater height .My fellow youth understand your right before the action taken because these people that use us are now of their age and they don’t think about our future they only use us their Rader.remember to say no to any violence God bless Zambia and God bless the people of zambia

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    sure thing

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    Exactly dear that was powerful




    God bless zambia

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    On point and focused…. thanks let’s protect our country we only have one Zambia which is one Nation


    Yesu somone ama error

  25. T-bo Tach

    These People really dont read… But are good at trying or memorissing what they have heard, just a word of advice ba UPND do u know why nearly everything u do and try all in the name of politics doesn’t work out?? Check urself especially ur top boss he fosed himself tobe king by deleting his master and failure to which he hasn’t been at peace at all.

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