Kasempa MP Cries For Better Roads

Poor road network in Kasempa District continues to affect the productivity of the district in contributing to the country’s food security.

And UPND Area Member of Parliament Brenda Tambatamba is disappointed that despite promises from government to upgrade roads, nothing is happening.

Kasempa district, the food busket for North Western Province, has remained with deplorable roads that are making it difficult for farmers to transport their farm produce to various parts of the province.

Tambatamba said the upgrading of roads to bituminous standard will improve economic activities in the area and bring about employment creation.

She has appealed to government to urgently move in and fulfil the promise it made of ensuring a better road network in the district.

“I don’t think the PF government is promoting the character of those that want development because for them it remains unfulfilled promises, the President cams here and promised that the construction of works will commence in three months but up to now, nothing is happening”, Ms Tambatamba said.

She said the government had promised that the kasempa Mumbwa and Kaoma Kasempa Roads will be tarred but nothing of such is happening in the district.

Tambatamba has appealed to government to move in quickly and have the roads upgraded to bituminous standards to give a fair share of development to the people in the district.


  1. shu shu shu

    Other UPND MPs should learn from Tambatamba and speak for their constituents

  2. Samuel Sankeni

    Nice Idea Mp

  3. Firequencher

    Please keep up with the good work.

  4. philipianose

    Ideal work.

  5. philipianose

    And let other members of parliament be in function to conform.

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