Opinion: Govt Proving To Be M’membe’s Number One Cheer Leaders

Fred M’membe’s socialist wave seems to have rubbed the authorities the wrong way. In just 48 hours of the launch of his socialist party, government officials have been falling over each other, not least of them State House press aide Amos Chanda taking a dig at the former Post Newspapers Editor in Chief.

So drastic have the reaction that Cuban Ambassador Nelson Pages has been expelled from Zambia.

Pages may have been a little too reckless when he went on to pass his revolutionary greetings in solidarity with the Socialist Party but in principle his greetings may not have been noticed if State House did not go to town dressing him down. Politically M’membe is still an under-five given that other than using his now defunct newspaper he has never been in the battle field.

M’membe will only begin to learn now how heavy the cross he has chosen to carry is. He will have to come to terms with the hassle of having people waving your party symbol expecting payment in return, nonentities having a field insulting you for merely holding a view different from theirs and there is that awkwardness of being muscled out of political meetings owing to the Public Order Act being selectively implemented.

That is not to justify what goes on but the reality speaks for itself. His political deficiencies were on show on his political initiation when all he could offer to his comrades was an elementary school history lesson. Perhaps his near Chavez like sloganeering as he labelled capitalists as bandits.

But then our government system went into overdrive. It could appear that they are more tormented by the shadow of M’membe’s newspaper days reputation than anything else. Otherwise the biggest winner in this whole spectre is M’membe himself. M’membe may be gleefully watching the spectacle unfold from capitalist symbol mansion on Nangwenya Road.

After all there was nothing socialist about launching a party for the workers in the leafy suburbs of Jesmondine! It was simply a bunch of worn capitalists cloaked as socialists, put simply they are wolves in sheep skin.


  1. ditto

    Yah! Party symbol, misleading. Party colours, derailing.

  2. chikasa

    Most of the Zambia pretend to know where they come from but on reality many Zambians have much to learn about there own country. …Kiki Kiki just a louch in its self has made the of government quiver with fear…The hero is in the game now…let’s see how this goes pf.

  3. chikasa

    Viva comrades all over Zambia vava SP…All spirits high.

  4. Marker

    Can really socialism work?what are going to do with the already existing investment in mine,agriculture and the rest are you going nationalism them?please let us not put the investors under pressure,coz more Zambians will in the streets again once investors decides to go.

    • chikasa

      Socialism isn’t going to chase any investor instead it’s going to give the investors the competition..for example if investors owns a sugar company and pays his workers so little while he makes so much profit out of their labour.? The capitalistic system in the current government has no say, but a socialist system will simply work on establishing another sugar plant with good salaries for its workers. By doing so the investor risks loosing worker for the other company with good wages, hence he has no choice rather than to better and increase the wages of his worker…The capital is system wants to bring more and more investor just for tax. They overuse our Labour force and payback less…to them it’s all about making profit.

  5. Joseph

    FRED, tama lukanda, zambian politics.

  6. Paulo lukamba gato

    SOCIALISM! The worst of all ideologies & for Zambia in particular. May be the upcoming youths who don’t understand how the world works or is governed can be cheated into this and think it’s cool .l salute Mr president for taking such a dicision ,for me , it’s not that he is afraid of Mr membe but the consequences that come with it .we are a capitalist country & bringing in socialist parties is like making Zambia a battle field for these competing ideologies .Angola is such an example , the war was not between MPLA & UNITA but it was USA & USSR ,

  7. analyser

    Mmembe missed the bus. No chance.

  8. jack daneils

    you can’t get on a plane thats already in motion sir m’membe


    M’me be!
    Wamuona Chona mukabende?
    Msiye kumsokoneza ECL he has come up with full development than ever b4 in zambia.

  10. kamokomo

    You failed your own newspapers how can you manage the human being ala chansoni


    Wamuona Chona mukabende?
    Musiye kumusokoneza ECL he has come up with full development than ever b4 in zambiaaaaaa.

  12. Tom London

    My first reaction here is that Fred is now holding his pen and paper upside down . Or how else could he bring socialism the ideology that comes along with it dictatorship and all that rubbish .
    Fred must smarten himself by joining one of the political parties already in the system than driving Zambia 70 years back wards where comrades existed . Surely at a time when the whole world is moving forward with democracy .
    Fred and sumaili are really the biggest joke in their revolution .

  13. jeremiah

    Everything wil b social including serious things naimwe

  14. moses

    u failed to manage ur own newspaper,now u want to turn zambia to a comede state.

  15. Sianga

    Socialism, GOD help us. This CRUMBLED together with the BERLIN WALL.

    • chikasa

      Rejecting socialism is like a fellow who has stayed so much in the dark that he has began to see in the dark hence begins to resist light.

  16. mulase

    Koma Zambians have short memories yeeh.How can u allow a person who a few years ago failed to pay tax a case which is quiet serious be allowed to lead a political party with the aspirations of running govt in 2021 a govt he swindled? I had too much trust in Mmembe going by wat he used to write in his defunct post newspaper..only to learn that that wz simply rhetoric nd semantics. Today Zambians especially the opposition leaders ar supporting him to form a party condemning the govt for expelling that useless diplomat. Mmembe is a criminal at least according to me for evading tax nd anybody supporting him, is too.I say so because some of these economical problems we ar experiencing today wea caused by Mmembe nd his minions.So check this one out!!

    • chikasa

      Socialism will the most peaceful protest ever.the only part with an ideology

  17. Puyol

    Party ya tala fela, y don’t u join others than bringing another masaka

  18. ZONDA


  19. chikasa

    Socialism will the most peaceful protest ever.the only part with an ideology

  20. chikasa

    Socialism is a lifestyle , capitalism wants us brothers to fight one another as they make profits on our expense…capitalism wants us to believe in tribalism and hate for one another.

  21. Leonard

    Zambia n’s it’s time to wake up….from the beast capitalism …If we continue to be arrogant and resist real and effective change of system of governance …We will wake one to find that the whole of Zambia has been privatized to investors called Indians especially.

  22. Lolo

    Let him bring back what he store from us. I believe he will be doing something for the people of Zambia starting from now and during campaigns in order to win people’s favour and then failing to win the elections. Don’t kubeba!

  23. dealer man

    From Postnewspaper 2 lost newspaper. Now politics awe.

  24. kaisunge

    nomba bwafyanshi mwakwata lekeni tumone eko fileya.

  25. mercutio

    Opposition political parties must just unite to form a one zambia one nation opposition political party to have proper victories against any current govt…not jst forming political parties any how..so far it should be twelve opposition political parties or so… against one pf govt….Lets wait & see….so many political parties against the pf isn’t a solution, & it ‘ll never be.The Answer is US,”The Zambian People Who ‘ll vote in 2021″, to vote wisely not pa poto plz.Ba koswe ba tupesha. Me i donchi kno cheacher..!

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