Opinion: Is It The Role Of An MP To Develop His Constituency?

During elections, ALL parliamentary candidates without exception PROMISE to bring development to their constituencies once elected into office.

They all PROMISE to bring water, build schools, construct bridges, erect clinics, put up youth empowerment/resource centres etecetra.

However, once these candidates win elections they change their hymn and start claiming that it is NOT their job to develop their respective constituencies; they all claim that theirs is just to legislate, kwamama!

So what’s what, is it the role of an MP to develop his Constituency?
ARTICLE 63 of the Republican Constitution defines the role of Members of Parliament as such:

(1) Parliament shall enact legislation through Bills passed
by the National Assembly and assented to by the President.

(2) The National Assembly shall oversee the performance of
executive functions by—

(a) ensuring equity in the distribution of national resources
amongst the people of Zambia;

(b) appropriating funds for expenditure by State organs, State
institutions, provincial administration, local authorities and
other bodies;

(c) scrutinising public expenditure, including defence,
constitutional and special expenditure;

(d) approving public debt before it is contracted; and

(e) approving international agreements and treaties before
these are acceded to or ratified.

From the Constitutional provisions above, it is quite evident that it is the responsibility of a Member of Parliament to:

a) Hold the Executive accountable

b) Ensure his or each Constituency gets an equitable share of the national cake

c) Ensure that state resources are used prudently to the benefit of his or each Constituency

d) Ensure that the national budget is responsive to the needs of his or each Constituency

f) Ensure that CDF is utilised towards the development of his Constituency
From the above exegesis it is clear that it is indeed the role of an MP to develop his Constituency. Legislation is but just one of the roles of an MP but it is not the only one. Therefore, MPs must be held responsible for failing to improve the social and economic status of their respective constituencies.

Written by Antonio Mwanza


  1. ine wine

    this has been my thinking always. funds are not channeled through the MP. The MP is a law maker full stop

  2. Jms

    Where Doe’s an MP comes from US long as he or she is a citizen he or she should do some thing reasonable Those who steal don’t contribute

  3. Raphael

    These people go to parliament to pocket allowances and cdf only. I wish there was a school where the so called MPs went to be taught how to represent their respective constituencies effectively.

  4. Morrischongo

    Yah its true,let’s look for mandevu constituency no any development, try to look on that.

  5. Edwards

    Am really desmayed and disappointed by our mp of katombola constituency. Surely 8 years now down the line you cannot point at anything he has done in his constituency. He is just getting fat and fat in Parliament. From the time his first term to second term their had been no CDF moneys rcvd in our constituency. Roads are in bad States, bridges have bn washed long ago,schools cannot be left out on this,pipo are still travelling more than 40 km to access health services.No network towers meaning that mobile network cannot be dreamed in his constituency. BA Comrade Livune(mp) were are you hiding if you are responsible to bring development to your area.During rain season Ngwezi cannot be reached by road only by using mulobezi train which is also in bad state were a train move at 10km per hour.This time will invite an mp from PF to stand come 2021.No chance for opposition party in katombora constituency,they have failed us.We are urging the govt to consider our roads and also work on the problem in ngwezi ward otherwise nothing is happening with the existence on these opposition leaders. We are in Zambia also,.

    • John Chinena

      His name is Livune. Wakalivuna kale. Ask a Tonga what the name means kI Kiki.

  6. Chileu

    Lets just endure all this and wait for the next elections

  7. Simwaka William

    Wonderful enough indeed to help these mps on how they should conduct themselves during their time in office not only enjoying the money they get but supporting the people they voted during election and save the nation.


    Even Kanyama is in bad state we don’t either the Mp of Kanyama Knows all the parts of Kanyama. Try to visit Kanyama Zone 10 and see how the raods are badly damaged by ZNS motors this is because they mixed a small amout of cement in these roads since the time the Late President Micheal Sata died they has been no change in Kanyama we don’t where The MP of Kanyama is Hiding
    She Can’t fulfill her promises to develop our constituency

  9. Jms

    If I marry I say i will do and when you become an MP you slso say you will do THEN WHAT ARE YOU supposed to do DO IT

  10. Chinyantenyante

    Thoz are riars

  11. paul

    they are crooks

  12. Basil Chama


  13. mulenga julius

    We wil jst kpon complaining bt ladies n gents as at nw nothin wil change bcoz we are voiceless,thr4 our only duty iz to jst watch them so closely and record their deeds.never shud u 4get wen time comz for u to Vote,that vote is our voice.”You shall know themby their deeds “the Bible records.Napitmukwaii

  14. Barotseland

    Kaufela ki masholi Zwaaaaaa Pf

  15. King cool

    I thought the current government is not working, Hay kansi isebenza .

  16. ethan@simuz

    they dare idiots kkkkkkkk

  17. Junior Choolwe

    Leadership ?????????

  18. Shaka

    They are there to amass wealth and develop potbellies

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