Pay Back, Ministers Urged

Opposition United Progressive People has reminded ministers that used public funds for the 2016 general elections to pay caeser what belongs to caeser.

Media director Mainda Simataa says failure to repay the money after a court ruling ordering so was tantamount to theft.


APRIL 4, 2018

The United Progressive People (UPP) would like to state that the appeal led by Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Davies Mwila, against the Constitutional Courts (Con Court) ruling to compel the Ministers who continued to draw illegal salaries when Parliament had been dissolved in the run up to the 2016 elections undermines both the authority of the court, and the fight against corruption.

UPP holds the view that the action of appealing demonstrates that the fact that the Zambian justice system is very much a hostage of the ruling Patriotic Front (PF), and thus, is incapable of remedying the injustices and financial losses being suffered by the Zambian people.

The UPP would therefore wish to reiterate its position, that the only thing that will save Zambians by being looted by foreigners and the corrupt ruling class in the PF is their removal from power, and the subsequent trial and jailing of all those who will be found wanting.

We further urge the people of Zambia not to relent or give up in calling for justice, no matter how long it takes, and for the Ministers to pay back the money they have stolen from the Zambian people, with interest!

Cde Mainda Simataa
Party Media Director




    • Hotness

      Since the court has ordered them to pay back, let them do so.

    • Chileshe

      Lets get organised and get to the streets for a peacefull demos to compel them to pay our money back.These theivies

  2. Geofrey

    Let them pay back the money ,this is stealing and not respecting the ruling of the court.

  3. paul

    pls if it is so just comply

  4. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle

    Ba upp you are right tell them, for sure they must pay back and they are so called thieves.

  5. hasty

    Comment intrusting thieves with power,we are in trouble.

  6. mpyangu

    Prudent advise to the honourables to pay back to the vulnerable Zambians.

  7. Michael chilinda

    Now how can you fight against corruption if the minister stills every part that comes into the part niso cabe but corruption mule shupa those people who are poor kikikikiki.

  8. Hanombe V Royd

    Money should be paid back to give warning to those who might found themselves to same cases.

  9. Nkonkosheni

    Its true give Caesar wht belongs to caedar.

  10. FCM

    just pay to proof ur not corrupt.how can u fight corruption if ur the ones championg it?

  11. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Give Ceaser what belongs to Ceased.

  12. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Give Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser.

  13. Joseph

    If LUNGU, he is a thieve, what do you expect, lets first LUNGU, pay what has stolen to zambians.

  14. martin chiyesu

    Ba kabolala just pay or face jail term.

  15. cm

    can we have the amount each category is calculated to have benefited please?

    • cm

      and the total amount per each and the grad total

  16. Gilbert k

    People can remember, same way to God prayer remember.

  17. zeke man


  18. homohabilis

    Wen will be that money lead in account Mr Mwila.u shud inform all zambians,….judgement day is coming there will be crying.no buckets,or shoes.just keep on thieving on real zambians

  19. homohabilis

    I like the way this Group is sitting.the president judging thieves.now DAT day it Will be Jesus who will be the guest of Honour to table the thieves……no excuse bamuntu just continue arguing yourself who ll be next/ interrogated serious questions be Acc.

    • Shaka

      Animal farm,some animals are more equal than others, milk is good for brain workers.

      • Armstrong Mudenda

        #Animal farm serious, all animals are equal but some animals ar more equal than others!!!!!!!

    • Solomon Pleito

      Since the court ordered them to pay let the court set a deadline if they fail to comply let them be ninshita yabo tukesa bwesha when we become leaders during that time here is the judgement; pay 100times on what you stole, no bail, 15 years in prison after paying back or property confiscated, no payment of money for jail term etc samweni but our day is coming!!!

  20. maston

    Just pay their money

  21. pele g force

    Zooona zooooona one day PF members who dance

  22. funti K

    Pf members are just hunker

  23. zeke man


  24. The Man Of His Words

    (UPP) President you don’t know politics instead of you bringing the matter when you have won the Elections you want to rebuke them whilest they are still in power. Boma ni Boma they will investigate you without a reason and put you behind bars whilest the court has not judged yet! All politician in Zambia you are still behind with the Knowlegde about Politics! If I were to stand today I can defeat you all! I know alot about Politics I am just waiting for my time to come! Watch Out! You don’t know politics those Ministers for as long as they are still in power they will never pay back that money! You will tell me?

  25. Sianga

    Even those who stole and undervalued State Assets during privatasation should be revisted and made to pay back.

  26. Dux

    How can u fight corruption when u yourself u r corrupt

  27. Zebron

    PF have performed very poorly. This is the worst gvt of all time.
    Performing worst even on taxes that they campaigned and ascended to power on!
    We remember the “lower taxes, more jobs and more money in your pocket” campaign nonsense very clearly.
    If you ask me to give an example of failure, I will tell without thinking, “PF”.

  28. Lozi Bull

    Tomorrow We R Protesting In Cairo With President Tayali, Let Them Pay Back The Money,bakoswe Awe Mwandi

  29. Izukanji b sinkala

    Pay back u thieves

  30. Gentile

    Na chi kainde should pay back our money from privatisation.pay back everyone

    • Jk

      gentile wabe bolo HH was a President?? intole ukufita waumfwa!

      • Benson

        Ba zebron a you in Zambia or out of country whom doesn’t see how the pf has change the face of our country let’s start of roads, schools,health hospital, districts, economic etc for the short time this party it has the heart for people. Come 2021 they are going to win the election because we are seen the different how past party they were working what do we want from opposition.who payed the minister the govt,l wish you were the minister you would know want you a talking that theys on sense to call some corruption.

    • Jk

      pf kuya bebele impeachment mwalwala u did this to Mwanawasa to u don’t want,the same impeachment motion will be witness when 2021 u will lose election zwa paya farmer,PF.abo BA Secretary general Ba pf ububi,will shall see were u run to,all of them jail

    • Benson

      Tell them so that they should know dangerous criminal is his boss that’s why Zambian has being saying no for 5 times because our God guard us don’t go this way , every election kulilalilafwe and also in 2021 mukalila.why because what you see in pf they are all bad things in God eyes our God sees that pf is working for the people to become good life that’s why all evil things you can come with it Will failer.many that’s to our loving God

  31. FGM

    Its a pity to note that in Zambia , true separation of powers doesn’t exist if you’re a member of the ruling party. Shame on all those that fight for national leadership to loot national resources, protect their wrongs and get rich when the masses are wallowing in abject poverty. Iam sure God will soon react whilst they are in the act of abuse of office.

  32. chips

    Awe mwandi

  33. walaza

    u guys pay back we need more money in circulation please

  34. Dr dd

    Volunteers are not paid what are u thinking about

  35. Chinyantenyante

    Nafikala na comfortabl kwati ni ndalama shabo pay back…

  36. King-G

    Let the chief’s pay back.

  37. Salim

    We has youths are the ones suffering for the wrong they did ..let justice privel

  38. HH jr

    thats y they hate honourable Hurry Kalaba wen he said he was ready to pay back nd advice them nt to take advant of being in power.

  39. paul

    p means pompwe .F
    F means fikabolala.
    namwisa bawamapo

  40. Patrick MWAPE Kalenga

    Lungu nabanobe namumfwa , learn something from Zuma coz power don’t last forever .

    • Benson

      But not in Zambia we have our own laws we can not pait our own fingers. It is true through votes unip =27years.MMD= 20years now PF people’s party 20 years why theys no wind for change so that they finish there programs university , roads airports , agriculture porise more jobs to the people,cleaning town, rural electrical etc go pf go we are in number who are supporting pf come 2021 you see yourself. Our Secretary is doing the best job, our MP’s beautiful well organized every province you can see yourself

  41. Pm

    Pipo Dont Think Twice.

  42. Boma Inonge

    Learn something from Zuma indeed, tho SA is different from us when it comes to fighting for what belongs to them,there good.

  43. Dale

    Pay back guys or go to prison

  44. King cool

    If they pay back the money, to whom are they going to pay to

  45. King cool

    If they pay back the money, to whom are they going to pay to, to Upp Or UPND

  46. Jms

    If it was me who was paid how do you think I can pay back They payer paid me so that he steals

  47. Jms

    This case is on the hands of the secretary general DM he allowed this to occur

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