Emmanuel Mwamba Linked To The Malicious Campaign Against Maureen Nkandu

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba is the named diplomat allegedly circulating a malicious analogy of celebrated journalist Maureen Nkandu and her friend Cosmas Chileshe.

An online publication yesterday reported that Chileshe, a diplomat at the Zambian mission in Washington DC, had abandoned his wife for Maureen.

The former BBC News anchor took to social media to defend the allegation and lashed out at an unnamed diplomat sources have disclosed is Mwamba.

“So some jealous guy whom I turned down takes to social media to lie about me and my dear friend Cosmas! A shameless deranged lunatic with a serious physical deficit!,” she posted on her twitter account.

Sources have informed Zambia Reports that the said diplomat is Mwamba who allegedly attempted at an affair with Maureen but hit the woodwork after being snubbed.

Mwamba enjoys a love-hate relationship with the website that is out to scandalise Maureen.

On Facebook, Maureen posted, “Meet Cosmas Chileshe, my best friend. And for the record, he’s not 35 years old. He’s a journalist and a diplomat. Ignore the idiotic social media rants coming from a known jealous diplomat whom I turned down. He’s green with envy. Shame on him!!!”

This morning Maureen, whose father Faxon was also a journalist, has come to the defence of Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany Anthony Mukwita who has been dragged in the drama.

“Leave Anthony Mukwita out of this:

I’m not one to dwell on social media issues but this I have to state: I’ve read on an online platform, Imbuto-pa-Zed, that the jealous diplomat who posted nonsense about Cosmas and I is now falsely accusing his friend Anthony Mukwita, Ambassador to Germany of having done so.

“He’s lied that I’ve visited Anthony in Germany several times in recent months. The last time I was in Germany was in 1996!

“This so-called diplomat hides behind a number of fake FB names to attack leadership of the the same party PF, that appointed him into diplomatic service. Reptile! Snake in the bag,” she vented.

Chileshe, who sources say has enjoyed a longstanding friendship with Maureen from the time he worked with her father at Norma-Jean College, writes; “Meet Maureen Nkandu, my best friend. For the record, I am not 35 years old. My eldest child is 22. Ignore the lies being run by a known diplomat who was turned down by Maureen.”

Chileshe recently divorced his former wife of 12 years in the Kitwe High Court with whom he has three of his four children.

Mwamba is no stranger to allegations of being an active member of the online publication that launched the sensational reports having once been found wanting by the Lusaka High Court for such overt acts.


  1. Love your neighbor

    Such stories covering people’s private lives have no benefit on poor citizen’s lives, even if these people are public figures, we need stories addressing our problems not people’s private lives, that’s my view.

    • Anne

      True zambians like to pry in private matters and these stories don’t add value to some of us mweee

    • Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

      That’s shallow journalism,report real issues please.

    • Mwansa Cholwe

      100% on point. True

      • Mwansa Cholwe

        Agree with Love your neighbour remarks….developmental issues needed for alleviating poverty & not this

    • Chosen

      Love your neighbor, you have hit the nail on its head. Surely, people, leave private lives out of public discussions. They add no value to our lives. They only destroy. They subtract. God bless Zambia.

    • Chris james

      This people are useless all them bring ubuule mu public.go to hell

  2. suntwe

    MWAMBA you used to b my role model now kaliyamba ukupwamo pantu zochitika chitika zapaka mwandini nkwebelepofye mwee!bring back that self estem

    • Jeaffrey Tembo

      I too really lyk Emmanuel Mwamba but such stories brings shame even to the leadership that appointed u.u r a future leader n an inspiration to the young ones.plz be a role model n it’s tym to grow up

  3. Ignorant

    Diplomats you are a disgrace to the people who sent you into foreign service, you are there to serve your nation not ifyabuhule. Grow up bane elo you ka maureen we’ve known you for snatching other people’ husbands.

    • Chosen

      Ignorant, please stop insulting Maureen. She’s a good person but who, unfortunately, so I think, has just been unfortunate not to get married and have a proper family. To Maureen, I say please in as much as you are a public figure, avoid getting involved in these discussions even if people talk I’ll of you. Stop responding to your enemies on social media. Keep yourself well and you will one day for sure get properly married. Leave that married man alone, if it is true he’s a married man. Otherwise, if you are grabbing that man from another woman, be sure to lose also to another woman. Please turn to God and ask for forgiveness. Keep to yourself. God bless you, Maureen!

  4. My Opinion

    As Zambians lets stop deriving pleasure from character assassination. Maureen and Cosmas are happy just like we all are in our private lives so why scandalize something good? Emmanuel Mwamba is crazy and should focus on his job.

  5. Zodwa

    And the PF minister of religion deported Zodwa that she would erode Zambia’s morals. Bunch of jokers!

  6. black spider

    How does vigololo be news….

  7. Mwansa John

    Nomba bawesu ba Maureen, umwanakashi opwafye limo!

  8. Daisy

    Fake Christian Nation.

    Instead of running the country they are busy lusting after each other, fornicating and committing adultery. And you wonder why HIV infection rates remain high with all these intergenerational sex escapades?

    Edgar Chagwa Lungu should be ashamed for appointing all these immature playboys in these positions. Then again he is the adulterer-in-chief.

    • Chosen

      It’s not a fake Christian Nation. It’s the devil and his agents who are fake. “The devil only comes to steal, kill and destroy”. John 10:10

  9. Goddy Chitty

    Most times when someone blunders – they have to look for a scape goat!

  10. Mr 2%

    Balekeni ba mourren baleangala nefiboso fyamu PF.Mwamba kulebakwikafye

  11. Ignorant

    Impressive ba maureen, you look younger as if you are not 52yrs old & you chileshe kanshi you are a pastor?

  12. Pompolyongo

    But y divorce yo wife after vintu vankala bwino?

  13. Josh

    Whether……. Uchite vintu mu privacy….tizaziba!!!

  14. maston

    Don’t pray with your life once it goes it never come back my friend God will jourded onit amen

  15. zeke man


  16. Champion

    Instead of you people marketing our country in positive ventures such as agriculture.health,education and many more,you are busy discussing rubbish.

  17. Bonde

    Shame on Maureen, Cosmas and Mwamba. Why should we reading such nonse? We sent you there as diplomas but you choose to start prostitution with tax payers money! You need to be recalled, foolish!!!


    Comment mwapetana kufyopo fyabene

  19. Papa

    Comment Arvz maks yo mad by yoaself a coffin bitch

  20. King-G

    Maureen u are a prostitute, & u re married’s breaker.

  21. Mwebe mutale

    Balekeni abene. Mwamba is just a jealousy man. Because , he has been cut from commenting, he has started attacking people’s love affair. Emmanuel is an idiot.

  22. Ndeloleshafye

    If indeed ZAMBIA is a Christian Nation the mentioned diplomats in this dirty case are suppose to be recalled on moral grounds from wherever they are operating from. Shameless diplomats. Atase mwe

  23. Young

    There a lot of thingz happening in our country why this one? What are we benefiting from other people’s private affairs? Is this news? Because if it was between people in shangombo wud u have published? Is this a court room?

  24. homohabilis

    Wat GOD has joined together let no man put asunder!!! Wat a Christian country trying to fuilfil a prophecy of adultery walishama

  25. Newbie

    What are people looking for kanshi? You divorce your wife now that you’re in Washington? It won’t turn out well for you my friend, mark my words, especially if she’s innocent.

  26. Chock Dust

    Ka Maureen sumvela che mwe. Ukonda mbola maningi iwe che.

  27. Zach

    I wonder how one can connect the PRESIDENT to this little issue. And even put insults on him, if there’s anything wrong personally done to you by his excellence, for give him coz God already did so.

    • No Comments Allowed

      Iwe dundehead,

      It is Chagwa who is tolerating all this rubbish. Emmanuel Mwamba was fired by President Sata for using public office to fight his enemies and Chagwa brought him back. Mwamba is doing the same thing today instead of focusing on his duties as a diplomat. This affair is a private matter but he is the one who is making it news.

      Abena Chipata you are so primitive in mentality.

  28. Hanizy

    Ooh hope you are not doing

  29. Caroline

    Zambia has real issues to be discussed for good direction from loyal citizens. Who cares about their social mess? Let them sort it out without using the media!

  30. Joseph

    their is, no different with this whore & zodwa, go to hell.

  31. nshilimubemba

    Are these guys the only ones who can do do diplomatic jobs in zambia , does the nation lack people with integrity .
    Some one should answer for them we are not interested in their shame that they are bringing to our eyes.
    It is a shame to see them fighting in front of all zambians and the whole world over .

  32. keith

    maureen nkandu, veteran prostitute. God will deal with you for breaking another womans home. Can’t you stop to think, what if it was you? Ever heard of “karma”? Just you wait!

  33. Shaka

    Love is between two people, the third one is a destroyer. More over, the two are adulterous.

  34. Bright ngazya k

    Truly if mwamba is in this nasty allegations against madam nkandu then he is not worth being an ambassador for Zambia we expect debate of how to develope our country Zambia not those petty issues ,

  35. paul

    Mr Mwamba and Maureen NKANDU insoni ebuntu,leave your friends husband along you don’t like marriage we know Maureen very much

  36. Nshibomba Mwibala

    Chizungu in the article! “Malicious analogy” there is no analogy. One also can’t tell whether it’s the analogy that is supposed to be malicious or the person making the analogy. But since the analogy is not there, one can’t tell. Maureen also refers to Emmanuel as having a physical deficit. Though I believe he may have mental issues I haven’t seen a physical deficit. Does he also have a squint? Is the deficit private? If so how did Maureen know?

    • Solomon Pleito

      Ba Maureen mwakokola mubuule Na mukula icindikeni twapapata your voice on BBC put Zambia on map upwenifye.

  37. Barotseland

    That’s rubbish you are furnishing the good name of our country you Hules ( international Prostitutes in a foreign country)

    • shumba

      Comment Maureen please come to me otherwise u are going old problem ukonda vimuna vomveka please contact me am serious

  38. Patrick MWAPE Kalenga

    MWAMBA Emmanuel can you defend yourself

  39. mob chimbamilonga

    we want sensible news not these

  40. Chosen

    Daisy, It’s not a fake Christian Nation. It’s the devil and his agents who are fake. “The devil only comes to steal, kill and destroy”. John 10:10

  41. ditto

    Maureen also…

  42. MK

    If this story is true, then Ba Maureen is very childish and shameless. How does she post such a photo and later on brag about being good friends just to prove a point to who ever she turned down? Only teenagers do such things NOT Bana kalu….

  43. Bridget k

    U will even cause the young generation to follow yo foot steps u are so weaked

  44. Xenon

    He’s good for nothing

    • Morrischongo

      Kkkkkkkkkk, mwand such stories…………… Do

  45. Tom London

    It is a sad story to Maureen and her family . I remember her as a roving report sensation and a news caster on Znbc before moving on to walk for sabc of south Africa .
    At that time she was linked to great kalu and it was rumored the two sensational celebrated Zambians had a child together .
    Anyway that was in the past .
    But what makes this story more interesting is the involvement of Emmanuel mwamba , a diplomat .
    Some one should tame this Zambian diplomat to south Africa and teach him not to get involved
    Into un diplomatic issues .
    Just recently he was on Chama Fumbe ( pilato ) where he got rubbished but his suspicious courtesy invitation of pilato the forced zedjams singer to go into hiding . People called mwamba with a lot of un pleasanties and a few weeks ago was again on social media un diplomatically . Now he is dipping his un diplomatic manners in Maureen ‘ s private issues .
    Mwamba of course was a journalist and is aware that he should up hold high morals and ethical requirements .
    One can not be surprised to suspect that mwamba is behind the alleged leaking of Cambridge Analytica correspondence with upnd president hh which has gone no were .

  46. Paulo lukamba gato

    Very bad at 52 being in such stories on social media , shame ! Vonse ivi niupuba wa mwamba.

  47. Jonathan

    U r busy spreading peoples privacy what about u.

    • mauto nkhowani

      Remember when u where strigling with yo wife?

  48. Michael Phiri

    This is private life, needn’t have come on the open. You keep these stories to yourselves.

  49. Maybin

    Ba media please bring in real issues.

  50. Demutal

    Shame on you we need things which will take Zambia forward not

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