Citizen’s View: Max Chongu, Like The Dorcas Mother, Acted In Their Individual Capacity


I looked at the behaviour of my fellow PF cadre Max differently. I also very much appreciate the fact that our media director Sunday Chanda released a statement distancing the party from Max’s irrational act. That was obvious.

Those more learned than me – bena Isaac M Mwanza – will agree with me that communication comes in different ways. Max may not have acted rationally because he now stripped the entire SDA women group, but he did exactly what the old lady did – disrespect the other.

Max has sent the message back to the SDA reminding them of not hiding stupid vices in the name of the Lord. He has indirectly told the SDA to take off the respective veil and join everyone insulting our great leader of this great nation so we respond to them without fear or favour.

Zambia, being a christian nation has a lot of evil doers hiding in the name of the church. The famous Iris Kaingu is a staunch christian who does not hide in the respective holy veil to commit her sinful acts unlike Shepherd Bushiri. MMD Sect-President Dr Nevers Mumba is another example of a devouted christian not hiding in miracles and has openly taken the bull by its horn.

So why this whole fuss about the dorcas mother.

Assuming the old lady was not in SDA uniform, the issue could have died naturally and we could have gone along with our normal lives were we hear people, apart from the great Lusambo, insult our president and we don’t give a dice.

But because the old dorcas mother was in uniform and said what most of you hypoctrites say in your private conversations, you have risen against her and Max who has been bold enough to respond to the SDA with a loud and clear message.

What Max has said is simple and straight forward. He is simply telling the SDA to “Respect our legitimately elected Head of State as a church so that we, his supporters and employers respect their institution in return”.

And why did the church respond on the sabbath?

It is a two way thing. If you are aggrieved as a church, you can register your grievance through the church mother body or the ministry of religious affairs. But, if you go public as a church through the action of an individual, then the reciprocating response will definitely come from an irate cadre like Max. I was actually planning worse as a response to the dorcas mother had i not logged-on to meet his unholy condemnations. I can tell you for free that within your church there are others who are happy with Max’s response.

To cut the story short, Max acted as an individual and so did the dorcas mother, but they both delivered the message loud and clear.

They can both be reprimanded and forgiven, after all vengeance is for the Lord.

To Max, next time you put up such a stupid act, at least ensure the attire fits you. Uka bilisheko akakulu.

Source: Chibuye Mwape


  1. maston

    Dear don’t play with the world one day you regret what you dowing

  2. kay

    You are no different from the fooling max.. wat does the church got to do with this

  3. zeke man


  4. Sianga

    Please spare the SDA church out of this NOSENSE. The church is doing a lot to supplement government efforts to develop the country through the provision of quality education and health care including Spritual guidance.

  5. Finshi Ifi

    What is the guy protesting?

  6. Finshi Ifi

    THis story above is looong and winding with no gist. Ba Reporter give us a concise report on what he is protesting about. That is what journalism is about. It is not about passing on all the rubbish you receive

    • Bungala

      In times of ignorance God for gives them. My brother don’t play with God’s church if you want to be safe. If you want something from someone just ask you can receives it.Because you may be found yourself in trouble. Spread information that will bring development in Zambia. (Careful God is not deaf to hear and is not blind to see).

  7. Eavesdropper

    Is it an insult to call a person eho drinks beer a drunkard or who drives a driver. Even if it is termed as an insult why repay evil with evil and foolishly claim that Zambia is a Christian nation. Are these the fruits a Christian country should portray and defend. It is so because the declaration was made by a politician and politics is a dirty game.

  8. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Don’t play with men and women of God please.

  9. kingsley

    Zambia reports this is foolish janalism and stupidity at its highest pick leave sda alone you satanists enemies of righteousness

  10. Lunatics are Running the Asylum Called Zambia

    What did he smoke?

    Or was he sent by “Men of Gold” just to humiliate the SDA Church?

  11. Lolo

    @Eavesdropper ; don’t involve the all country in individual sheet wavela iwe


    Max my brother GOD isn’t a politician and GOD is un mockable if there is such grammar just suck money from your evil leaders that so.in summary you have cursed yourself that dorcas uniform you have put on that’s how problems will cover you till death catches up with you.

  13. mulase

    Touch not the anointed!


    Country men and women, that blue and white uniform does not belong to a potion of Zambia or any political grouping. It’s belongs to God’s Church. So if any one wearing that uniform is found wanting, she should be condemned individually, and spare the church which has affiliates across the board, including some gvt officials. Respect God for Who He is and what He has done for Zambia through the Church. By the way, ZR should first tell what led that gentleman to wear the uniform, which he thinks belongs the opposition. Let that man not forget God when has eaten and is full.

  15. Josia

    God his God to day tomorrow and forever don’t play with church Unip want s to change Catholics church into Disco Hall’s ask the people who are there by that time and what was Unip today



  17. Love your neighbor

    God is seeing all this injustice directed at his church, SDA has both pf and upnd affiliates, if the church is being attacked because of one lady who is reported to have insulted the head of state then shame, was that lady insulting on behalf of the whole church or on her behalf but just wearing Dorcas uniform? Brethren lets fear God & give him respect coz he is not a politician or a cadre. My brother max you can mock your fellow man even the President but not your creator. Fear him & give him glory, repent & come to your senses.

  18. Love your neighbor

    Max if you were very much aggrieved by the lady in question why didn’t you follow her & single her out coz you know which part of the country she is instead of insulting God & disgracing your fellow pf members who are also in SDA. We know very big names of your party as our church members, anyway God will forgive you & show you the way.

  19. kedrick siame

    Mr man if a politician u ar looking for is a SDA doesn’t mean that the church is also doing politics, u see wet in 2 weeks u will receive abominations things in GOD name emen.

  20. ek

    Comment max walishama God will punish u

  21. Jk

    BA max because of ECL u now frustrate the church mind u ECL like s God he is found in Churches mostly cursed u are!

  22. Danniel

    Give government what belong to it and give God what belongs to him.So let us respect the church and dont take it as a political institution,because this church does not belong to any political party.It belongs to the Creator Jehovah.

  23. Pacias

    Leave the church n face yo issues… Don’t involve God in world things!!!

  24. Jon Sikasote

    IF WE ALL SDA MEMBERs WERE silent ABOUT politicS,and its activities just like our doctrine,we would have been spared from this vice,but due to the fact that we have become to much involving ourselves into politics,have we seen now!so if the church rules out from active involvement please don’t condem the church again. Because this has revealed clearly that the church of God is being spectated in and out,instead of sporting out one evel dour you see now!God is a righteous judge.

  25. Kelvin Mofya

    It’s very unfortunate for such a youth a mind of a 100 years, old person. Max should grow up mentally and spiritually

  26. Kelvin Mofya

    It’s very unfortunate for such a youth to have a mind of a 100 years, old person. Max should grow up mentally and spiritually

  27. Kelvin Mofya

    It’s very unfortunate for such a youth to have a mind of a 100 years, old person. Max should grow up mentally and spiritually…… 😁

  28. Joseph

    Becz, mr jemason, his given an evil money, you jst are cursed urseif. don’t mock GOD almight.

  29. Barotseland

    Stupid idiot you Pf cadre .Zwaaaaaa.

  30. Maybin

    Lets not judge him but advice him for do not know what he’s doing.

  31. Maybin

    Lets not judge him but advice him for he do not know what he’s doing.

  32. Daisy

    Mwebantu which woman gave birth uyu Max? She didn’t teach him any manners. He also seems to be possessed by many vicious denoms.

    Does he know many staunch PF members from Luapula are also members of the SDA Church?

  33. mengmoreler

    Da Dorcus mothr z 100,/’ correct evn da bible itself n provbs says n dat a country or kingdom ruled by a drunkard z a perishing nation,so sh was jst right to say dat we don’t need drunkard to rule da country especially Zambia has a Christian nation we call it although!now it’s only dat da truth pain such dat evn hule kumuwuzila pabantu kuti ndiwe hule chinapa and people lik max chungu need only to b 4gven bcoz some people b jst lik dat until they’ll die lik a foolish kabolala at da cros on da left side of Jesus Christ.max plz don’t play wth fire u’ll end up dying yang has u’r wth yo ignorance and watch my words.

  34. JAMES chama

    We will reap what we are sowing today one day.

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