Gauteng Honours Kalusha For Contribution To Football

Former Football Association of Zambia president, Kalusha Bwalya, has been honoured by the provincial government of Gauteng province of South Africa for his outstanding contribution to football in Zambia and the African Continent.

Gauteng Province Premier, David Makhura, awarded Kalusha together with 22 other former African footballers and football administrators at the legends dinner awards held at the Italian club in Bedfordview, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Mr. Makhura said Kalusha was honoured for being the only Southern African footballer to have won the coveted African Footballer of the year in 1988.

He noted that Kalusha was also known for his fighting spirit of helping to put together a brand new Zambian National team following the 1993 Gabon air crash that claimed the lives of the entire national team.

Mr. Makhura added that Kalusha deserved the Premier’s award of Social Cohesion Games as it was during his tenure as President of Football Association of Zambia that he led his team to become African Champions in 2012.

He said Kalusha together with the other 22 football legends from Cameroun and South Africa contributed to national building and the liberation of that South Africa through the medium of sport.

And Zambia’s High Commission to South Africa, Emmanuel Mwamba said his country was proud of Kalusha Bwalya and his immense achievements as a soccer player and administrator.

He said Kalusha BWALYA continued to bring pride to Zambia even in his retirement.

And Kalusha Bwalya thanked the Gauteng Province government for the recognition of his contribution to the development of football in Zambia and African continent.

He said it was his privilege to have been with the Zambia national team from when he was young till his retirement and hoped that more Zambians would be supported in their football career.

“I have been privileged to have been with the Zambia National Team from when I was a teenager (1982-2000). Blood, sweat and tears, I hope could represent people who are not here today.

The memories are with me. If you think about it this month (April) marks 25 years since our gallant team left us off the shores of Gabon, it makes it more significant to all of us as Zambians”, he said.

This is according to a statement issued to The Speech Analyst by Mrs Naomi Nyawali, First Secretary Press and Public Relations at the Zambia’s High Commission, South Africa.


  1. GIFT

    Truly the great kalu deserves to be granted that which belongs to him he contributed so much to our nation zambia

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  3. MK

    Congrats great Kalu, keep flying our national flag high.

  4. Mr. BJ

    If outsiders can highly praise our heroe, who are we not to do so. Always out to bring down our fellow Zambians. The election of kamanga as faz president brought in a lot of differences. Simaata was main culprit followed by small mbuya. U shud learn to appreciate pipo who excel! Great Kalu was unique! Lesa paleni uyu mwana wa chalo!

  5. Kamata

    Kalu, still the great even in his retirement!

  6. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Congratulations Great Kalu,proud of you.

  7. Gift muma

    He deserves that

  8. Paul M

    Congratulations To Great Kalu.

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  10. King David

    Thanks my brother God bless you and your family

  11. George Mukutu

    Congrats great Kalu . with me you are still active despite retirement.

  12. Christopher Silwamba

    Indeed Great Kalu You Av Done Us Proud By Your Contribution To The Football World No Dought Polarly Known As Three Kick Speaci Alist The Late Our Father Dennis Liwewe Used To Should That Way. He Used To Score At Any Angle. Yours Chris.

  13. Hotness

    Congrats great kalu for that award. Hope other players will be recognised.

  14. Geofrey

    Those nice free kicks,indeed you are great kalu of all time.

  15. Paulo lukamwba gato

    Great kalu you are still energetic you can still do a lot to this unappreciating gorvernment of Zambia

  16. Joseph leon chipayeni

    Congrats to great kalu.

  17. sinx

    Congratulations great kalu , its unfortunate that your own country can’t honor you when you are still alive , unless nga wapyamo ,its very bad.

  18. alex

    we thank you kalusha for closely participant in football even in your retirement age and also making our country known in games

  19. James Eston

    Congratulate great kalu

  20. James Eston

    Kosa we mpalume nokwafwa icalo cesu

  21. David Chimfwembe

    Great Kalu, we are proud of you and congratulations! Living in the diaspora (Tanzania) there are two most recognized icons of Zambia viz Kaunda and Kalusha. The recognition of Great Kalu by the South Africans should make reflect the achievements of my Zambians in many spheres of the country and accordingly accord them due recognition. Only a country that celebrate its inspirational people can succeed in the long term.

  22. black spider

    Give credit were its due…he truly deserves it.

  23. Nkonkosheni

    Thats our great kalu again. Great man.

  24. Chock Dust

    You chased him in preference for this “transparent ” Ndanga now look at FAZ crumble


    Congrats great kalu and we again need you to be the coarch for chipolopolo and may the good lod bless whatever you touch.

  26. Leon

    Great kalu, still great

  27. Wayne grant

    You are truly a hero my channa. Great kalu.

  28. Wayne grant

    You are truly a hero my channa. Great really make us Zambians proud.

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    He is really great, we don’t have

  30. henry

    He is really great, I don’t see any

  31. henry

    He is really great, no national team player plays like him today.

  32. paul

    You deserve it kalu the great

  33. Eddy

    Mr Bwalya Kalusha!!!! Zambia is proud of you. One in a million.Live on!! Amen.
    Am proud of SA!!!! Thank you for reminding what Zambia should be doing to many of such kind. Kalu!!! You deserve that!


    congratulations great kalu u deserves it

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