Katumbi Makes Landmark Appointments In Bid To Become DRC President

Democratic Republic of Congo opposition leader Moise Katumbi yesterday made landmark announcements appointing key leaders in organising his political movement, the Assembly, ahead of the elections in December this year.

Katumbi has appointed Olivier Kamitatu has party spokesperson and head of Cabinet while long time Katanga strongman Kyungu Wa Kumwanza will mobilise the party grassroots in the southern part of the country.

Citizens and potential candidates in the Democratic Republic of Congo are becoming increasingly engaged as the first presidential elections in 7 years are scheduled for December 23, 2018.

A poll conducted by the Congo Research Group at New York University found that 95 percent of eligible voters plan to cast their ballots in the election and 8 out of every 10 voters have an unfavorable opinion of the current president, Joseph Kabila.

Incumbent President Joseph Kabila, who is constitutionally barred from contesting the election is doing everything possible to stay in power.

Kabila announced last week that the DRC may reject donor funding to hold the poll if it was tied with unfavourable conditions.

This followed an announcement by the US representative at the UN Nikki Haley that the election should be held using paper ballots to avoid issues of voters doubting the process.

“These elections must be held by paper ballots so there is no question by the Congolese people about the results. The U.S. has no appetite to support an electronic voting system,” he said.

President Kabila has also been attempting to disqualify Katumbi by claiming the popular candidate had once held another nationality.

Katumbi responded to Kabila’s latest allegation in a video stating, “I, a native of the Katanga, son of a Princess Bemba/Yeke of the Msiri lineage, King of the Bayekes…MP and Governor… This only reinforces my willingness to save the DRC and I’m still running for president.”

The businessman-turned-politician followed up his announcement with the organisation of his party filling key positions to continue with mobilisation.


  1. King cool

    Any way Us we are observers

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    Let him embrace the Northerners also

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    Go get them katumbi you are our brother BA katumbi you have all our support shom them how to rule and share wealth equally trickling down to most marginalized in society. God bless you and grant you super fantastic victory

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    Go go katumbi son of the soil Goliath will fall .

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    Go Katumbi we are supporting you.

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    The first thing I will do when I become President of Zambia is to annex Katanga Province. It should be part of Zambia.

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      I agree with you my brother. I will join your army as we enter Shaba and bring all its wealth into Zambia

  7. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Chi kabila…African leaders please learn a lesson from this selfish monster who has allowed bloodshed in his own land.

  8. Alick Epikaizo

    Mwana Congo Katumbi you’ll win the elections against all odds God is definetly with you.

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    Papa Moise katumbi we are behind you great warrior & true son of Congo not imbwa kabolala satana kabila.

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    Mr katumbi go ahead, we are observing every thing

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    We are behind you katumbi don’t worry about whatever are being said

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    you are a good man katubi its ur time bro.

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    we love u bro ,God we protect u ad giv u th presidence katubi is coming.

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    katumbi i doubt

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    Peace be still in DRC now!

  17. Excited

    i am a zambian but I feel I have to support you whole heartedly because you are us. there are many Yekes in Zambia so are the bembas. If the first zambia president was bemba he would have allowed congolese to be zambians but instead he promoted malawians who eventually became Zambians. There are lambas in congo , bembas, kaondes etc. Twalamwafwako campaign. chiluba and Levy were pro congo. did you not see it in the manner these presidents treated the Congo? bak to the roots guys!!!!!!

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