Max Chongu, Not The Dorcas Mother, Must Be Arrested – Chipenzi

Electoral expert MacDonald Chipenzi says the summoning of a Seventh Day Adventist Dorcas Mother member for allegedly insulting President Edgar Lungu is an evil scheme to silence critical ordinary voices.

Chipenzi says instead of summoning the Dorcas Mother, police should be pursuing Patriotic Front mother Max Chongu for defiling an important symbol of the SDA church.

Chongu donned a blue Dorcas Mother attire to hit back at the SDA for one of its members’ remarks that branded the Head of State a drunkard who should be voted out.



If reports are true that the Westwood Police in Shibuyunji district of Mwembeshi Constituency have summoned the Dorcas Mother who expressed her views regarding excessive beer drinking by leaders, then the police are acting in an evil manner.

Zambians enjoys freedom of expression and opinions and curtailing individuals to express themselves is not only evil but unconstitutional.

The Dorcas Mother just repeated President Edgar Lungu’s expressed concerns during his address to Parliament about excessive beer drinking in the country and even proposed for a law to regulate it. Further, the Dorcas Mother did not even mention any name save to same that she desire a president of wisdom who is not a drunkard. What is wrong with such an expression.

Quoting her own words, she retorted, “tifuna president wa nzelu not chakolwa” without mention names and when should that president be. The word Chakolwa is not only a common word but a name is some ethnic groups and also used by many pastors in their preaching.

So if true that she has been summoned, we must stand up and defend her right to expression and opinion and condemn police intimidation of innocent citizens. The person the police should summon is Max Chongu whose act is against the provisions of the penal code instead of the Dorcas Mother.

Under section 128 of the penal code, Max Chongu must be summoned for defiling the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Dorcas Uniform as guided by this section that “any person who destroys, damages or defiles any place of worship or any object which is held sacred by any class of persons with the intention of thereby insulting the religion of any class of persons or with the knowledge that any class of persons is likely to consider such destruction, damage or defilement as an insult to their religion, is guilty of a misdemeanour.”

So will be watching the behaviour of the police on this matter.


  1. Nkonkosheni

    It’s madness,even if u want lungu to like u. Ukutumpa ba max.

  2. Chris

    He is not thinking proper like a leader

  3. citizen

    leaders must use there brains for what it was created for

  4. shu shu shu

    Macdonald Chipenzi we all know that you are a UPND cadre but don’t pretend to speak for the SDA

    • All is well

      My friend think before you talk ,who told you that he is supporting SDA Church, he is only speaking the truth to set him free.

  5. fk

    Don’t support ubushilu iwe cadre, the woman made a mistake by wearing a church unifomr and talking rubbish. if its not the Zambian, who was she referring to?

  6. andy

    Ati ba shu shu, you are also stupid your head is full of water, what kind of people are you who don’t see wickedness, this chi so called max and people like you can defile names and God’s work because of money, because you eat with PF or probably given a job, may God almighty Punish you and your max,

  7. Love your neighbor

    Moral minds will not speak politics here but, defend what is morally right, whether Mr Chipenzi is a cadre or not he has stated rightly on the part of respecting the church, moreover some sound SDAs who are PF members will irritated by max’s action, so what max has done has the potential to decampaign PF then bring voter apathy, because as a church we don’t teach people to campaign for any political party but to campaign for Jesus the supreme ruler.

  8. Gsk

    Shithole government nififine

  9. Jerry

    Mambala usaunduka Transversite. Silu ya muntu.

    Christian Nation full of perverts.

  10. All is well

    Let’s mind what we talk cause God is seeing all things.

  11. Mr 2%

    Max thought he was doing a right thing but dicampening PF.Dont say the church as to campain for Jesus.church members are the ones who vote.Don’t tolk about chipenzi.

  12. Kamata

    The issue here is not about max, but that foolish woman who brought this whole thing.you even call yourselves ati political experts when we all know that you are onesided, why can’t you just call you yourself upnd expert!.that hule who started the whole thing must be brought to book finito!

    • Dimitri Yeltsin

      Hule? Your own mother? That is why some of you people are cursed!

    • B.I.G

      Cursed are you and every fruit which will come out of you, may God reward you in faith for calling a woman of god hule and in truth you know that our president is a drunkard!

  13. Tom London

    The person to me it appears that the person wearing the SDA docus mother ‘ s uniform in the picture is a man . And is the connection with the SDA docus mother who was appealing to the government to avoid the the habit of over drinking . This man is definitely an impostor paid to do so . The question is who is this so called max ?

  14. Mr 2%

    Max is PF cader.

  15. mr 1% Akash Baraji

    This regime awee mwandi nififine, buteko bumo nichimo nensala ulande ko chabipa kanonga bena.

  16. brian nkhotami

    Let jst be honest those dorcas dont deserve to be called mothers but carderz.
    dorcas ati forward.
    lord come and see oh

  17. breezy

    The police should Arrest that man for his stupidity

  18. mubanga

    the docas mother is very foolish

  19. Chakolwa 2018

    While !!!!! Katama you are very cruel in your words , I don’t blame you but your parents that have not given you parental guidance.

  20. B.I.G

    God is faithful and just some of you people playing with him you receive his judgment. I don’t see anything wrong for this Dorcas woman to say elc ni “chakolwa” I believe she must have heard it some where. Have you forgotten the recent story, the suspension of MUMBI PHIRI and the pf why should the innocent Christian woman be suffered. Others are insulting publicly compared to the woman who spoke the truth that the President drinks beer,who doesn’t know that he drinks alcohol. People of Zambia let’s know when and where to defend . police first arrest all opposition leaders who had spoken during and after elections that edigar Lungu is a drunkard and then the woman!

  21. james badoo

    Since Lungu is the president. We can assume the woman was speaking about Lungu. But is Lungu a drunkard? Is he a dunderhead? If he’s not why make noise about the woman’s point of view? If Lungu feels slighted, he can sue. However, ever if he’s both a drunkard and an ignoramus, then the woman has just spoken the truth. So why arrest her for speaking the truth. Who are we to define opinions about other people or what other people think.

  22. Josphat Chambeshi

    The only you should understand is that Dorcus is not a political party. There is no freedom of expression where by you start insulting your President. BaDorcus you made a big mistake and you should repent. Bamax he did nothing where by you can summon him.Speaking evil words towards readers is an offence.

    • gift

      Dull you, which counstitution says that only political parties have freedom of expression ?!!.. go back to school my friend before you are beyond that age or you be a laizes-fare.

  23. mulena mulena

    Plz leave the dorcas uniform alone

  24. Benson Phiri

    Mr predo please this man max, he has done a lot to attract your recognition but to no avail please give him something he has done a lot as a carder 2021 is around the corner. Let him not do what he is doing in vein.

  25. Justin Tj

    Lord…!! Please come fast.

  26. zeke man

    FUCK YOU….

  27. zeke man

    MAX I will fuck u2moro

  28. John

    May the gud Lord 4give him

  29. gift

    Why defiling the uniform of the church ?may God judge you as soon as possible.

  30. B.s

    Leave bakate alone beer or not beer it is his life and nt yr life, check yrsef properly if u dnt have a defect in yr entire life….u shud mind what to say.churches plz avoid uttering careless words built a better Zambia and not nonsense beer dorcus police

  31. Summer salt

    Uniform will never take anyone to heaven. If the d mother can stand out to utter slanderous remarks in uniform then max is also right, it’s just a cloth anyway! Others use it but go out with other men’s husbands, etc.so that d m Is’ a thug who seeks to be hh’s counterpart.

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