The Narrative Pres. Lungu Is A Foreigner Is False – Siliya

Information minister Dora Siliya says the narrative that President Edgar Lungu is a foreigner is false in it’s entirety and must be treated with the contempt it deserves.

Siliya has expressed disappointment at the discussion by certain sections of society suggesting that President Edgar Lungu is not a Zambian and has called for a stop to the discourse stating that it was unproductive.

Siliya says President Lungu had been to the elections twice, in 2015 and 2016, and that the prerequisite for an individual to run for office in the nation was that they be a Zambian citizen and hence the narrative of him not being a citizen was rather misplaced.

“We believe that the discussion on President Lungu’s citizenship must quickly be brought to an end because it is unproductive,” she says.

The Minister called on all stakeholders including the media, opposition political parties and the general public to focus on serious issues instead that add value to the social economic development of the country.

“We have challenges as a nation which we can all work together on as a collective instead of being sidetracked with unproductive discourse. Some of us are privileged to know which village the President comes from in Petauke,” she added.

She urged all well meaning Zambian’s to focus on what would help build the country.

“But for those who wish to continue being doubting Thomases, we can’t help them in anyway. But we hope for the rest including you the media, that you can focus on more important issues,” said the minister.


  1. mulenga chanda

    Indeed ignorance is a great sin.Hw can a foreigner stand as the president of Zambia.According to qualifications to stand as president you must a Zambian citizen.


    Mwebantu….can a normal Zambian entertain what ba Mulongoti says…the man is insane naimwe…take him back ku Chainama….odini mpiteko.

  3. No Comments Allowed

    Very simple. Let his relatives both on his father and mother’said side tell us his background and origins. Surely they can tells who was his father, grandfather and great-grandfather were.

  4. Love your neighbor

    When was Mr Lungu born here in Zambia on the copperbelt, when he ran as MP and minister why didn’t you identify him as a foreigner? time wasting in some of these stories, tell us the treacable origin of the President if you fell he is not Zambian, those that talk much about others that they are not Zambians, actually they are not Zambian themselves.

  5. Treason

    Lungu Has No Back Ground, The Man Doesn’t Act Like A Zambian. Tell Us His Origin It May Be True That He Acquired His Citizenship. Most Foreigners Are Believed to Be Cruel Like him.

    • leave

      can a foreigner stand as a president? if u knew that he was a foreigner then why didnt you come out at first an said so. dont act like your a child

  6. KAST

    If He Is Or Not Nothng Can Be Changed Its Too Late 4 That.Jst Wait 4 2021 Mulongoti Mayb Yu B The Presidnt.

  7. ddd

    treason are you a Zambian yourself.I know you you are not zambian

  8. mwanakunyika

    hh is not Zambian he is from Zimbabwe I have facts

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