SDA Regrets ‘Chakolwa’ Remarks By Dorcas Mother

The Seventh Day Adventist Church has regretted the alleged derogatory remarks made by a Seventh Day Adventist Church Dorcas member against President Edgar Lungu.

Executive Secretary of the Southern Zambia Union Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist Church Vanny Munyumbwe said it must be clear that even though the woman in question spoke while in a Dorcas uniform, she is not a spokesperson for the church at any level.

Dr. Munyumbwe has stated that the long-standing position of the Seventh Day Adventist Church about political involvement is that the church is non-partisan and it intends to continue holding that position.


  1. Twiza Sinyangwe

    Yes she was not speaking in behalf of a church….

  2. Chali London

    Ulepenena Ukutali Wilaangasha Lesa Muma Politics!!.

  3. Man Mutiz

    Ninaani Chakolwa Muleponta Nshi Kabili Mwishibe Kuti Munadununa Reverse Pali Chakolwa!

  4. Henry

    In the church ,there are wheat and tares. The Bible says,let them grow together. This simply shows that we are at the end of time. These things are going to be seen more often.But the church remains pure and it shall never fall.

  5. Mukuka

    Mwebantu bushe ninshi mwapatila Ediga Lungu. Are you really practicing your faith in Christianity.nga chakuti ba Ediga bali nilupwa lobe how would you feel.stop the hatred

  6. Chalwe

    When you look at the woman critically, you would see hatred in her eyes.

  7. Milimo

    She tarnished our church and am heartbroken

  8. Chakolwa 2018

    She never mentioned any name of a chakolwa did she????

    • At it

      Are you foolish enough to fail to understand the meaning of the common phrase,to whom it refers,stop being critical for nothing.This is why certain tribes in Zambia will never rule.

      • Sonteka

        Which tribe are you referring to

      • Nkoma nondo tabingwa

        That is a problem. This tribe thing brought by other people will go a long way if not checked

  9. Webby

    When one is in an official suit it simply entails that you are one of them and an ambassador or a representative of that organization hence, people need to be very careful in the way you address the public, because what comes out from me/you/him talks a lot about NOT only the faith but also the teachings of the organization particularly the Christian faith we need to pay attention to these two important elements because we represent Christ. What this woman said may not be the reflection of SDA church to the contrary because of the regalia, it tells a story anyway. She spoke with so much hatred and out of ignorance and this calls for serious reflection by SDA church management and offer counsel its members because this has potential to damage the good image of the church and attract un necessary attention.

    • Francis Bwalya

      Your comments are very correct. Because human behavior is affected by the group values and norm. What the woman said and did simply demonstrated what her behavior has come to be after her association with the Church she belong to. She may not necessary be a spokespersons but her public behavior has now damaged the good reputation of the SDA the Church she belong to as a member.

  10. Webby

    Again I think it is hi time we engaged the country into productive discussion, we don’t eat politics in our homes anyway, this is directly affecting the country negatively, because we are so pre occupied with these un productive stories which will never make a car, computer, phone, plane mention them including the Bible itself. Waisting our precious time. Africa we look fools every time where is the problem, “dark continent as it where ” NO let’s promote harmony, unity and NOT champion hatred, Mwe Bantu one can be a drunkard but still be a leader, what about those who are leaders yet still practice witchcraft, womanizers, smokers, prostitutes, gossipers, thieves etc…..including in church. What do you do with them? suppose one of these characters is your relative, what do you do with them, do you disown them and allow the public to insult them at will? The role of the church is to pray for such leaders so that God intervene. Leadership is by default/appointed regardless of your background and what you do, don’t be surprised because there people who fight and so good but can’t find themselves in those positions while others are just picked even against there will. Let’s debate issues logically. I love Zambia

  11. Tomas

    The church is not involved. Max responded we cannot say he was doing that in the name of Pf.let us leave the church out it.
    Coming to the old lady she was expressing her right freedom of speech. She was saying the qualities of the leader of her choice .i agree with webby that a leader can be In any form,Drunkards,womanizer,church goers and many more.E.g Winston Churchill he was a heavy drinker and smoker but he was the leader who liberated the world from Hitler who was non smoker and was against drinking alcohol. at far He may like Hitler habits but looking at him from other habits the man was the devil himself.
    The lesson is we need to take time to judge people. Some habits are bad.

  12. Francis Bwalya

    It is the responsibility of church to impart good morals and behaviors into its members. The church shall always be accountable for its members moral conduct in private and public life. The members of any church have an disputed responsibility to display in the behaviors that meets the moral of their Church and anything short of that the Church teachings and belief s are questionable.

  13. Chiluba Kaite.

    I thank the pastor for explaining in depth. That is the stance of the Church. It is to support and advice in case the government of the day has made an error and this is done through the right channel like the pastor has rightly done it.
    Individuals can belong to what ever organization they want, that doesn’t mean the church is involved in their decision. The woman we saw did that all by herself and she should never put the name of the Holy Church of God in arguments of any nature. This is my feeling as an individual. Thank you. May bless Zambia and it’s leadership. That includes all civic leaders and opposition. Let’s work together and build our nation.

  14. At it

    My submission is that,the church is an independent body which only cultivate spiritual affairs.If the church is not well founded,you see that church take part in world politics because the founders take part in the world by smearing some sense of worship to hide in the name of the Church whence they are of all world attributes.The government has nothing do to with the Church because these they don’t go along,who are found in government are,haters,killers,those that seek power in all sort of means where now the Church character should by its being be holier ,lovers,peace makers.When you see the Church start to invite topics of the world rulers,just know that it’s foundation is based on helping the world and it’s members are those that are wolves in sheep clothing.
    Lastly,if you are a president,you are not allowed to pass any sermon in church because you will not work on spiritual standard but by power invested in you and by so God does not approve you to hold such.The Bible says be submissive to the authority whose that rule the land ,it does not say help or take part in their affairs.
    Conclude some churches are political,tribal so they are full of world attributes than heavenly.

  15. 🕘

    But he drinks that is the fact Bemba chakolwa

  16. steveberg

    in the time of Jesus, not every1 accepted him. it is the same with this, not every1 can accept, His Excellence Mr Edger C Lungu as president some will criticise for no reason and we say Zambia is a Christian Nation

  17. bibie

    wise words

  18. chachacha

    Tonga’s are useless people

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