UPP Youths Take To The Streets Demanding Ministers Pay Back

United Progressive People (UPP) youths last week took to the streets demanding that ministers pay back public funds as determined by the constitutional court.

The youths led by Mainda Simataa want ministers to respect the court after they were order to pay back public funds and salaries obtained when they remained in office after parliament was dissolved in 2016.


By Cde Mainda Simataa
Die-hard Revolutionary Nationalist – UPP

The only necessary thing for corruption to triumph anywhere, is for good people, good Zambian people, to say and do nothing in the face of injustice!

Yesterday, a contigent of 5 comrades only, UPP Revolutionary youth (4) acting with the Hon. Councillor of Chikibo ward, Keembe constituency, Reaganho Works (1), refused to remain silent, we refused to let the matter of the blatant looting our public resources ($120 million Dollars) without a fight.

No, we refused to procrastinate, to wait for others to join us before we could march forward, and we risked arrest, but before we left, we had made up our minds to expect the expected – intimidation, arrest, or even death! Freedom is not free;

The PF Ministers prior to the 2016 elections not only broke the law with impunity by staying in office to steal our money to finance their campaigns, money that could have gone to empower the 13 million unemployed youths, money to save the dying in hospitals, to rebuild collapsed schools and bridges, to feed the famine striken areas, money to improve housing and water, but they looted this money, and despite the highest Constitutional Court ruling against them, they stubbornly refuse to pay, and they insult our intelligence with an appeal against the unappealable!

Well, we say either they pay now, or expect life imprisonment when the wind of change blows in 2021, we shall not retreat, we shall never surrender, forget or forgive.

Justice must prevail, and it shall be done, but all Zambians must play their part

Cde Mainda Simataa
Party Media Director


  1. Chisenga


  2. Paul M

    What Made Them To Remain In Ofices? May be They Were Wrongly Adversed From Top Readers.

  3. ZONDA

    Comment these useless upr their have nothing to do EVen if u demostre that re fund will not come in yr pokt tamukwetefye ifyachita ba pushi

  4. zeke man


  5. black spider

    Bring back da mula

  6. FuManchu

    Common sense would demand that youth organize across party lines for a joint show of force to compel ministers succumb to their demands as the issue is of national interest and cuts across narrow party lines! When will activism ever learn?

  7. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle

    Up to now? but this chi gvment, aaweeeee


    just payback that money you thieves kwati tamufola ulwingi mufwaya futi muletulila amasuku pamutwe

  9. vusi

    that is a history now, just forget those minister workd and they got wat they workd for,

  10. Zach

    Kikikik, how many youths are you in UPP? Join honourable Mulyokela. Better

  11. Summer salt

    Too many parties so many demonstrations. Don’t make this nation a play ground you’re allowing demons from all over to do as they like in our mother Zambia to gain dominance!

  12. Kenneth Matunda

    Mainda Simataa – if you have no material wealth or possessions, please don’t lose what you can still possess “your dignity and self respect” these foreigners that you are so critical off can be an example for you to follow – if you have any integrity – be industrious , work hard and build something – one step at a time, and have something to pass on to your future generations. Looting and pillaging can only be carried out once – by a freshly empowered local politician – this wealth will never last long .

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