Violence Erupts In Kasempa Ahead Of Local Government Polls

Pockets of violence have been recorded in Kasempa District ahead of the Kanongo Ward Local government by elections.

Suspected United Party for National Developed (UPND) are alleged to have attacked some Patriotic Front cadres in the area.

The cadre whose identity is yet to be revealed is currently admitted at Mukinge Hospital where he is nursing wounds after an attack from suspected UPND cadres.

And North Western Province Patriotic Front Chairman Jackson Kungo has condemned the violent acts in Kanongo ward of Kasempa District.

Kungo has accused the UPND of pressing the panic button after realising that the ruling party has made inroads in the opposition stronghold territory.

He said it was shameful that the opposition political party leadership is panicking and is allegedly asking Party President Hakainde Hichilema to help in drumming up support for its candidate in the local government by election slated for 24th April, 2018.

“The violence we are witnessing is very unfortunate and we condemn these acts in the strongest terms. It is however clear that people of North Western Province have lost interest and confidence in the opposition UPND as evidenced by the mass resignations of their councillors,” Kungo said.

He said the Patriotic Front is ready to scoop all the four (4) by elections slated for the April 24 in North Western Province.

Kungo further urged the opposition to own up and conduct violence free campaign adding that the Patriotic Front will not resort to violence at any time.


  1. zeke man

    KUNGO pf is not an impact in ÑW

    • Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

      Zeke man,just as upnd is not a factor in the 7 provinces of mother Zambia.

  2. black spider


  3. Maybin

    Lets campaign freely for the betterment of our lives.

  4. Mr 2%

    PF can not win in north western province,look at there roads same as southern province.viva UPND.

  5. frank kamanga

    Mwaamba ulubuli jax compain without fear when police arrested u at awe babatuminefye kuli Mr bra bra bra u a very stupid noumituma nanke chipubasaana ai % out of bounce

  6. GBM

    No wonder upnd will never rule Zambia hh and his fools will never rule Zambia under what

  7. GBM


    • Kapita kabambi

      Who dosent no u

    • Patrick chisanga

      But GBM, behaving as a person who never attended classes on public media sure, it doesn’t matter what or who you are but what you say matters most,change if you want.

    • NINI DEE

      Mind yo language ma nigaa

  8. Sam D

    How can you reject HH when he will be the president of Zambia ba GBM…??

  9. kaoma

    No wonder you will not win the coming elections,all upnd members you are fools including your party president ulya lyonse tumona pa ballot paper ashifwaya kushilapo abanankwe hh nimbwa cikala cakwe abe tole

  10. Oscarmwale

    Stop that guyz.



  12. zeke man


  13. Kapita kabambi

    Hh for life

  14. vusi

    HH can’t win an election, just eat his money, he is just wasting tongas time

    • Man nizo

      Never ever mention any tribe due to HH represent Zambia, when you does not accept his campaigns messages is not his fort.

  15. HH GBM

    Big man false information

  16. Simwaka William

    Grow up people why are insulting? Dtop

  17. Joseph

    Good news, north west, its UPND stronghold

  18. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle

    Useless article whom did you arest? Leave upnd alone bakawalala imwe what doese the word suspect means foolish

  19. Omond zimba

    Iwe chi GBM chabupuba, why do you like insulting people? You are a bad parent if at all you are a parent though I doubt if you are a parent, try by all means to hide your bad behavior on social media, just be social don’t force pipo to misbehave, grow up today. FULL STOP.

  20. GM

    Take it easy guys Only God knows the next president

  21. Prof chiwasa

    Upnd used to be a peaceful party is this what they’ve resorted to now

  22. Mr. BJ

    “Inama ifwa Ku mushi, mumpanga baya mukutolafye”! Goes a wise Bemba adage! Necikwanka bacimwena kumampalanya! Don’t charge the book by its cover. 2021 icili apatali. Muleitulapofye amenso libe inshita taila kwana. Politicians in developed nations seem to differ but maintain a low profile in public .Not the case in Zambia! Chinjeni!

  23. Josphat Chambeshi

    Kuyafye nelipo don’t wast your time.2021 kutali ili.don’t Punic yourselves to do unlawful. Take your heart if it will be possible.the leadership shall be your’s because the fact is we need to go forward no back wards.

  24. jestone pelete

    No one can rule Zambia accordingly all are the same and the same pipo you start crying at I kanshi ngansha voteleko.so we as Zambia we should stop fighting even hh takaletepo any change things have changed already. So focus on development, we can develop by not focusing on dirt game…honestly no one can change things in Zambia.if you’re are a well meaning Zambian you will understand me.dear Zambian ruling the national is not just been a president but sharing ideas. Mr hh if you see a wrong fault in your friend help him in a good way not fight by so doing we will also going to doubt you as well because this is a signs of violence.

  25. Mc Prince Man

    you may say many things to defirm the our party but let us just wait for the results some will cry viva UPND

  26. ponyoponyo

    the dogs of hh with no pants

  27. bc

    Upnd z a party that knows violence nowander y this party will Neva rule this christian nation coz it has shade a lot of blood so hell with all upnd members


    I understand,HH is a big fool togather with his cadrez.

    • kk

      You are the empty tins altogether with your PF President and cardz

  29. Ba Joze Mohammed Banda


  30. Ba Joze Mohammed Banda

    Fools big fools

  31. B.I.G

    Why insulting? Politics are clean smart games followers are mad and sick cause one can start a fight in defence of his master for no payments at all……. Ilitrate ,stupid fools and ignorant will respond in insult to this statement

  32. Hb

    Gbm,never insult tongas,tongas are not hh you are very young to do that.careful mwana and careful.wamvwa tekai.Comment

  33. Benson Phiri

    It’s very obvious pf can not win any election now in Zambia. Maybe in Malawi.

  34. King-G

    Pf liars!

  35. Gilbert k

    Please please life in jesus, u r wasting time

    • jeremiah

      Some who are insulting are pastors & prophets on Sunday .but ziko inayendelelela zoona.simumvela soni

  36. Gm

    The man’s body is conducive for the position. Don’t look at the teeth.

  37. Gm

    Their is rule of law and 2021 will be another Venezuela kkkkk ba kayano kubwela Parliament will be cleaned if you don’t act. Yaba! Yalikaba.

  38. Gm

    People in politics go there for money they are even stealing mukula trees no sense atase.

  39. Derick

    Theys no party in Zambia which is going to change suffering no even HH can’t manage only GOD can finish our problems


    if you don’t have any thing to comment just keep your words ad remains quiet

  41. David

    People.if God wanted hh to be the president of this nation he would have already been. But since he doesn’t want. He can’t be….

  42. patrick Matibini

    As man of justice I see Yonder scooping the seat. That is my opinion.

  43. patrick Matibini

    I see UPND scooping the seat. Truth must be told, No wonder pf are in panici mood

  44. Terry

    Sorry to wat happened bt God will answer everything

  45. Shaka

    Jesus, come now and sav

  46. Shaka

    Jesus, come now and save us before we are swallowed by these crocodiles

  47. gift

    Let upnd cadres try the violence in Lusaka, u will regret. martial artists(mafia, ninjas, nuns, monks etc )will deal with it. let justice lead.

  48. Demutal

    Heta chimubabe hh pa top ewabako lobe

  49. Bâ lusaka

    Lungu to be insulted comment loading…………99.9

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