Hichilema And GBM In Court Today

Opposition United Party for National Development president Hakainde Hichilema and his deputy Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba will be back to the Constitutional Court pressing their case for political instatement as winners of the August 2016 general elections.

Hichilema and Mwamba who have multiple cases hinging on post-election disputes will appear on the case where they are questioning whether it was right to swear in President Edgar Lungu before his being declared as winner.

The duo has opened up many fronts with another battle opened up in parliament where they have filed an impeachment motion against President Lungu.

Despite the petition having been thrown out by the Constitutional Court Hichilema and Mwamba have not let the matter rest choosing to fight on in the courts of law.


  1. jestone pelete

    This issue seems to be going from this poie to another,but I would like to advise mr hh and GBM to focus on next election coz this is a time waisting and how I wish is that let him show people how good he is by advising his friend ecl by helping him solving problems than going to court and criticism always. If mr hh knows how to rule then prove to people by helping each other rather than going to courts.

    • benjamin kapiha

      I think u ar right ,instead of hh and GBM wasting their time, let them focus on the 2021 general elections.

    • sindano

      Nice sentiment there my friend, only if he can see it all but not too bad.

  2. desmond


  3. Pompi

    HH is just a fool and he does not have wisidom at all

  4. 555

    we a tired!

  5. Dr love

    No pro

  6. C.K

    KK, l. agree with u 100% pompo or whatever yo fucking name is, HH is not a fool, it’s yo father en mother en the very idiots u ar supporting who ar fool’s coz they didn’t groom u well, how to respect pipo, HH en GBM ar educated more than yo fucking mother en father, en very soon, they will be yo mother en yo Father’s president

  7. zeke man

    Pompiu u r a big DOG not HH

  8. koswe

    let justice prevail you guys. give HH a chance to prove himself in court. but knowing Zambia even the panel in the court looking at this matter have been bought. lungu will one day get his day in court he will sing pelete.

  9. Berg

    its only fools who can support HH & GBM with this crazy act, why can’t they accept defeat

    • Lewis Lubinga

      Sir I would rather you don’t comment like that, respect your fellow man like you would like to be respected.

    • Jk

      Accept ibolo lyobe?

  10. Kisha

    Love one another

  11. Dickson Mtine

    HH u ar jxt waisting ur time. God has already assigned our President in this nation Mr ECL, wen God say yes no one, no man can say no. Pliz HH nd GBM go and rest not to rule us.

    • Jk

      mtine bu president bwabufi after the Great man died

  12. Everisto

    Zambia forward .the court must do the job, professionally wethaut intimidations

  13. Emmanuel

    Just accept defeat and move on instead of fighting a losing battle.dont parade yourselves as wise men you are just fooling yourselves

  14. Lion

    Pompi u ar just a stupid boy who is not circumsised and your father is a witch

  15. HH

    keep n talkn am folown ndeloleshafye!

  16. Kalasa Rayson

    Stupid pompi has no RESPECT for wisdom that’s why he refuse to learn

  17. wajimona

    They even want to impeach a President they don’t recognize

  18. voices in chains

    Its seem like you people are forgeting that destiny is not forced. Hh will never rule this nation nowander why he wants to bring chaos. If he wants let him consult the oracle. We are tired of his nagging. GBM is a blind follower who has reached a point of no return…shame and pitty on you Guys.

  19. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle

    HH GBM we love you show these thieves that we are not happy.We want to see our vorts bieng returned to quality leaders like you.Your decision is good in tonga they say (MULANDU TAULIGWI CUCU) go ahead papa.

  20. Thomas banda

    HH lost he Shud jx accept maybe nxt time he can do better…..but he Shud be giving the government checks and balances about development not toking about the elections which has already passed…it’s to work hard nxt time you will do better…

    • Jk

      Go there to let a thieves Scourt free,he has even amended the constitution no pay for discharged civil servants but yo ministers haven’t paid back the salaries drawn when the Parliament was closed,we thank u see u in 2021

  21. Josphat Chambeshi

    BA HH and GBM we are tried of lisning to the same story just accept that you have defeated. Go Zambia Go with our President His excellence Mr ECL. HH AND GBM IF YOU CONTINUE WITH SAME SPIRIT,YOU WON’T WINE THE COMING ELECTION IN 2021.just know that pf readers are ruling no matter you are defeated already.

  22. Jk

    U reFools bafokala.

  23. Jk

    Ma gota hi ya politica wooool

  24. Jk

    Tunda nakunafa

  25. M. N

    Let not rage and anger rule this nation!!!

  26. Boyd

    Go Go forward don’t be intimidated by pathetic failures

    • chingumbe

      pathetic figure ka step kwati elo bapatuka ukuma kumalawi kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  27. Clazol

    Why insulting the elders pliz napapata MWe mbwa icindikeni

  28. Barotseland

    Stop using insulting languages you stupid rats .Zwaaaaaa fa pf and yo childish cadres

  29. nyanja jr

    guyz let us start insulting each other that dirt game.instead let us focus on developmental projects one can endure in and not ifyabupuba kwati baiche.and for your own infor,the fact is dat h.h scoped the sit but impupu shalibomfya akamusango kabo.HH go forward mukamba maybe kuti twacitako ifyamano 2021.

  30. Rashid


  31. Marky 2

    Politics Bwafya

  32. Tom London

    To you my dear brothers
    Dickson mtine , berg , semmy , pompi , Emmanuel , wajimona , voices in chains and Thomas banda .
    First of all l wish to tell you that the 8 of you are a bunch of fools .
    Secondly let me remind you that the constitution is the supreme law of the land . And the fact that no one is above the law .
    The upnd has to to be satisfied and the constitutional court must up hold the requirements and provisions of the law .
    The 2016 elections results were doctored or rigged . And this is the major issue hh and GBM are trying to sort out through the courts of law and to this effect the upnd has enough evidence which is why ecl didn’t won’t to dialogue and is blocking every positive avenue of addressing the issue .
    Let the Courts of law address this matter fairly without prejudice .

  33. Masters

    Go ahead Halepona Hagain since u have nothing to tell zambia…

  34. chewizo

    Itx impossible to do dat mr hh nd gbm,dey av already swear in president lungu,so wat z da implication of take dis case to court again ?:-D:-D:-DO:-):-*:-[:-P💯✔❤👌:-*

  35. rihnya@gmail.com

    Favour breaks the protocol . Takwaba uwalinga ukuba president but when favour comes no one will push you . muleicushafye attack labour office you will see tension in the country .

  36. Charlesmicklay

    Keep on fighting a losing battle,we are behind you.kkkkkkkkkkk

  37. kasonde Michael

    Comment pompi and your friends you are foolish people let HH and GBM exercise there tights

  38. Zach

    But they these guys, that defeat is still gaining in there hearts? If they are wise as per some claim, they should just continue with there card renewal exercise.

  39. mulase

    Just as much as iam not a PF sympathizer but u must understand that the problem is not with HH going to court over the 2016 elections but the owners of the money he borrowed for campaigns wanting their money.Without such pressure HH wud have been enjoying himself at the Farm but uuuh bamuvuta ba nkongole.

  40. kasonde Michael

    HH and GBM Problem u mweeso I don’t no why

  41. Zambian

    Ministry of labour office is the let down ministry in Zambia who can’t recognize poor zambians in private sector . No inspection not even concerned about the satanic contract issued by the so called employers they just put a date stamp without understanding like a donkey . Dangote cement is making a lot of money but workers are getting peanuts Guest houses are huge profit making business but look at their workers who are exposed to people with Ebola , airborne sickness from other countries but you allow this employers to give them peanuts . Not even service charge .

  42. x smith

    I am tired of this fucking stories coz nothing happens!!!!

  43. Chakolwa 2018

    Lack of education among the citizens in this Country is very worrying …just look at the postings and the reasoning …..its a shame.

  44. Zambian

    Education you are just failing to manufacture a needle but depending on Chinese, what education ?

  45. Luther

    Pompi waba ukumpa . Ichikopo nibwe

  46. Luther

    Pompi waba ukutumpa. Wbachikopo

  47. Zambian

    Education using verbal attack is rubbish but education and practical is effective .

    • Bb

      Keep on fighting we are not interested about your battle …..we have a way forward

  48. m kabwe

    Please you people talk about what can develop our nation than commenting insults and by the way am requesting Mr Geoffrey m b to kindly come back to kasama and the farming kwa mwamba and you mr hh go and make more money at your farm,your cattles are waiting for you.go go pf

  49. Zambian

    If you are educated to do the job fine but if you use your education and grammar to insult people 1. You have no excellence 2. You lack integrity 3. No humility 4. Ulicipuba tawaka chinje .

    • t g

      M kabwe you are right. This country is blessed to have a hard working man like his excellence edger chagwa lungu.pf by power by force tulepita in the coming elections.

  50. t g

    M kabwe you are right.this country is blessed to have a hard working leader like his excellence mr edger chagwa lungs.

  51. Juju

    Zambia is a Christian

  52. bc

    Mr hh leaders ar born not made so the fact z that u ar not born a leader nd for that u will Neva b president of this nation kwasila

  53. ponyoponyo

    hh we are tired of you go to your farm
    .your dogs are waiting for you in 3 provinces

  54. chanda

    Zambian wekeup, why do insult yo leaders? whtever de do may look useless but later u ll all benefit. stop pointing fingers at each other. Learn 2 be integrity and no one well intimidate each other.

  55. Com

    BA mumbwe mwila tukana insele mwefikulufye namoso mulabeya sure



  57. Doc

    this time that they waisting going to court they would have used it to win more voters but i guess these two want to win court cases than members

  58. ponyoponyo

    upnd a Tonga party

  59. Masauso Nyirenda

    Hh Has To Wait 4 2021 Election Becoz 2016 Election Are Already Over!

  60. kaoma

    Thats why hh ashalila ngakumputi


    Politics bwafya.

  62. Joseph

    Zambian politics, you can die with bp.

  63. Does it matter?

    Ba kamba, bola nikosa!
    HH fight,we are behind you!!!

  64. Wenge

    HH& GBM all the people in this country are supporting you,please work harder to remove the PF. We don’t want. PF in Zambia.

  65. zonke

    Lets go Hh & Mwamba,only fools are the ones still hanginging to pf

  66. Lewis Lubinga

    I think you should share your resources so that we can start using it well than continuing giving it back to the lawyers, you politicians. One love Zambia

  67. Jackson Chitambala

    I think Pompi is a dog chipuba,mutuwehi HH go go forward

  68. Raphael

    HH forward

  69. Petros

    This forum is full of comedians!!! And bad ones!!!

  70. Simwaka William

    Politics are over work hard for betterment for this country. Bakamba

  71. vusi

    pimpi you are very right let the fools blame you. for a good reson. Chishimba kambwili was right to call this fools names. Ecl is a president choosen by God, viva chishimba kambwili

  72. King cool

    When the President is elected to office and swear in , the President cannot be taken to court because of the immunity He has,,,my advise to my fellow brothers HH and GBM is that, it is better to focus on the road for the next election, which way to go, or what strategy to use in order to win the game.Any way at the moment HH and GBM are not President , they are opposition leaders, but remember HH stolen money for the government during privatisation of the mines ..He was a self centered Agent with no mercy. Tiyeni tufishitishe abakulaculabakulacula,, HH has spoken , chiluba yes my brother go ahead… Let us give PF a hand of applause ,, they have tried everything ,,no one is perfect .Ngavawama twatashako bane.

  73. Michael chilinda

    Edgar is a president of Zambia up to 20211 they are just wasting their time if you want to be popular look for another way. 2021 is coming

  74. B.I.G

    Am very disappointed with the attitudes of some brothers commenting on this online news. People be careful when exposing your ignorance and stupidity! This is just a friendly warning oneday this platform will never defend when taken to court that you have insulted the president, we are living in the age of technology. The other things let’s learn to different between governance and politics, those seeking justice let them and don’t see anything wrong for Hh and GBM going to court, the business of cadres is bringing indcipline in the country. Some thinks when you campaign for someone and becomes a President you have rights to do or say whatever you want. Please respect the law and it shall respect you. I have been in politics for quite some time as a youth,but the challenge have observed is that majority of Zambian youths are ignorant about politics and when given an opportunity share opinions all information you hear are insults…. Let’s oppose positively as oppositions and for us in power let’s admit our faults and work on our failures that’s good governance! No one stays in power forever nor some one in opposition forever. Everything under the sun has its own time! Edigar is the President of this country whether I voted for him or not and Hh is the opposition but time is the best story Teller of every hidden stories….. One Zambia, one Nation!

  75. pf

    May God help our country Zambia to be forward with upnd

  76. pf

    Pf is the part of the the people not the pool that’s reason why it’s cold pf power ferries

  77. joseph

    This man is rich I don’t know what he is searching I think is division boma ni boma ! everything is time !

  78. pata

    hakainde litole mafi yakwe let him chase the wind cikala cakwe

  79. chain chain

    Fighting with each others opinions will won’t help the nation,they say one can not do it,but together we can make it.together we can achieve soo many things,whom do you want?
    Pali Patrick.m you were complaining
    Pali banda.l you were complaining
    Pali chilufya.m you were complaining
    Paisana Edgar.c.l you are complaining
    Pakesana hh.You will be there complaining
    The same people O’ what a shame!
    Believe me o not if you want to be loved,you need to love,as far as I know never n ever should you say forgive and forget!how and why say I forgive,but don’t forget,the reason z very simple,it’s because you don’t want to be hurt in the same way before.dear if it’s happened that you have forgotten about what happened you will always be crying,so I must say if hh want to rule this nation,just forgive,but don’t forget,everything will be well,mango taipila pamo keep that into your heads,that’s does not exist on earth o maybe in Jupiter, mercury,mass O in puluto maybe it does exist there,so guys in life we ave some trouble and expect some trouble,but if you worry you make it double,So don’t worry be happy,one Zambia one nation where is it now!twilabangefipapa just saying things we can’t do ,and please don’t judge one way another. Guys learn how to appreciate in #life.
    You people are #perfectly educated
    Use that to educate others.and you all know that each and every situation it has the purpose for it,fimo ifintu we can’t solve them ,just leave them in the hand of the Lord Jesus Christ and don’t keep on insulting each others ,fimo bupuba.napashili you busy insulting,think before you do,say and action,simple! 🙂
    Some people don’t even have food ,but you have eaten and have energy,now for wat use that energy to do things which are normally good,some you just use energy kufyababupuba ,awe we ave grown naimwe.be formal in some cases.

  80. qcek,

    hh is our president en gbm is my vice prsdt not pfools

  81. chain chain

    Thank you B.I.G ma pressure is mine.

  82. us pf

    pf we ar now in last let as join upnd

  83. us pf

    upnd forward

  84. dollar siliya

    i want to join upnd

  85. chain chain

    Ba guy learn how to appreciate
    What you have ma friend,what is it?what’s wrong with you ma friend and what was that?people who doesn’t appreciate in the small things,don’t expect yourself to appreciate when the big things will come no matter what happened,exclude from that least ma friend.
    Just passing by
    Hunter for #life
    I was born to Huntiorced to work.
    Because that’s the answer! 🙂

  86. tramp

    hh our president

  87. snarcher

    starting from 2day am not from pf now am in upnd

  88. ace hood

    jst a different day hh he will be a president of zambia

  89. ace hood

    hustle hard

  90. fighting tiger

    we ar going to fight for hh to be a president of zambia

  91. killer bean

    i waz born with upnd

  92. chain chain

    Hh and gbm,the only thing you should do is to look the way forward as your symbol.You always say no backwards, but look what you are doing,you are backing backwards,why?fyalipita akale,don’t tell me you are thinking that if you do that they will remove Edgar.c.l for now,bt until 2021maybe because balisalakale,nishi guys where were you,wake up and face the realities!stop dreaming,say things what will be happening in 2021.maybe it will help in some way.nangu ni opinion nifi.

  93. lucky dicky chain

    Wonderful things are coming! 🙂 wonderful things!

  94. ponyoponyo

    who is handsome between hh and lungu
    .lungu azawina hh NI luza

  95. Summer salt

    Jk, semmy Na pompi, all of you have no morals and acting like my unip, whether lungu or hichilema, you all need to have respect or else you’ll soon start apologizing like kambwili did to hh, so be cool and give quiet comments without insults. Thanks!

  96. mulena mulena

    HH if z time that u are wasting for political matters is z time that u are wasting to campaign for the second coming of Jesus it could have been better as an SDA u have the task to preach the gospel of Jesus to this troubled world Jesus left us with this mission Matthew 28:19-20 don’t campaign for yourself campaign 4 Jesus

  97. Victor


  98. Evans

    Fools are still going to court up to now

  99. homohabilis

    Hh has a heart beat of staying in state house..I think now I shud advise the president to let him go there with his family members,let him spend 127 days in state house maybe he can have a heart of change.That’s when he’s going to STOP all this stupidity behaviours.Y can’t he stop and stat proper preparations for the party sure always in court.he has already formed an equation…. 2016 general election + HH+ GBM+ court +prison + impeachment=O.

  100. Junior Choolwe

    Pompi and Sami have manners you fool’s

  101. King-G

    Fight 4 the truth

  102. Vvb

    The one who seek,is the one who found.so let Mr hh focusing on what he want

  103. Michael. mulenga

    Mwabamabolo fikala fyenu ba upnd na hh kumo.mwanya.tulemumona uko muleya epomwaya mbila tamuwina shame mukebe ka hh ati.kaba itole elo kaleke ifyabupuba mwembushi mwee

  104. RODSON

    Umulandu taubola bakamba tamwaishiba palyaponse

  105. cm

    let them waste their time. it is not your time and money. this case is about whether or not lungu was declared winner.

  106. Mebelo Zimba

    HH and his group are extremely mad!

  107. HH

    Hh is an idiot

  108. Richard kapita

    I made a mistake to join PF people of North western province am very sorry I have come back to my home.Go Go Go forward Zambia .HH work very hard

  109. lucky dicky chain


  110. NINI DEE

    Hh will win 1day


    these two fools will never rule this nation coz they not mature .

  112. Sta t p

    So how was the judgement from t

  113. Sta t p

    So how was the judgement from the court

  114. chanda

    Guys maturity is needed in every thing.our father hh just accept the defeat all these things you ar doin will not take you any where.just put yoself together and look forward. petience pays wait for 2021 tripatite elections.

  115. FLY P

    What made say so

  116. Robert Mwewa

    Already we are seen the tension,the rage, the hatred which is at display in this nation even on social midia .these are signs of what is to come one day in Zambia.The people in Zambia have never experienced war and it’s repercussions ,what and see ,experience is the best teacher you gona start fire you will not manage to quench. I am just watching from the terraces once again.

  117. SIRSTILL DIAMON Chisulo

    wt kind of an insult z this

  118. Jairos

    Ponyoponyo o Wat eva ur name is pliz mind Wat u vomit from your acidic tongue hw can you say that ur dogs ar waiting for you in 3 provinces ulekwata amano cikala respect should be cardinal in wateva u do.

  119. Glxa

    But y insult each other u guyz, wat if dat tym cam? We can’t control our self? All u guys u r nothing only God knows what goes on bt i don’t y u r so talkative, instead come close each other but u r jxt bwetu-bwetu ad insulting kwati nifikolwe mwibala, hw made r u?

  120. Griffin kafula grancy

    I think the best way is just to forcus on the 2021 election….. Its better ecl ayonawilefye umwine……

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