OPINION: M’membe’s ‘Gay’ Burden

Fred M’membe may have found out by now that politics is bigger than punching away political sentiments behind a keyboard.

In his a little over one week M’membe has had his once upon a time private life thrown into the public light at a lightning speed. He had to deal with a diplomatic incident that has claimed the political scalp of the Cuban ambassador Nelson Pages and the more damning revelations of his queer sexual orientation.

For many years speculation has hit the mill that M’membe belongs to the queer type but there has been neither denial nor confirmation of the status quo.

Former Republican President Rupiah Banda once sensationally put it, in a rare fit of anger that people that were queer and morbid had ganged up against him. There was no credible denial further fuelling speculation of M’membe’s sexual orientation.

The problem is not whether or not M’membe is a homosexual but that he is getting a bit of the medicine that he over the years dished to others. Late President Frederick Chiluba went to the grave with M’membe having consistently branded him a thief. Did not Levy Mwanawasa also suffer the cabbage treat until the two kissed and made up? Need we say anything about Michael Sata being labelled a dangerous Bemba tribalist?

The point is M’membe went about cherry picking whoever he wanted to scandalize and the Zambian public simply swallowed his news diet unquestioningly. But now he has found himself on the receiving end of the monster he helped create. It can only get worse with erstwhile friend Wynter Kabimba confessing to their near love affair.

Naturally the microscope can only get tighter on M’membe and his socialist wannabe gang who in truth are sworn capitalists in practice.


  1. zeke man

    Shame on m’membe and winter are u ZAMBIANS

  2. Skb

    Honestly MOTHER ZAMBIA deserves far better than this.Politics can not get dirtier than this nonsense!!!!

  3. jestone pelete

    Shame on you

  4. ichinyo

    ba membe imyona kwati ni horspipe thats y ka winter kalimikana.

    • chuma

      You want him to go for plastic surgery? Write about things which are relevant.

  5. Barotseland

    Stop sending rubbish comments Zwaaaaaa Winter ( pf ) just after money from pf government


    Elyo ya liila ba wesu….

  7. Chakolwa 2018


  8. Davies Chansa

    We Zambians have core values that make us who we are.among other things we have never welcomed unnatural sexual orientations like ‘Gay’.
    If what Mr Kabimba has disclosed is true then I suggest that Mr M’membe puts his home in order before eyeing the highest office of our land.

  9. Joseph

    Winter, stop attacking your fellow opposition. if FRED, had fucked you, in your asshole, you an MORON. give as evidence

  10. bravo

    It could be true coz Zambians can do anything for a dollar provided more money patumba

  11. Doc

    kikiki zambian politics….

  12. black spider

    Iwe mwembe don’t do susu berry on kabimba

  13. Christopher Silwamba

    God Help Our Country From The Hatred Which Has Slowly Entered The Zambian Politics.Help Our Coun Try To Be United Once Again One Zambia One Nambia Be Fever More . Chris Sills

  14. Shaka

    The language of defaming others is acrimonious and long time gone.

  15. vusi

    fred Mmembe is a dog?

  16. chingumbe

    u fools

  17. B.I.G

    We need evidence for the statement given to the country, membe Sue kabimba for deformation of character. Moreover Fred membe is better than you winter

  18. Chibumba

    But Politics can make your life dirty like a pig, honestly why didn’t people report before he joined politics not that I’m in support of his party just concerned .are you guys scared of a young man who is just one week old in politics? Goooooooo UNIP GOOO.

  19. suntwe

    Kabimba is finished! His only councillor in isoka resigned due to no support from his fb party,even here in mumbwa his home land hez not known,let him continue selling chickens from his farm

  20. fuseki

    bakoswe imwe

  21. Chifunda Nelly peter

    Kkkkkkkkk… Lol.. Eimwee!!!!.
    Gay fyabupubaaa

  22. evans mubiana

    wynter,bring issue based politics on hw you sell yo manifestal than attacking your friend membe.this is a pf kind of politics of name calling.wynter and your collegues from pf you wont change,no wonder you are felling to build your rainball party(vuvuzela parties).we zambians need strong pipo like meembe,strong pipo like Hichilema, kalaba a man of principals and GBM also with principals not yourself like you wynter who is an opportunist.we want essue based politics.you are pointing a finger to your friend,who knows what you have been doing in your private life.

  23. jpowers


  24. King David


  25. Nzelu niweka

    We have jokers as politicians youths I think can do better than these idiots in suits am fade up. We have serious issues to tackle not this nonsense please give us a brake nanjala fulu mu community

  26. Leonard

    Wynter his been ditched with moneys by of to attacked the innocent guy heartlessly… Coz I wonder why all this while he never brought it out to the attention of the Zambian until now… Coz member is a politicalreal threat.. To him and the pf.

  27. lazioto

    which one was better kaunda,chiluba,mwanawansa,rupia,sata if u can,t choose forget about the coming president

  28. bmabuya

    Kabimba and mmembe should not insult each other through the media, its obvious that they did not agree on another wrong move they were planning, soon or later it shall be known. I suggest that these old politians retire from politics and give chance to young men than embarrassing themselves in public.

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