FAZ Owes Local Transporter Over K60, 000

Debt ridden FAZ has continued to make headlines for wrong reasons days after the executive committee awarded itself hefty allowances while individuals that rendered services during the hosting of the Africa Cup of Nations remain unpaid.

FAZ has come under fire with a local transporter claiming that the association owes him over K60, 000 after rendering transportation services when Zambia hosted the under-20 Africa Cup of Nations.

In an interview, FAZ is alleged not to have signed contacts with local transporters but opted for log sheets and still failed to pay transporters.

One of the transporters identifying himself as Abdullah said the association initially agreed to pay K 2,500 a day but went on to reduce the amount to K 1,500.

“I came in as a transporter I was carrying some officials one from South Africa and another from Egypt but from that time we won the Africa Cup Under-20 I have never been paid.

“There were about two cars which were working under FAZ carrying people from the ground to the hotels, from the hotels to the market or whatever they wanted to,” The Abdullah said.

Abdullah further said transporters were forced to use their money for operation costs on the pretext that FAZ would refund but nothing has happened since then.

He said efforts to get his money has provide futile despite having been assured by outgoing FAZ General Secretary Ponga Liwewe and president Andrew Kamanga.

“I followed Ponga and he said 48 hours you will be paid, but nothing they kept giving excuses until the tournament came to an end,” he added.

Abdullah is one of the many creditors FAZ has failed to pay for services rendered over a period.

The association has come under fire after the executive committee paid itself hefty allowances without putting into consideration individuals that rendered various services to the association during the under-20 Africa Cup of Nations tournament.


  1. suntwe

    We never saw the advert for transpoters in the press for faz,you did it thru connection’s at the footballhse now that u v not bin paid u start crying! Just kip quite u will not c ur money mwana

  2. ichinyo

    kaili corruption ili high from the head until to the tail wat do u expect?

  3. jpowers

    plz can u pay them

  4. James Eston

    Pay them ,osasiya nkongole. ma sign yakuti umbava ulimo

  5. Shaka

    I’m just watching.


    Great Kalu administration was enough better than these vendors andrew and ponga.

  7. Uncle lemo

    Why working without agreement form? Which means there was a corruption so don’t complain

  8. zeke man

    Shame on u KAMANGA and Yo ADM,u have realy dissapointed zambians after giving u all the support

  9. zeke man


  10. vusi Sithole

    zambians are big problems, when great kalu was at faz you did not see good things he was doing, now look at ka kamanga. Just like HH and UPND who cant see the good things that president Edger Lungu is doing. work up guys wat you see is wat is yours?

    • Patrick phiri

      Sitole whatever you call yourself football is football why bring your hatred of HH AND UPND into the game if you are a beneficial to what is happening in pf just keep quite and eat quitely i don’t a everyone thinks and feels the same way as you

  11. chips

    Kamanga’s rule the most useless.

  12. Andrew mwanza

    If you have the form which you signed up with FAZ then take them to ⚖️court then the ⚖️court will decide what to do fairly

  13. Chock Dust

    These two thought running football was having coffee and chocolate and watching soccer in vip section

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