Kalaba Faces Expulsion From PF

Bahati Member of Parliament Harry Kalaba may soon be expelled from the ruling party with officials hinting a recent Central Committee held at State House was unanimous.

The Former Foreign Affairs Minister has come under fire after a breaking away.

The Patriotic Front recently held a Central Committee at State House chaired by party leader President Edgar Lungu.

Luapula Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa has said that a meeting will soon be held to discuss what action to be taken against the Bahati parliamentarian although sources say it was evident Kalaba was on his way out.

Chilangwa said Kabala’s ranting and behaviour are not in conformity with the rules of the party.

He said the party does not hate Kalaba but his conduct has put the party into disrepute.

“It’s not because we don’t like Honourable Harry Kalaba but it’s just one simple rule, government is run by a political party, the President of this government is also the President of the Party, so if you go and start claiming that this government is corrupt it means you are saying the same to the same political party you belong to,” Chilangwa said.

Chilangwa has challenged Kalaba to leave the Patriotic Front if he does not believe in its ideals.


  1. killer bean


  2. Mr 2%

    Mr Kalaba leave them they are corrupt.

  3. ichinyo

    iwe chinangwa so u think kalaba can berg for yo usles party? kalaba talaba ifyo muchita.

    • chingumbe

      Tell them mwana

      • Grandson

        Why are you still clinging to the same party you are calling corrupt? Don’t behave like mbwiili with one leg in pf and the other in ndc

    • Gone

      Kalaba is now history. What he remembers is part of his history

  4. lucky dicky chain

    Wonderful things.

  5. Jasper

    Idiots,I guess u have nothing to do.Nowonder you are corrupt

  6. fly kezeeee

    Don’t be worried Mr Kalaba this is full of corruption but ndeloleshafye the coming election bakalya amafi

  7. Chifunda Nelly peter

    Don’t share in dere..bad deeds

    • delele

      Comment dont coment negatively, advise him.main politlcians they dont know 2moro.

  8. Joseph

    Moron, kalaba his not a corrupt man, like your jemason.


    Comment:Dear zambians where is christian country?with all insult,we are one,let us respect our president and the father of all zambians please,you have to know that all autority come from God almighty thank you!!!

    • chingumbe

      Elias chilibwe,which leadership is from God?this one????

    • Junior Choolwe

      I disagree with this leadership Sir you know it deep down in ur heart

  10. Clement tembo

    Whatever you say, insult and be critical clearly indicate who you are, it just not make sense to insult your father and still being in his house

    • chingumbe

      Jesus is my only Father not the one u are talking about koswe

  11. chingumbe

    Our father of the nation died Sata not abo!!

  12. Steward

    Mr lubinda, all the friends who challenged lungu have gone. Move

  13. KAHEMA

    Kalaba just leave these fools they’re corrupt

  14. Junior Choolwe

    Mr kalaba is a man of integrity he knows why he was voted for, not for corruption like what is happening in this pf system

    • Jk

      Ba Mwila failed in constituency, then he can do correct things at secretariat,fail,fail.

    • Zebron

      Corruption at work

  15. RODSON


  16. Coco

    Kalaba is going nowhere . He belongs to the PF, a party he helped found and propel to power .
    He should continue to fight from within to weaken koswes sharp and destructive teeth .

  17. jestone pelete


  18. Shaka

    Personally I feel as if I’m not in our beloved Zambia, there is too much hate and division now than before. Come on, let us embrace each other like before. I remember the interschool postings that occurred in 1978 when went into Form

    • Shaka

      Sorry, that was 1979 when I went into form 4 at Kalabo Secondary, there were inter -provincial student postings. Today,it’s a sad scenario.

  19. John b chibwe

    Yhaaaaaaaaaaa its a pity we still argue on such issues If u are not happy with the current power just site down and wait for that day u will be handed power make a change

  20. Jk

    Hon Kalaba u are a threat he fear when u go to convetion u can win tata kalaba baleke bachite Lesa nimalyotala

  21. sindano

    Oh i see…

  22. Double kilo

    bakwoswe with big TEETH


    Akanwa nga katalika kwashala ukuputuka

  24. Un employed professor

    We are not interested on who is president, all we want is change in our beautiful mother Zambia. We need leaders with a heart for the pipo not leaders with eyes fixed on squandering the little resources we have left in our beautiful mother Zambia

  25. Tembusha

    I like the way chingumbe is coming out. his speaking the truth direct. Someone should read his remarks,who knows someone can change……
    (To whom it concerns )

  26. Barotseland

    Why been ruled by a drunkard full of liquor in his guts nowander its party is corrupted stealing money to enrich their pockets living the poorer poor .Zwaaaaaa pf and come 2021 .Njenuna meno .

    • Simwaka William

      If it was you what would for the people of zambia with those insult


    The cleverest sun bird Was trapep its beek.leave ecl alone alakhwa chani mwana wa chagwa?

  28. HH

    Kalaba just join me , upnd is the next ruling political party

    • Simwaka William

      Who told you that you are going to the next president. In your dreams .votes will tell

    • ZONDA


  29. ZONDA

    Comment o yes kick him out how can u keep an intruder in the party Mutafyeni takwete na chito zwaaaaaaaaaaa

  30. Chamwanga

    Politics Of Muscling… Who Is Big And Who Is Strong,,, Moreover Power Is Pipo’s Desission.

  31. DC

    I see

  32. Uncle lemo

    God kingdom is the best. No one can make any change only God

    • strong pf

      Keep quiet everyone, to much spoon feeding in this nation is a syndrome that is killing everyone

  33. zeke man


  34. Mbembe

    Every Zambians is complaining don’t pretend

  35. Mbembe

    people are just loading money in their pockets forgetting those who put them there

  36. patson

    guyz mulekalifyafye imitwe yenu becoz they are all from corrupt government.

  37. Simwaka William

    Kalaba go to acc commission report the matter that you saw from the party .remember kambwili is cryi

  38. strong pf

    What is HH going to do which has been failed to be done by the past head of state.pls advise.

  39. Oscar mwamba

    Kalaba has no direction he need prayers

  40. Jusco Chikubabe Chochamitanda

    No more politics of the belly

  41. mulenga

    go ahead pf chess him he’s insulting the boss (govt)

  42. King cool

    Politics is very tricky , politicians are like prostitute they don’t know what they say, anything they want to say,they can say it. Without realizing that there’s tomorrow , if Harry kalaba wants to form he political party Let him go ahead and see what he will become. Government can finish you and your money. How many political parties do we have in Zambia, more than 20 , is He really sure he can win ? Let him go ahead and do So. people will milk him all what he has suffered for and He will regret.we love you Mr Harry but but ,,,,,,,,

  43. Robert Mwewa

    Yaaba !!!!!!!!comment reserved ,just watching from the terraces

  44. Hotness

    Every organization has rules and regulations so if kalaba has become big headed, let him be expelled.

  45. Talala musonda

    My comment on this is reserved.

  46. mulase

    Ati kalaba is not a factor???Y then talk about someone who is not a factor?And can someone describe who a factor is nd mention which one?Don’t dare say am not a factor coz u can lose an election with one vote.

  47. mulase

    Mwebena Zambia mulansekesha ine nama comments yenu.Naba pena baliko bwino!!U want to say hon kalaba should quit PF as if u don’t read wat the constitution says about a person who decides to quit.Mulebelenga not ifyo fya bupuba efyo mulelanda.


    KkkkkkkKKKKkk yaba kutiwasekakify wre ar we going to guys y ar insulting each other stop that nonsense


    KkkkkkkKKKKkk yaba kutiwasekakofye
    wre ar we going to guys y ar u insulting each other stop that nonsense

  50. Zach

    Kalaba must simply quit, leave PF for the pipo driving the nation. The one you call (koswe) is paddling and if one can’t paddle with this koswe BOSS, will be tossed out of the boat to the hungry crocs in the Luangwa river

  51. mulase

    PF intends to expel hon kalaba from the party with the hope that he will lose his bahati seat.I am eagerly waiting to read the grounds they shall use to expel him.My advise to Mr SG is NEVER say because he has accused yo govt of being corrupt napapata coz even Edgar himself said that there is corruption in his govt.And ar u sure that no govt employee hz been jailed of corruption since PF took office for u to win this case in court?(2)mention which country in the world is corrupt free?(3)May one ..just one political party the opposition inclusive tell me no one person has been found to be corrupt. Please let us not worst the courts time being defending such practices. Because even in the Judiciary.. u will find corruption. At the mortuary.. u will find corruption. etc etc

  52. Shachz

    Mr Kalaba was very close kuli Ba Mwine. When he resigned, I knew he has seen evil. Mukula logs,fire fighter engines etc. Open you eyes people of motherland.

  53. BGM

    The Truth Will Stand Forever.

  54. Oscar Mwanza

    This reminds me of Sampa

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