No Cholera Case Recorded At UNZA

The University of Zambia (UNZA) has says there has been no cases of cholera recorded at the institution.

UNZA spokesperson Damaseke Chibale has said the institution had recorded a suspected cholera case which after tests showed ordinary diarrhea.

He said the reports had created fear among students and staff after realising that the victims were all coming from boarding houses situated in Kalingalinga Township.

Chibale said since reopening the institution has put in place serious hygiene measures to avoid an outbreak of cholera looking at the volume of students.

He said despite the pandemic having been contained in most parts of the country, the University has not taken advantage of that but has put in place measure to avoid an outbreak.

“Of course there were some suspected cases but turned out to be diarrhoea problems, it involved some students coming from Kalingalinga boarding houses, but since reopening we have put in place measures to sensitize students on public health and personal hygiene,” Chibale said.

He has told students to adhere to advice being provided by clinics within the University and ensure hygiene practices are embraced to avoid an outbreak.

The University of Zambia and other institutions had delayed reopening following an outbreak of cholera in Lusaka and other parts of the country.


  1. Kk peter

    That is good news to our brother and sisters at university of Zambia

  2. cm

    cholera is a sign of failed health state system

  3. Bill gates

    Be chorala wse

  4. Bill gates

    Be cholera wse

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