ZESCO Warns Against Trading Under Power Lines

ZESCO Limited has called on traders trading under the ZESCO power lines to stop for it is illegal and it can lead to loss of life.

ZESCO Public Relations Manager Hazel Zulu says people should not build structures or engage in social and economic activities under the power transmission lines because it is illegal and very risk as these lines carry high voltage of electricity and can cause electrocution.

Zulu says the company has noted with concern that people across the country are repeatedly building structures and making makeshifts stands popularly known as ‘tuntemba’ under the power transmission lines despite the number of sensitization and awareness programs that the institution has undertaken at huge costs.

She says they have also noted that some people are erecting bill boards under the power transmission lines without any regard for safety.

Zulu has called on community leaders countrywide to partner with ZESCO or indeed the Zambia Police Service to report such culprits.


  1. mubanga

    surely it’s riskyyyyy I feel pity for them

  2. Simwaka William

    Best acknowledgment help those guys to understand the dangers of trading under the power line


    Thanks for advice and you need
    To insure people . so that they they gat to understand.

  4. patson

    to much ignorance in zambia because educated people cannot do that, pliz warn them icibemba citila ati Ukwali Insooke Takwafwile BANTU.

  5. ichinyo

    there is nothing we can do twakulashitishafye mpaka yakatwipaye amalaiti.

  6. Simon Diarra Ama Blacks

    Baane zesco temunobe

  7. Sta t p

    Yes is good to protect their life ,now can council give then place for trade

  8. GM

    The markets are there,why doing business on illegal place change the attitude of ignorance pliz zambians

  9. Talala musonda

    Zessco and the zambia police should work together to stop this practise they should sensetise on the dangers of trading under zesso power lines.

  10. Diamon Chisulo

    Mmmmmmmm wat a ignorance of my people


    Great adviseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    Wakumva amvele osamva asamve.Chichewa chinena kuti samva anamva nkhwanga ili m’multi.


    Samva anamva nkhwangwa ili mumutu


    Look to those people who built utuntemba in nakonde specific place called mukoma market awe mwandi bulanda bushala

  14. daka charles

    ba council,ba police na ba zesco should work hand in hand if they were to cub this issue.

    • Ndaba

      Councils gave plots under Zesco pillars in Solwezi!

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