Labour Officers Are Not Corrupt – Minister

Labour minister Joyce Simukoko says his officers were not corrupt as alleged in compaliants reaching his office.

Simukoko said such unsubstantiated claims of corruption about labours officers were discouraging them from doing their job properly.

She said in view of the allegations of corruption of it’s officers, the Ministry has now constituted a committee in every district that will include the District Commissioner, Labour Commissioner, NAPSA, Mine Unions among others to conduct spot check inspections.

“We have constituted labour committees hopefully with this we will hear less accusations on our officers because it is also a sin accusing someone of being bribed without any evidence.

“So with this I don’t think there will be any company that will bribe the whole committee as being alleged unless that one is a biggest briber,” Simukoko said.

She added that the labour offices were understaffed due to inadequate funding hence the need to allow officers execute their duties without any accusations that end up demotivating them.

Simukoko has proposed to the Mine Unions to consider merging as one unit for more strength during negotiations.

Speaking when she met Mine Unions, Simukoko – an ex-fierce trade unionist – said much as it was their right to work separately it was important that they consider working together.


  1. mwansa keliven

    kindly help with the person i see in relationship with labour issues in ndola or lusaka.
    your quick response will be appreciated.

  2. RAS L.L

    Please madam minister speed up things in labour mostly in private companies and most these big,big companies they don’t have unions what is your take.

  3. zeke man

    You re all corrupt

  4. jpowers

    plz start inspection here in kitwe we are working with no work suits ,safty boots in avic company . i don’t know what type of government is this ? there’s no day of rest ..

    • scarecrow

      wow Simukoko I adore u I wish…………………….

  5. ichinyo

    how can u see the corruption as if u inspect but u are just seated mu ma offices.

  6. jpowers

    corruption destroys our nation zambia because the labour minister is corrupted ngabalyamofye ninshi capwa..

  7. Take malaki

    Mmmmm boza

  8. Bashi blessings

    Your system is very corrupt your office has no regards for the labour force in Zambia especially in private sector.
    am very disappointed with your office for neglecting the Zambians,your officers and commissioner are all corrupt.

  9. Bashi blessings

    predecessor was even much better honestly wish the president would scrap off your ministry coz you are wasting tax payers money

  10. Shachz

    It does not mean that if you are a unionist then automatically you can make a good labour minister. Ba joice, remember also the brown envelops you used to receive. Today you say you are not corrupt. Shame!

  11. JAMES chama

    Most companies work without union yet the workers wants union but the management is refusing of which you are being bribed you people ,I’m telling you people your jobs will take you to hell because you are not doing it the way you suppose to do it, you are making many souls to suffer. Labour offices is not for the poor people like me it’s for the rich people who have companies , CHAMA JAMES are my real names.

  12. JAMES chama

    I’m telling you I can even slap you if I have access to meet you face to face imwee ba woman ,what kind of a woman are you.

  13. duks

    U madam luk at security companies here in Zambia their getting between 500 to 900 kwacha how can they survive in this little money food are very expensive rentals water bills zesco and now u bring t pin from de same amount but u u are just sited bcoz when luk at civil cevernt their getting our taxpayers money so think twice we don’t won’t to point a finger to the person who appointed u be careful thank u,,,,

  14. maston

    Don’t warry just seat down in you office we know labour office is for rich people

  15. zeke man

    AM in KITWE call me when u reach KITWE

  16. Joseph

    you are, doing totally nothing only drinking tea, chapwa.

  17. ganny

    Comment This minster does not understand tje plight of the workers, especially those who are in the private sector.

    She is busy defending either management or the labour officers, but not the worker..

    Thw wokers are suffering and they have no where to run to, the labour offocers have abandoned their roll, they are all advocates for the employers.

    When late president Michle Sata came into the office, he brought hope to the wokers, but alas now, things have become worse, and no body seems to see or care, bur the workers themself, SAD.

  18. 555

    Help Us Especially Here In Chingola Pipo Are Being Layed Off Everyday At Delta Force Security Company Just Near Yo Offices, Yo Offices Are More Corrupt

  19. BGM

    Atase Ici Cimaayo Cabwesha Na Voice Panshi Ati Our Labour Officers Are Not Corrupt, Remember The Truth Will Stand Forever.

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