Members Of Kitwe’s Criminal Gang Plead Not Guilty

Thirteen boys believed to belong to a notorious criminal gang commonly known as ‘90 Niggas’ in Kitwe’s Bulangililo township have pleaded not guilty to a disorderly conduct charge.

The juvenile offenders who are in the ages of between 13 and 18, in the company of their parents and guardians, appeared before Kitwe Magistrate Leonard Tembo and pleaded not guilty to one count of idle and disorderly conduct.

Particulars of the offence are that the boys, aged between 13 and 18, on April 4 this year jointly and while acting together conducted themselves in a manner likely to cause a breach of the peace.

The gang is alleged to have been terrorising residents of Kitwe’s Bulangilio township.

They join a long list of other gangs that have emerged in Kitwe district.

Magistrate Tembo adjourned the matter to April 30, 2017 for commencement of trial and the juvenile offenders are expected to appear in court on April 20 for mention.

Failure to apply for bail, the thirteen Juvenile offenders remain in police custody.


  1. Justin Tj

    Only God knows…ndelolesha fye

    • Benson

      Don’t put God in this my brother say only kambwili knows he think sending this boys to do wrong things people we will fight govt let this boy jailed

  2. Bk

    Surely…..too bad 🙅 bachepesha.


    too bad 13 year old in police custody wre ar we going to plz

  4. Lee

    these idiots must be jailed,welcome to zed where criminals are been set free and innocents are been jailed and rotten in jails.

  5. fk

    These boys deserve this, you should see how stupid and notorious they walk and speak. Ask people in Kitwe

  6. zeke man

    Justice must preval it’s too much

  7. Kay2 Pack M

    That’s too bad for the juveniles,
    But point of correction to the writer, the matter has been adjourned to 30th April 2017 or you mean 2018, advise.

    • may jay

      you are right even reports who right fake should be checked

  8. zeke man

    Parents parents parents where have u been when these little idiots of yours So called children were committing these offences ! Any i forgive u parents BUT yo idiots must face JUSTICE and i mean JUSTICE.

  9. Kennedy

    Jail them.I’m in kitwe & I seen these little rats action.they deserve to be jailed for life.

  10. Take malaki

    90 Niggas

  11. charles daka

    too bad to these little bastards,infact the judge who will be handling the case should not look at the agement but pamulanda.justice should prevail.batwaleni mukwangufyana

  12. Motoka Mendrix

    Just reach them all………

  13. Ba father

    90 NIGGAS kuti Idiots must be jailed

  14. Wallace

    Awe it’s too much,these kids must face the law..They beat up innocent kids around ktk
    This must be a lesson to aspiring gang bangers

  15. Malcom X

    It’s sad how young people with life ahead of them are ruining their lives,they should be jailed..They’ve been causing havoc in the streets of Kitwe

  16. Eustace m j k

    These 90 niggaz must be jailed so that a warning signal z equally sent to SODs(Sons Of the Devil) & other criminally minded elements in kitwe in particular & CB generally that crime does not pay.

  17. mub

    these guys are too old to be 18yrs,they lift dungbells frm morning to sunset and they were adviced by parents to reduce age so that lynience is lytigated

  18. Jacob kanzale

    Let the court take it’s case and no excuse

  19. Jacob kanzale

    They must face the rule of laws

  20. Ba father

    May God have mercy over their life

  21. Tamba

    This people are not kids awe,their even old enough to understand the law.kutumpafye

  22. Mumba Kenneth

    Why are you hiding there faces pls show us and don’t escort them free . no corruption on this case because tomorrow they will attack you and your relatives

  23. Nip

    Please please please let these fools be jailed they are disturbing the community

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