Nkombo, Kambwili Join Impeachment Court Action

The opposition UPND and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) have shown that they will not give up easily on the impeachment motion by applying to join the case in which Robert Chabinga and Henry Mulenga and have halted the motion through a court action.

UPND and NDC through Mazabuka Central Member of Parliament and his Roan counterpart have applied to join the matter in which the PF aligned petitioners were pushing for a consent judgment to quash the motion that has been filed in parliament.

The motion has stirred political commotion since it was filed in parliament but could not be debated as the housed adjourned prior to the movers being accorded a chance to table the motion.

Nkombo is the mover of the motion while Kambwili seconded the move.
The PF aligned duo of Mulenga and Chabinga are of the view that the Speaker should not have accepted the motion as it was unreasonable.

Among the legal representatives for the petitioners are Lewis Mosho and Hobdya Kabwe.

Judge Bobo Banda granted Chabinga and Mulenga an ex parte order for leave to apply for judicial review granted on 4th April, 2018.

The application for leave was to operate as a stay of the decision of the Speaker of the National Assembly to table the Notice of Motion to impeach the President pending the full determination of the matter or until any further direction by the court.


  1. delele

    Comment kambwili &nkombo too hatefull.i think the speaker should throw the moition away

  2. ZONDA


  3. sim1

    In Zambia we have the best drama actors, i think kamwili wants to release another episode.chickali chi mudala kuli drama.

  4. Shachz

    It’s not that we hate the president. He has just become too rich too soon. A well meaning leader can not lock heads with people like Paul K, Robert M & Yoweri M.

  5. mulena mulena

    I feel 4 ECL y so many enemies plz u people leave z presdo alone nganimwebo ba chi fat albert u r not a presidential type ukafwafwe na salt disease na caltex

  6. ichinyo

    yes nkombo ne mbwili push then untill they cry mbooo!!

  7. pata


    • big fish

      Ngakawiso mwiswile nshi.amafi .ukutumpa

    • Chilufya shadreck

      Ba pata,bakalamba. umuncishi usuma sana ukupela abakalamba bonse.ngaimwe mutwe mwabe nshi? Think b4 you talk.

  8. team

    no need to insult people especially older one twapapata

  9. Hummer where it hurts

    Things done in a rightful and justice manner needs no critism but those done otherwise attracts attetion.Well, fimonekeka mumalushi.

  10. ezekiel

    Leave him alone

  11. Glxa

    Dis iz sodoma na gomola zoona, insult starting frm leadership watimo kuma listeners u can’t control yo self ai?

  12. Terry

    Respect z vital Kambwili z right

    • Simwaka William

      Kusapota manga sapote manje kasapotedwe you will the first pipo to run away just because some of your family is outside the country shame er don’t another place like zambia

  13. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle

    Yes go ahead guyz

  14. Maseka kelvin prince

    Every body has got 15minutes different time zone, Meaning that everyone has got his right time to become who ever wants to be. So let kambwili and nkombo do what thy think is right for them and for people of zambia.

  15. big fish

    Those are genius men stop insulting them because your father can’t much .why insulting?

    • Simwaka William

      Who told you that they are wise men just because they talk too much you mislead my bro

  16. big fish

    If you here this name ( kambwili )what goes into your mind .? Stop insulting he has never insulted you In an way .just leave them alone. Some of you can insult from morning till you sleep. Its part of you. Dirt mind.

  17. big fish

    Nankwe nankwe mpaka kumapeto.

  18. Webbychanda

    Forget about what happened

  19. mpyangu

    Must find time to ask those who understand the constitution before you insult others so they can help you understand some of the provisions therein, social media is not meant for insults we ‘re one
    family in a christian nation.

  20. BGM

    Animal Farm

  21. Jeremy

    Politics of hate

  22. Simwaka William

    Time of politicizing is already gone walk up pipo

  23. Chilufya shadreck

    Ubufumu bunsotwa kuli lesa.bakambwili,ubufumu mulefwaya nga ni lesa aminsotele mukapelwa.lekeni ba lungu batenke. (2021)

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