Pres. Lungu Launches Mega Road Project

President Edgar Lungu has commissioned the multi-million dollar Lusaka City Roads De-congestion Project which is being funded with the help of India.

The project is set to be one of President Edgar Lungu’s legacy as the country’s 6th leader.

It is a historic event underway in Lusaka’s Makeni area which hosts the ground breaking ceremony.

The project will include the construction of the Lusaka City roads project which will result in fly over bridges across the capital city.

President Lungu is joined by his Indian counterpart President Shri Ram Nath Kovind who has been on a state visit.

“India is a shining example of the possibilities for developing countries to transform their economies and the lives of their people,” the head of state says.

“India’s emphasis on increasing manufacturing and improving the level and accessibility to education, particularly amongst women, has yielded immense benefits for its people. I wish to state, your excellency that Zambia is following your example in that regard.”

Pres. Lungu expressed delight that Zambia and India have signed several key agreements which pertain to improving economic cooperation between the two countries.

“It is my firm belief that we in the global south possess the necessary tools and materials to become global leaders in the production of sustainable energy.

“In this pursuit, your excellency, I am guided by the immortal words of one of India’s greatest sons, Mahatma Gandhi, who once stated that: “The future depends on what we do today.”,” he says.


  1. black spider

    Hope so

    • IchaloUbusumaWa

      Pemba – Livingston done in 2004 still going strong. The best road, this is what the absence of corruption gives you. Can that contactor be recalled for Monze Lusaka roads and others please, it has become slow and expensive to driver copper down south.

      • zambiaisours

        @IchaloUbusumaWa.. that road could have been financed by the EU or some donor with the financier doing the procurement process to avoid thieving!! That is why it has lasted!

  2. Albious siancuculi

    Wow good development project Mr President,we hope and pray all goes well.

  3. Nicolas

    At last, it might come to Zambia as well if not paper project.

  4. green lable

    Wishing the project to be a success

    • Man nizo

      Is good idea and the problem is that they require works to use their pp.

    • Man nizo

      Is good idea condos to the president and these are investors that started investing in Zambia long time not Chinese ngoong’a.

  5. Chipolopolo

    Do Zambian Politicians know that there are human beings outside Lusaka? Development should not only be for the capital city, that will only encourage rural-urban migration, which results in more congestion.

  6. seasonal commentator

    Good move His Excellence may God add some more years to your leadership.

  7. ek

    Comment why not working on north great road which is in a very bad state thats money watege no plan

  8. ek

    Comment.This is no vision 4 other parts of zambia coz lusaka is not the only town in the country shame to u

  9. Barotseland

    Let’s hope all will be going on smoothly without corruption there in by pf government.

  10. Kk peter

    Good news to the Zambian people

  11. wisdom

    God make it easy for us

  12. Richard kapita

    Zambia is not Lusaka only ,what of Mumbeji to Lukulu road which you promised .

  13. Skb

    Mr President, God will judge you by your works and not by what those PROPHETS OF DOOM say.Go on Mr President~without fear or favor.Those with corrupt minds have already seen corruption in this noble project. Ignore them!!!

  14. Sheila Mulowa

    The Lusaka- Mongu road is in a very bad state,as well as kazungula- sesheke not forgetting Kaoma- lukulu.are these places not in Zambia?????????.planing well is the way to go.i wonder what Zambian politicians are up to.

    • Benson

      Many thanks your comments but appreciate what this govt has done in mongu in opposition everything you can do its wrong to them ask h h and your mps to work with the govt

  15. Clement tembo

    Some comments represent the nature of the pipo commenting themselves, remember the way you see the situation that’s what you are, critics, jealous, hate speech are weapons from darkness, ecl not everybody will like you, even Jesus was killed for healing the sick

  16. Shaka

    Zambia is not Lusaka only, school children are sitting on the floor and you boast of making overhead bridges. Are you serious?

    • Ted

      Ba Shaka not everything should be politicized, credit should be given where it iz due. I give E.C.L a credit for this plan, i’ll condemn also where iam supposed to, bt not here.

  17. Mtc

    I wish if we can start with kashikishi kaputa road/mporokoso kaputa Road. Anyway think of Ndola as well.

  18. saimbwende saimbwende

    This is bad news to HH and his cult UPND as it is a goal scored against them.

  19. Mungule

    That is good news for our country. Just how much i love my country.
    Keep moving Mr President,we are behind you.

    • Jama

      Am glad that we are having such a project however,let’s be reminded that these are big or huge loans.i wish the money that is being used for these projects is from our God given natural resources

  20. Chips

    Having heard its India, uups my heart is at least calm. Had it been AVIC International I don’t know what type of comments we would have received. A part on the back mr ECL. Ignore those who always comment negatively.

  21. Sta t p

    Why not working in chadiza to chipata road coz it

  22. suntwe

    The road from chinsali-isoka-nakonde is Very very bad! More especially between Isoka&nakonde,y can’t u work on it b4pipo’s lives are lost,Zambia is not Lusaka onk

    • BMK

      This part of the road ( Isoka to Nakonde ) is realy in a bad state. Where is the area mp?

  23. danny mctroy mwillah

    continue with the development mr president

  24. Shachz

    So, Na lyamo shetani.

  25. Shachz

    Mu matobo mwaisulafye junta.

  26. Twitter

    Real solution lies in modem clean and fast mass transportation systems such as trams and tube trains. The rate at which 2nd hand cars are imported, population growth and minibuses are increasing does not much the paltry roadworks. Research please.

  27. Shachz

    Na iwe ka finance monster, ukusamwa iyo! Make sure that funds are channeled to their intended purpose.

  28. Danny Denzel

    A father in order to work hard for his family, shud feed himself first so that he become strong in order to feed his vast family.
    Mr. State pres, grow Lsk first as a capi

  29. Danny Denzel

    Follow your view, don’t listen to anybody, rebuild the capital city first, other cities and towns will follow in due cause.
    Even God almighty, can not satisify everybody. Do what you know is best, you are guaranteed my vote come 2021.

  30. Rich-worry

    This is long overdue and I support it wholeheartedly. The capital city needs face lifting. Batata ba Sata shud be smiling in his grave at the sound of this trumpet. Long live Zambia our destiny on earth!

  31. Chipo

    Lusaka has had enough road development. Need to focus on rural areas too. Provide electricity for rural areas and roads too so that people can shift and spread evenly accross zambia

  32. Chipo

    Lusaka has had enough road development. Need to focus on rural areas too. Provide electricity for rural areas and roads too so that people can shift and spread evenly accross zambia

    • Jk

      so only Lsk is to be developed, mind u sir yo Minster of Education opened a secondary in 2015 in Chief CHIPEPO in Kapiri mposhi has no Electricity they use generator this REA is for what? then roads flyway in Lusaka u people share equal the national cake twapenga banyama!!!

  33. Miles

    The Mongu Lusaka road is one of the most busy roads in the transportation of copper and other business ,both across the country and to outside world .
    The livingstone Lusaka road is also on similar demand of usage . these roads do are not good for transportation anymore , lives are being lost daily through ROAD TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS. There are so many road projects being discussed upon in Parliament , e.g the Lukulu road ,nalikwanda road and some roads in western , southern and northwestern .
    Why should the Legacy of the president only focus on Lusaka expensive roads yet there are no roads in many other parts of the country especially where the PF party did not gain a lot of votes ?
    If that will be done , his Legacy will only remain in Lusaka , not some other parts of the country .
    We don’t want politicians who will start pretending that they want to construct our roads when we are close to elections ,yet their legacy is only celebrated where they come from .
    True leaders Equalise development , to all people in need .
    This will just cause rural urbun migration and unstoppable tribal and political conflicts which the government want to resolve by talking not doing good things for all .
    We are never going to be one Zambia one nation only by talking yet we eat different unfair shares of the cake (government budgets) . we are just stuck in moments if we don’t change our attitudes towards the development of this country . in the near future ,other countries will lough at our children and our legacy will die .
    Hard days are coming , be fair with what you build in this country, its not yours alone ,or for your family or tribe alone ,its for us all .

  34. Big Dada

    Well done Mr President. Just do what’s right and deliver . Ignore the negative comments of doomsayers who see nothing in whatever you are doing. How can someone seriously argue that Lusaka is not the whole of Zambia? Lusaka is the capital of Zambia so there’s nothing wrong starting the project from here. Even if the govt started with Dundumwenzi, the same people would still have condemned the project, so just ignore them, sir.

  35. Daniel

    as a youth, I think it’s an open oppotunity for work.

  36. Litia

    This is what Zambia needs. This is excellent! Let the project start.

  37. Paul lukonde

    Hope this project wont be infiltrated by crokade politicians who just want to get rich quick,and i hope the 25% contracts that will b awarded 2local contractors wont b biased based on the political ties they have,zambias economy needs alot of honesty ryt nw.
    God bless Zambia

  38. Mwape

    This is great!!!

  39. Thomas banda

    Chababa kuliba opposite side …..go go forward with development mr president….that’s great…..

  40. maston

    Do so as well to our road MUYOMBE to CHAMA as you promis long time

    • wisdom

      ive known you through your hundwriting boi.Nice coment

  41. ek

    Comment,some ppo dont think they think every advise is politicàl.mr president listern to yo people share development equally to all parts of zambia l slute ù

  42. J J K

    Iam so depressed by some negative comments about the president. We must know that this is a start of better things to come. No one can do what everyone wants at the same time. Please let us grow up. Let us take a home as an example, the father of 5 children can’t afford to buy say clothes for all the five children at the same time. Simple logic. Why can’t we see that simple logic?

  43. ek

    JJk tawakwata mano

  44. Jmk

    Why paapa are u noooooooo🌰 zambla criying 🐶🐁😬👹😭

  45. Chileu

    Hey this project is about congestion, don’t trouble our president with those areas. It’s a project at a time. Go go mr president.


      100%. Point!!! True that one.
      One person per door kkkkk

  46. junior

    comment loading


    GOD help us all.
    Mr chagwa wants good for this country, let’s support and help.jealousy, hate,evil takes us no where….stop wasting energy for the devil…back to the sender.


  48. kandondolo

    Lt th prjct bgn draw H20 dnt Lstn to FROGS. Lt th DOGS bk till nomore. Cngrts H.E ECL go go 2021 jikate unstoppable Good Lucky.

  49. Michael Phiri

    Good project

  50. Dickson Mtine

    Good project

  51. Jk

    power at CHIPEPO secondary school BA mwine abana Generator can not sustain them studying keeping foods,security lights please share national cake equally!

  52. GMZ

    good project!

  53. GMZ

    Thats wonderful mr president,gud project.

  54. Joseph

    Are we going to eat, roads ? their is no medicine in hospitals. but, their busy construct roads in lusaka rather than western, southern province’s. a visionless president

  55. JOHNES

    We should pray so that God completed our project. Well done
    Mr president.

  56. JOHNES

    Well done Mr president.

  57. Paul

    well done Mr.president

  58. Aarojait

    Good idea! but let’s not develop Lusaka only!!!!!!!!.

  59. Jason Mwenya

    We Hope So

  60. Sheila Mulowa

    Mmmmm,times like these, I miss Mr sata, May his soul rest in peace.

  61. Caroline

    All the the best mr president…..may your leadership be long…..

  62. tjay jamie

    Thats how we eat a cake nobody has ever eaten a cake alone, ecl eat your part and others will eat theirs too. Definately God will reward you according to your works of faith

  63. Jms

    No comment education


    lets pray to God that this project may be success in our country,otherwise the devel can manupilate our plans.
    this is reality MWEBANTU BAKWA LESA.

  65. Oscarmwale

    Good move Mr president

  66. payago p

    it was long over due.

  67. inonge wina

    This is foolish thinking by ecl Lusaka is a developed city why not develop small town like mufulira,chililabombwe ask us before u act..

  68. Steve

    ECL I give him a credit, not everything you can criticize give credit where it is due


    Thanks ba lunguuuuuuuu!

  70. Harry

    Wow! What a wonderful development in Lusaka?. Go on our president.

  71. Henschel Christian

    Thanks mr president w’ll pray that you accomplish your mission….and please one more thing is that do not listen to the people you’re surrounds with especially the opposition parties they’re just jealous of you and they really want to and spoil our country..so please mr president work according to your plan.

  72. Henschel Christian

    Thanks mr president w’ll pray that you accomplish your mission….and please one more thing is that do not listen to the people you’re surrounds with especially the opposition parties they’re just jealous of you and they really want to come and spoil our country..so please mr president work according to your plan.

  73. B.I.G

    OK thanks to the Indian government, it’s not really big supprize to me. Imagine what India had benefited from our country ,the copper they have been getting to develop their country. The mopani,nchanga and konkola copper mines have beautified the towns of India to the extent of building the most expensive university in the world named after our mine ,Nchanga University. With all they had benefited, only to come back with peanut to benefit one city .the only beneficiaries to the project are ministers and the president himself! The business is OK but does it mean that the pf government its focus is only on road? Or is roads projects only way of sourcing funds from donors? What about other sectors of the government and their projects, education, health, home affairs youth and sports…… Rural development programs apart from condom and ARV distribution as main activities in most rural areas. Mr president please start privatizing or else our country will remain in mess when you are gone, the time will longer be in power!

  74. Mac

    Good works Mr President

  75. mano mwale

    Capital city is not for President is for zambins is for all Provence benefit .

  76. lyton miti

    praying that it comes into reality

  77. Demutal

    Lusaka is not Zambia .look elsewhere what do you see

  78. Nathan

    what about kalabo – sikongo to Angola road.

  79. Nathan

    good works Mr president

  80. Mr chela

    We would like to see this

  81. Sunshine

    Zambia is not lsk only ba poor foolish

  82. Michael Khapochiino

    What about the Mazabuka road,Lusaka has enough roads already

  83. klui

    Hope the work will be done without corruption

  84. tx

    kuwaya wayafye

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