UN Rep Rogan Shuns UPND Meeting

The United Nations Development (UNDP) Resident Representative Janet Rogan thought better of her planned meeting with the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) that has taken to scandalizing her.

Rogan was due to meet the UPND to settle the matter of the opposition political party that allege that she suppressed a report on rigging schemes by the ruling Patriotic Front.

The UPND has on one hand sought to meet Rogan but have been scandalizing her in the other.

Below is a statement from the UPND General Secretary Patrick Mucheleka:


11th April 2018

Now that the UN funded report has been unearthed and published, we challenge the UNDP Resident Coordinator Janet Rogan and the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to tell the nation on the credibility of the 2016 elections.

Janet Rogan was on record immediately after the elections declaration at Mulungushi Conference Centre telling the media that the elections were free and fair and that those that had lost must move on and look to the 2021 elections.

But her own report has identified massive flaws in the entire process hence putting into question the credibility of the 2016 elections.

The report that was commissioned and funded by the UN system in Zambia under Janet Rogan’s watch has vindicated what we have been saying that the UN Resident Coordinator in Zambia is highly compromised, that’s why she never wanted that report released.

And for us, it comes as no surprise that when the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema questions the impartiality of Janet Rogan, it is the PF as a political party under Sunday Chanda that has rushed to her defense.

Had it been the government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, one would have understood, but Janet Rogan being defended by PF political cadres clearly confirms our long held view that she is heavily partisan and compromised.

Since when did the PF fall in love with international organisations with their recent record of deporting the Cuban Ambassador and deporting delegates who recently came for the formation of the Socialist Party?

PF have been on record condemning any attempts by foreign entities to interfere in Zambia’s affairs but they are now conveniently protecting Janet Rogan.
For the record, the UPND President, Hakainde Hichilema, never attacked the UN system. He actually said he respects the principles and values of the UN such as justice and equity based on respect for law and order. But Mr. Hichilema was concerned with the conduct of some of the UN staff members like Janet Rogan who has completely veered off the UN principles of respect for human rights and freedoms.

We know that all institutions of governance in Zambia have completely collapsed and the country is dangerously sliding into chaos, yet Janet Rogan has remained conspicuously quiet.

This country has been experiencing numerous incidences of political violence and injustices not seen in modern history. Opposition leaders have been brutalised and yet Janet Rogan has been absent when in fact she is supposed to take a proactive role as head of UN in Zambia . Instead, her office has met all these impunities with a deafening silence.

We are once more challenging Janet Rogan to release the post 2016 Review Report which basically indicts the UNDP as having been complicit in the mismanagement of the elections in Zambia leading to political tension in the country today.

Meanwhile, as UPND, we are taking further steps by officially writing to the UN Secretary General on the conduct of their staff member Janet Rogan together with accompanying documentation as proof of her compromised position.

Patrick Mucheleka

UPND Deputy Secretary General


  1. James Banda

    She’s a f8cken diplomat. She should have thick skin. They are diplomats who meet with regimes that are actually hostile like N. korea. But yet she cancels a meeting cause her feelings were hurt. She needs to grow up!!!!

  2. ichinyo

    UPND UNDP same thing.

    • GMZ

      Why cant u pipo frm the upnd move on?emmulate mr Sata..For how long wil u keep on crying over 2016 elections?why cant u focus on mobilising yourselves for 2021,is it bcoz u knw that u wont even make it to form govt hence the noise!

      • Lavu Zulu

        Sunday Chanda commenting is “proof” of rigging, according to the wisdom of Mr Mucheleka, because Chanda is a PF cadre; but isn’t this argument illogical, considering that Mr Mucheleka is himself a UPND cadre? Two party cadres speaking for their parties are justified to do so.
        Find better and logical points from which to make inferences and draw conclusions.

  3. saimbwende saimbwende

    HH and his cult UPND are becoming not only a liability but also a danger to national peace and security of this nation. Ever since he lost an election in 2016 HH has failed to come to that reality because he borrowed so excessively that he was wrongly 100% confident that he was winning an election and that it would be easy to pay back the money he borrowed and now his lenders are now on him hence this desperation which he has failed to tame. When he loses in 2021 (which is most likely) this man will refuse to accept defeat just to bring chaos in the country, therefore, the earlier this man is tamed the better and safe for this country. Why must we suffer just because of the selfishness of one man called HH?

  4. mulena mulena

    Still crying just move on

  5. hero

    They are not truly patriotic zambians.shame on them and their followers.

  6. Miles

    Grind hard, till you meet excellence

  7. Big Dada

    When will these UPND under5’s realise that they are wasting their time? Instead of campaigning and selling their manifesto to the people in preparation for the 2021 elections, they are busy wasting their time on trivialities. No wonder, come 2021, they will lose again and they will have nobody to blame.

  8. msingo

    When we go in commerce they are” credit sales,”.

  9. Petros


  10. maston

    Ba HH each day you talk a bout your friend business why not answering your problems what we can do to get the vote from people

  11. J J K

    Well said big fada

  12. Simwaka William

    Nyimbo imodzi sanchenzela gule so we can’t manage to hear only upnd what about other parties change your mindset and about fellow countrymen.

  13. Alex Chikombi

    We as upnd,you foolish people,live us,you’re going to learn a good example

  14. Junior Lordgamer

    Am from eastern province , and am a PROUD UPND supporter,,,am not a tribalism….

    • josphat nyirongo

      Imwe,just comment and drop your views there unlike starting another topic of “#tribalism” when don’t want that in Zambia.

  15. kandondolo

    Tk yo pstion 2021 is near u ll fail to mke yr psge.

  16. mub

    same lyashi,hh is too boring even in his bed to da wife

  17. Lavu Zulu

    Sunday Chanda commenting is “proof” of rigging, according to the wisdom of Mr Mucheleka, because Chanda is a PF cadre; but isn’t this argument illogical, considering that Mr Mucheleka is himself a UPND cadre? Two party cadres speaking for their parties are justified to do so.
    Find better and logical points from which to make inferences and draw conclusions.

  18. real

    Bwana HH, just step down. We r tired of loosing bcoz of your lack of humility. Each time we ask u to step down, u threaten to pull out your resources and u refer that Mazoka was Tonga hence u make yourself a golden child. Step down boss.

  19. Mills

    BA UPND YOU WILL DIE DRY, Ati wekoni cinshi cakulya ati”mulomo”

  20. Michael. mulenga

    lose every time y can’t stop politics bcoz takwaba upnd Is died plz livi mr President alone plz viva ,2021 pf for life dis is shiwangandu chinsali

  21. Rashid

    HH as a brother am advising u to do what your heart tells u to,don’t worry about what pipo are saying moreover the impeachment motion is in progress just wait and see what happens next

    • scarecrow

      if there was a party I bitterly hate its UPND and HH fuckers

    • gift

      Kikkkkkkkkkkk…. u dreamers, which counstitution do u use. impeachment motion ?!!!. and on what charge?vote of no confidence ?! If hh won, then you mean the UN are liars and unjust ?!!

  22. Wenge

    If the devil was thrown on the earth to gather with his demons for breaking laws , lungu hi didn’t handover the power , when is called Ku court hearing hi run’s away from the case, so he will be going to gather with his PF members , supporter.

  23. gift

    Patriotic front is ruling,and three years more remaining to 2021 election. pf will still make.

  24. lazioto

    you are just acry baby

  25. lazioto

    ba sata didn,t complain during mmd gvt wait for yo time

  26. Sunshine

    UPND is the only part which can bring back our freedom

  27. shu shu shu

    Ba UPND produce the report so that sober minds can read and assess the truth

  28. Summer salt

    Icibeemba citila uwawaa tabuula aka beepesho! So bamudala bakala beepeshafye onse onse tee?

  29. Sianga

    HH, you forced your way into UPND leadership by brutalising a LOZI chosen suscesor and his followers from Barotseland. Aglo Andy might be turning in his grave as to what you have done reducing duced the once national UPND into a regional party

  30. TJ

    Holiday and dreaming and making preparations

  31. evaristo kt

    Keep on crying ba upndown.

  32. evaristo kt

    No wonder yo party z calld united party for national distruction( UPND) y a u so desperate for power? Be patience tyme to another election

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