Kamanga Defends K1.4 Million Bonus For Executive Committee

FAZ president Andrew Kamanga has kept to his media friendly policy by responding to wide ranging issues on Hot FM’s Frank on Hot program.

Kamanga has kept his doors open, even under attack, which has rarely been customary of the FAZ presidency.

Tough and tested host Frank Mutubila also gave listeners an opportunity to ask Kamanga any lingering questions they may have had on football affairs in the country and the FAZ President held nothing back.

Kamanga said yesterday that his administration had done well in the two years they had been at the helm of the game meeting over fifty percent of their campaign promises so far.

He cited the US$4.5 million mega sponsorship deal for the Super League that has given individual clubs a guaranteed entitlement of K200, 000.

Kamanga said for the first time the clubs were consulted before the contract was signed to ensure that the members’ wishes were included in the deal.

The FAZ boss also tackled the thorny issue of the Chipolopolo coach that he said would be evaluated.

“Qualifying for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations is non-negotiable, if it means that we have to make certain decisions we do it. We will have to take action to restore the pride of the Chipolopolo,” he said.

Kamanga said that the country had a combination of good players that he expected to lead the country to the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations and meet a semi-final benchmark.

On the court claims that were being lumped on the association in the aftermath of the 2017 U-20 Africa Cup of Nations that Zambia hosted and won, Kamanga said that some of the demands were not validated and wrongly credited to FAZ.

Kamanga explained that the tournament was underwritten by government with FAZ not legally being liable for some claims.

He said that it would have been more prudent if the claims were made against the tournament which was a separate entity from FAZ.

“FAZ had no means to contract on behalf of the tournament. Some of the claims that are being taken to court should have been made against the tournament and not FAZ,” he said.

The FAZ President re-affirmed that former vice president Richard Kazala could not be heard at the recently held AGM as he had gone to an ordinary court.

Kamanga also said that expelled committee member Blackwell Siwale never appealed the council’s decision to expel him.

“Siwale (Blackwell) did not appeal the decision to expel him. He is an expelled member but continued to attack the association and it is the ethics committee that banned him,” he said.

Kamanga said that FAZ had come under attack from a clique of individuals that had made it their business to scandalize the association.

“It is just a clique of individuals who have made it a preoccupation that they will not see anything good at FAZ. To them anything that is bad about FAZ is blamed on the president,” he said.

Kamanga said that his executive will constitute a presidential advisory body that will comprise all former FAZ presidents.

He hinted at imminent changes at the secretariat ‘to reboot’ the operations.



  1. Bk

    And what about those who worked as volunteers during the u-20 afcon Zambia hosted, tabalipilwa what is the way forward?….than just hearing that FAZ exco misappropriated the fund. Kindly advise on that.

  2. seasonal commentator

    Please mr Kamanga show mr Wada a door of exit so that he do other business in his life.

  3. Bk

    On the issue of our national coach, I think BA wada has failed no wander those attributes, let govt come in and bring in an expatriate coach for the job while we still have time, the 2019 qualifiers Will start in September.please……….imwe

  4. kelvin Sichone

    Please ba kamanga mwalishiba icalengele kalu ukuya kukana umfwa ku bantu wada must go

  5. kelvis mega banks

    Wada must go if we fail to qualify for world cup mr kamanga you will be in hot sit,we need a foreign coach not these useless ones you bring

  6. Dr dd

    MR kamanga please be serious the volunteers are still waiting for their money what’s going on to the government the ministry of sports there only bosses collected their money when the volunteers went there to ask the one who was in charge Mr Moses mawele eat the money for the volunteers and drivers please investigate this matter to the government complex before the matter becomes bad to the bosses there please

  7. Dr dd

    You are saying you are defending k1.4 now why can’t you tell the sports minister why is falling to pay the money for the volunteers and drivers that’s why people are saying the government is full of corruption ,,!!!!!!!!

  8. mulase

    I don’t think the problem our team hz is caused by wada.Wada hz very little tym to coach these lads.For a team to play well it needs co.ordination nd the coach requires a lot of tym put up such.Does anyone know y Barcelona plays good football? Ar u telling me that its because they have a better coach?The answer is no.The same Messi who plays well at Barca fails to do the same at the national team nd u can’t blame the coach for Argentina.U saw wat happened to our under 20..they used to play well at that tym but after some players went abroad yalubana na team co.ordination. Spain plays well because most of their players play within nd they play together tym nd again.So pliz spare Wada.

    • Ginger Pensulo

      The examples you cite show that its the coach to blame

  9. Charlesmicklay

    Well spoken……. Madala

  10. Razor

    This is precisely why the previous executive was removed. Paying themselves hefty allowances instead of using the same little money for the development of the sport. We are watching!!!

  11. Barotseland

    I conquer with u Dr Dd . Wake up Kamanga (Pf cadre )its time to work not just sitting stealing money .

  12. mulase

    The other problem comes with players themselves. It’s the issue of ALLEGIANCE. Paying allegiance to the coach who taught them football nd helped them turn pros.Wen they ar called to play they pay too much attention to their old clubs nd them dollars etc etc..u think the national coach can give u play time?Zero bwana.He also resorts to grooming his own nd giving them a lot of game tym so that they can as well go abroad nd send him dollars.These ar but a few politics at play in football.

  13. Lukwa

    What a poorly structured article! The heading and the contents are going in opposite directions! Where in the article did you write about him defending the K1.4m allowances?

  14. bravo

    Missed call via phone not article kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkmk

  15. David

    People did you known that those who worked as steward and volunteers at the u-20 afcon that we hosted have not been paid yet?? This is why I can’t trust business men to run public institution most of them are thieves

    • Ginger Pensulo

      Business is all about making money. Nothing else

  16. Tom London

    Kananga let me tell you that football is a sport and that football is a universal language world wide .
    And so the author of the article side and I quote , ” Kananga defends k1. 4m bonus . ‘ end of quote .
    So one would have loved to hear why all that money had to be dished out to your committee members , You are a learned lawyer by profession as such you should have addressed this matter more professionally to promote a clear picture of what’s going on at football house . Unfortunately you addressed this matter with a touch of political language .
    Are you a pf cadre at faz ?? We didn’t want to hear about your achievements and your future plans as faz president rather we wanted to hear whether this kind of financial mismanagement at faz was intentional or it was just an unfortunate affair and how you being president of faz would address it administratively . Why a clique of individuals as you call us have really failed to understand your arrogance . You are not the first faz president nor will you be the last .
    We wanted to see a professional way administration at faz and not a to have to see a more corrupt and non performing administration we are now seeing .
    Your media friendly attitude is merely a
    coverup of your administrative incompetence of running football affairs .
    I called you a pf cadre because how else can the chipolopolo patron Edgar C Lungu keep quiet move on quickly to fire Cosmas Chileshe who was involved in a bed room scandal with Maureen Nkandu .
    How special are you Kamanga and your committee .???
    Please quit .

  17. Ginger Pensulo

    From FAZ media? Its obviously propaganda

  18. Jah Chris

    Baka manga you thought running Faz iis like running akantemba please bring back great kalu . I have lost all hope of going anywhere.may god bless mother Zambia..

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