Letter: Please Help Me Fulfill My Education Dream

Dear Editor, pliz publish this for me anonymously,

I have been granted admission at Mulungushi University to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and surgery.

However, with the absence of government bursary at the university, it is basically impossible for me to successfully attend on self funding.

I am as such asking asking for any sort of help or even information will be greatly appreciated.

Chisanga Mwaba.



    I pray 4 u

  2. singoza

    Comment I p 4 u

  3. Chisanga mwaba

    Iam here

  4. ddd

    so even mulungushi they offer medicine

  5. pata

    i went thru ur shoes but if no support rendred think of altenative,my bro let me go to the point rather than scratching ur back for sympathy reasons begging will not help you fulfill ur dreams just look for a simple job and setup a business to sponsor you

  6. manoah chalwe

    My dear brother its too hard to be sponsored when the course you want to do demands a lot of money, may you try to choose a course which will be not expensive, GOD BLESS.

  7. Kalonje

    Don’t worry….God will make a way for you

  8. clever Munakanyemba

    Don’t worry bro God wiu answer your player

  9. PSK

    No Matter What Situation You May Pass Through,Always Remember To Pray And Never Stop Praying(1 Thessalonians 5:17).And Always Give Thanks To Jesus Christ….Jesus Bless You.

  10. Acute

    ask and u shau be given,nock and u shau be opned.I believ u too,u shau be answerd.May God bless his wrds

  11. Mecky Shanzi

    It’s touching brother. Hope you find someone to sponsor you soon and incase you don’t please don’t hesitate look for a job and it’s like am trying to kill your dreams but look for a program which will be cheaper than medicine and then study medicine after you start making enough money to sponsor yourself. ALL THE BEST

  12. mulase

    It’s worth asking for assistance. Who knows Hon kavindele may just come in nd help.Continue asking even if it means going to HH to request for assistance do it.

  13. Marvellous Mwape

    Never Be Discouraged By Any Short Man,

    Only God’s Time Is The Best…..

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