OPINION: Pres. Lungu Should Keep Up Developmental Momentum

President Edgar Lungu has taken a lot of bashing from various quarters of society. The bashing has been so bad that even at times he has got things right he still has to find himself squeezed in a corner.

But President Lungu could take some pride from the footprint his mega infrastructural development push is leaving. It could eventually be his enduring legacy.

Never mind that his critics have been on his case for the cost of these enormous developmental projects.

Who could honestly have a problem with the 289 million United States Dollars road project to de-congest Lusaka?

Do not people perpetually whine about how congested the Lusaka roads are? Did not late President Michael Sata immortalize his legacy by rendering his signature to major road projects across the country?

Unsurprisingly President Lungu, as an avowed custodian of continuing that legacy should hold firm on this path. It may not win him many friends but may have a lasting benefit to mother Zambia.

President Lungu has an opportunity to push for something that cuts across affiliation benefit. It could be a huge economic cost on the treasury especially with whispers of borrowing being a constant complaint by opposition aligned forces.

The project comes at the backdrop of other development projects like the L400. The project is expected to be completed in 36 months which is not too far from now.

The project will be funded by the Export and Import- EXIM Bank of India and the contractors being AFCOMS and Shapoorji Pallonji.

No doubt this project could rattle some critics but President Lungu should hold firm and see out this mega project.

After all just 27 kilometres from the city centre is another signature project of the expansion of the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport. What better way to respond to critics than the mapping out a huge developmental trajectory.

The numbers may scare the wits out of some critics but ultimately if the project keeps to its terms there could be double joy for Zambia.


  1. mbil

    Comment he’s a had worker that’s why some empty tins make a lot of noise about him coz they are jealous of him.keep it up our president

  2. The Chosen One

    True that. The amount of lost time due to congestion that will be recovered by this project within short time far exceeds cost. It should’ve been done long time ago. These infrastructure projects can only add value to Zambian economy & Zambian people. There’s no way our economy can grow substantially using 1960’s infrastructure when population of country was around 2m. Some people want us to remain backwards for political expediency but GRZ should just remain focused. God Bless Zambia

  3. frank kamanga

    This is what we want show them big boss let them go to court,impeachment,please forgive them they don’t know what their doing so work hard god will bless u one zambia one nantion:

  4. Masauso Nyirenda

    our president go ahead with your vision to do what peoples of zambia need.don’t be disturbed by these oppositions who know nothing about development.

  5. Dr dd

    GO ahead MR EDGAR show the public that government is working this is the kind of president we want but not only roads major things hospital and more police station keep it up MR EDGAR president of the republic of Zambia GOD bless u

  6. Richard Mfula

    He is a great man of the moment. Never mind what people say. A great man will never be loved by all men. Remember if you have no critics then you must question yourself. ECL is working despite certain challenges he is facing nd life will never be complete without challenges. CONTINUE MR.PRESIDENT ITS YOUR TIME TO DELIVER….ZAMBIA IS BEHIND YOU. Godbless mother. Untill we get better one day

  7. Alick


  8. Kay2 Pack M

    Indeed congestion is bad in Lusaka city so that’s a good move but what we don’t want is the issue of theft and corruption to fuze in and bring some fake excuses and delayments, instead we want to see this thing progressing accordingly.
    The project has to start and be finished not tukonfwe at shank oko nanikani, awe ifyo tatule fifwaya!!!, mufwile mwapwishsa enshito pakuti fimoneke.
    But now my question when is that road (katunda-lukulu-mumbeji road) we saw during campaign’s that It will be done going to be worked on and even other roads connecting to other districts , people are suffering in other parts of Zambia in terms of road network especially lukulu district in particular.
    Mr President pleas fulfil your promises to the people of this district, they are also Zambians like any other districts.

    • Henschel Christian

      Wow thanks very much our president may the almighty God bless you.

  9. Jms

    We know I can work plus money so what we what is commitment and its a reasonable man who can see what is right or wrong

  10. Sta t p

    Jesus said, “a man can n

  11. Love your neighbor

    Thank you for working to decongest Lusaka roads, but the already existing roads are in bad states, especially the great north road, it is slowly reclaiming its old name (hell ran).Nakonde to Chinsali stretch is pathetic. Moreover toll gates are on this great north road so I wonder the message we send to foreigners using this road. In Tanzania there are no toll gates but they are maintaining their roads. From Dar es salaam to Tunduma (Nakonde) you will find them busy repairing roads.

  12. Michael Chileshe

    Let us wait and see the end product before we start piling accolades on the Head of State. Launching a project is just that. We still have some projects that were launched with pomp but have now stalled. It will be a great thing to decongest our roads and we need that like yesterday.

  13. Read my comment

    I totally agree with the WRITTER of this article, president Lungu must remain focus amidst high condemnation from the opposition

  14. TIM

    We love you President LUNGU, keep it up.

  15. Joseph

    No matter, how good work, changwa his doing, but his a worst president in histroy of zambia

  16. Dealer Man

    One man can not make the whole world happy and not even Jesus was loved by every one.we love u chagwa lungu.weafuna azifine

  17. Barotseland

    Lovely and don’t forget other Provinces where you lost some elections also need your show as well eg Western Province , North Western Province , Central Province and Southern Province thus why you are a father to feed everyone not segregation looking at your Province alone . Have a look what Sata ,mhsrnp as he wanted to develop this country with no tribalism and that’s the we want you to act or else kuya bebele Pf mu 2021.

  18. Sta t p

    Why can’t they work on chadiza to chipata road?

  19. CV joint

    Good work

  20. Rabban Mpundu Moses

    Jst keep on acting wit dat heart mr president(EDGER .C.LUNGU) .Dnt mind de key thn z mother zambia , keep t up nd GOD BLESSE.

  21. Rabban Moses Mpundu

    Jst keep on acting wit dat heart mr president(EDGER .C.LUNGU) .Dnt mind de key thn z mother zambia , keep t up nd GOD BLESSE.

  22. Tom London

    Of course one can get excited about the launch but the problem with Lungu and his mega project is on alleged corruption and constitutional issues .
    However the project is a good thing that has come at a bad time maybe and maybe it might .
    The water has already gone under the bridge .

  23. Morrischongo

    Kɛɛք ɖɛʋɛʟօքɨռɢ օʊʀ ʍօtɦɛʀ ʟaռɖ ċaʟʟɛɖ Zaʍɮɨa I ʟօʋɛ ʊ ʟʊռɢʊ

  24. Dickson Mtine

    Don’t misscourage becz of them Mr HE. ECL.. In life we should know one thing were there z gud, pipo will talk evil against that

  25. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle

    Usless no development here what you are talking about is rabish

  26. Gilbert k

    Good work

  27. Solomon Pleito

    Mr chiluba was a thief he had no critics, Mr mwanawasa was had working he had stupid critics, Rupiah banda did nothing to Zambia he had no critics, Mr data was a great and has working man he had thousand critics, Mr lungu is a hard working principled MAN, has thousand foolish critics. Continue what you are doing and develope mother Zambia. Not one of this opposition will equal your much and calibre. Hardworkers are shunned by fools like hh.

  28. Nkonkosheni

    Thts my man mr Lungu.Fileke filelanda pa ma election ya 2016 and u buz dowing th job.

  29. Kaps

    H E balangishe ubukali bwankalamo

  30. ek

    if u think hardworking wil be seen by lusàka fools then u are wrong and shame to u. And u if lusakà can make u win 2021 elections then keep on developing lùsaka alone,remember gd life makes fools blind.

  31. normal black jesus

    Its to know your duties.Better work.

  32. Shaka

    Lusaka is not the only town in Zambia. Children at some schools sit on the floor during lessons and you’re busy boasting of development. Let us look at our welfare first, ubumi bwa muntu.

  33. ek

    u are rîght shaka,only wise leàders can seè that


    ba kateka cishinka bombesheni,but here in kitwe we also need a modern town centre and stations not the way vehicles park mu town kwati niku savage yard yaku mine

  35. Summer salt

    Those who feel being victimized with today’s politics is because they want to use other politicians who are painted red, if Michael sata was not arrested because rupiya and mwanawasa regarded him as a lunatic, don’t be a mulyokela! People won’t take you like mulyo. For instance, we all have heard how mupezeni took a vehicle from state House and no one persued him, but why don’t we all do the same? The answer is simple, the levels of insanity differs, so don’t copy insanity, you may die for it!

  36. maston

    Do so boss people want you to show your voice

  37. Jay jnr

    A good move and nothing wrong with it, but use the money collected from tall gates to decongest Lsk

  38. Simwaka William

    Building words will courage all meaning zambian.so dtop

  39. Simwaka William

    Remember to elevate one other than discouraging good words will put our country on go ahead God bless that respect people that are in leadership.

  40. Julius Phiri

    The local govt should also propose to cabinet and the president the construction of multi story car parks in the central business district for people who work around the area to park their cars for more hours their.


    Lungu Aliche!
    Musiyeni ni time Yake presidwa wanzelu



  43. Leonard

    This is much needed in my country Zambia, let foreigners to continue complaining. That is wonderful!!!

  44. FGM

    Money collected from toll gates should be used for rehabilitation of roads , not otherwise. It will be embarrassing for us to ask for loans for the roads that are self sustainable. Let us be serious on that one.

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