Petersen Dispenses Free Advice to UPND

Philosophical Zambian musician Mundia Mukubesa, popularly known as Petersen has dispensed free advice to the opposition United Party for National Development on their support cultivation strategy.

Petersen has pointed to their outside people politics of court rooms and parliament chambers to garner support.

The straight talking musician has challenged the UPND to re-look at their methods of cultivating fresh supporters:

Below is what he posted:


So after the previous elections, in the pursue to win the next coming 2021 elections, what are the UPND and HH doing to pull the numbers and voters who didn’t vote for them and entice Zambians in joining their ‘Red’ wagon?

By going to con-court? Impeachment motion?

What plans are actually being put in place so as to win numbers and voters who weren’t in their favour?


  1. Hummer where it hurts

    Umbunjize muchaha! taha utobona kwanu..

  2. Theone

    The UPND must hold there own convention first to elect leaders. HH must get the chop, he has failed us due hard UPND supporters. Surely after losing 5 elections and always claiming rigging, HH please vacate. Tapapata please …….time has come for new blood in UPND…..”Cry the beloved UPND” Ba Nkombo please go to court to have our convention…you have balls

    • Simwaka William

      Wonderful thoughts help them to understand the betterment of the strong parties pipo love upnd but they hate hh

  3. Musa

    Nice one One Zagaze

  4. J chaaba

    HH is the only one who can fix make difference.

    • hachkyz

      Yes my bro

    • Simwaka William

      Think how many times he has lost

      • Griffin kafula

        I think its high time that the upnd to open their eyes and see…..to that matter of fact,I support zagaze for his concerns

    • Oscar Mwanza



    THE 2RF can not win election. They are too mediocre in the way they do politics…fyonse fipala bu under five ka…ODINI MPITEKO bane.

  6. M.M.

    Actually this is timely advice. Strategising for next elections is cardinal because nothing will ever happen to spilt milk. This is Africa!

  7. seasonal commentator

    Mukubesa he is alright only people without manners can see it has wrong point and blind followers cannot give support to Zagaze.

  8. Kyakilika

    This guy knows he can not win ecl so he wants him out of the way including anyone whom they feel is making him strong like in representative, strong ministers, including planting drugs like they did to that prophet who prophesied ecl win.This is what makes people hate him he thinks when markets are burnt people will not know.He did the same in mufumbwe and I don’t know why people vote for him.it could be Satanism

  9. Petros

    Mukubesa is very right! Every right thinking individual will agree with him. Its to tell pipo the truth, and the right thing, than wasting time going in the circles and dangling ignorance all over.

  10. Happy Bly

    Mmmm ba Mundia

  11. Michael. mulenga

    Mukubesa tell dem bcoz tabomfwa bakapoli aba

    • Derick

      Yes bro advise him to respect the president and Zambian people like me

  12. Jacob kanzale

    The wind is an example of idols they don’t think what to or whom to vote for as for me hh is a destroyer and not a builder.

  13. MUZO

    Some Fools Ar Saying “He Is The Only One” How N Why? Becauz Of His Riches.Wealth N Leadership Ar 2 Different Things My Dear.Only God Knows The 7th Leader.Not U Carders Who Doesn’t Even Know How The Powers Of God Works.Seeds Have Bn Swon Already Just Wait U Ar Going 2 Cry Ati Moooo…..Oooo.Sure Hh Na Ci Gbm! Kwisa.? Ni Ten Zero

    • hachkyz

      U, u dont no the importance of voting a person who has allied hav money, for example in the united state, cn they vote for poor person without anything to prouv that he cn rule the country, boi kwisafye muku winina paliimwe ngatawaishiba, think twice, don’t just mulelandalandafye as if u ar drank.

    • Nella Mwanamuube

      Do you yourself know the power of God?

  14. pata

    hh is still under5 whilst zagaze has graduated to 6th step,what a shame

  15. Bamuna

    Interesting Questions Zagaze. For all I know, PF would win again if elections were called today. Petersen is asking UPND whether or not what they are currently doing is changing any of that.

  16. Chilufya shadreck

    Mukubesa alanda bwino sana.ba hh,! twalishiba bonse ati, zambia calo chamutende.tatwakwataukwakubutukila twapapata.l

  17. Jonas

    Going to con-court and impeachment motions can not win new supporters,explain to people What you will do, not ati you will fix what are you going to fix?

  18. Justine Mukungule

    I think the way to go for Zambians is to pray to God for a man after God’s own heart to become president, come 2021.

  19. Rabson mwanza

    in politics ,everything starts at the grass roots which easily makes a way for one to become a president.unlike a situation where one jumps on band wagon by hijacking the leadership role and hoping to become president by all means and at all cost. some current leaders are judged by what they sow during their grass root performance hence being given the chance to be at the helm of governance.Clean your own carpet before pointing or telling your neighbor ‘s to be dirty it shows a sign of immaturity .God has got a scale of wisdom and wealth to give to his people .some might brag about being rich but they have no wisdom for leadership hence giving chance to followers to chew the money .Remember the ballot is secret ,simple. LEADERSHIP COMES FROM GOD .

  20. Rabson mwanza

    Some politicians have been disgraced because they haven’t shown true leadership within their parties but they keep saying they will fix things given the chance and how they will fix its not tabulated . chintu ,chintu umwene bane .Lets give chance for govt to work on the initiated projects and wait for 2021 when elections will be held.

  21. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle

    You fools leave hh alone dont you know that his vorts were stolen.Getout go to convention and choose uso na nyoko foolish blind animal.Naiwe chi petersen if you are not a zambian who dont see, go back were you belong.Look at you.


    What suprised many people is that ecl wasnt the part president during king cobra’s time he was just the minister but what happened he became the president.No one was expecting that.so all we can conclude is that he was chosen by God to lead zambia. therefor when he goes wrong just find the way to correct him not to insult or say bad words agaist him. Moreover he’s just a human being like us he makes mistakes.so ba double h what u ar trying to do is totaly wrong that wil not make you win more people just find other autonative ways to win more people.ba petersen you ar right bepusheniko mwee.

  23. Maybin

    Take it or leave it (upnd)that’s the way to go. They say that the early bird catches the biggest worm. Unsteady of wasting time on the courts of which it will bear no fruits continue mobilizing people.

  24. Steve

    Tell us will vote for you, courts, impeachment is a waste of time and can’t make anyone popular. UPND wake up other wise history will be repeated

  25. Mwebe mutale


  26. Smooth Criminal

    The UPND lacks strategy,their loss in the previous elections should be a wake up call for them
    Questions like : What are we doing wrong?
    How do we approach the Zambian people?
    If UPND had solutions to these questions,2021 would be like taking candy from a giant baby


  27. MD

    The same words people are using on him where the same used on sata until he ruled the country.

  28. mpyangu

    I ve not gathered much from our musician, but all i can say is, whatever goes up must come down.

  29. BGM

    In Bemba We Say Amenshi Ngayaitika Tabatola Kutapafye Yambi.

  30. R.I.P HH

    kkkkkkk yeah ba HH tusheniko mwachilamo,busy wasting time kuma courts.u dnt have anythng 2 do with ur 2 money busy wasting on non profitable things your family here are busy suffering!!!

  31. Bene Bacalo

    Zambia is a democratic country, petersen said what he thinks and he did not insult, if he wishes let him form his own polical party, so that he experiences how it feels being a politician.

  32. ba chanyanya

    ba HH kabiyeni mukuchema ingo’mbe,each and evry time u participate muma election mu lose and u say that ni rigging mmmmm manje 5 times yonse bakubela ninshi u are doomed kaili!!!

  33. Jeremy

    HH knows he doesn’t stand a chance in 2021 & that’s why he’s so desperate to become president by trying the impeachment, concourt method etc & once he loses the 2021 that will be the end of upnd.

  34. mulase

    Have u pipo noticed that each tym someone tries to advise UPND on the way to go all he gets ar insults… nd not just insults but big ones.I wonder wat kind of govt we shall have if UPND wz voted in.And this norm is not coming from ordinary members alone but MPs too.Listen to their debate in Parliament… it’s always full of anger all because they want to run govt.I don’t hate HH nd his UPND but I don’t like the way they do Politics. Iam an Easterner, brought up in Monze nd married to a Tonga who is a die hard HH sympathizer nd wen we talk Politics in our home she talks as though we ar quarreling or that HH is her boyfriend until I cut off the debate.So I wonder whether this norm is genetic or it derives from mediocrity amongst my gud friends from the South.Of course not all of them ar like that but the majority ar. I REST MY CONCERN nd just wait nd read the reactions he he he he if I won’t be insulted..I will be the luckiest.But I don’t care.

    • Dien

      UPND forget about ruling this great nation it’s. Too late

  35. Love your neighbor

    Only that Mr mulase you always run to attacking the tribe instead of attacking upnd politicians & sympathizers, then the way you are unvailing what happens in your home as a married person it’s not good according to traditional teachings that we have gone through. Revealing how you quarrel just because of Politics?? You shouldn’t have gone that far this is on public media mind you. Let’s refrain from pointing fingers at tribes at last we shall also be bad people because of constantly telling other tribes that they are tribalists.

  36. mulase

    If the tribe is a reason for such a trend..then I have regrets having said wat I said but if its mere mediocrity..then I hv no regrets. There is nothing untraditional I have said about my Tonga wife of 30 years my bro.Any politics whether discussed in a home or outside is public news coz it affects not only my home but other homes. That is my personal school of thought nd experience with my beloved Tonga wife nd she reads everything I write on this media nd she wz like ya ya ya ya “sunu mwa wina kambo mwali nyolike nimwali kulemba”. nd we laughed over it.

  37. Love your neighbor

    Then you know your wife very well, me I thought it was a grievance especially when I read the part where you wrote “as if HH is her boyfriend” quoted from your comment. Then that issue of marrying polics & tribes we better just stop if we are to fight tribalism, Tanzania has many tribes more than us in Zambia but you cannot tell, just in the way citizens respond to the politicians who want to devide them. Let’s protect our peace by seeing politics as politics and tribes as tribes, separate from each other.

  38. Griffin kafula

    I support for that….its high time they have to open their eyes and see

  39. Lil Wayne


  40. mulase

    U ar right “Love yo neighbour”..I travel to TZ so often nd such things like tribalism is unheard of.Yes tribalism does exist everywhere in Zambia nd this is a Gospel truth.I can give u several examples to justify my point but let me just gv u two..in Eastern province..a Tonga cannot win a Local govt election just like in the South a nsenga or ngoni if u like stands no chance of winning.I say so because I have stayed in both provinces nd I understand these two tribes better.Another example is my wife..she deslikes ECL like no ones business nd yet she fails to justify y she likes HH.She doesn’t know HH nd hz never bn nearer to him same applies to ECL so how do u justify such an act?Suffice to say nd I mean just that HH one to one with ECL I wud go for HH though am Lungus tribesman but wen it comes to policy issues ECL is better than HH.I have interacted with both of them nd I don’t expect anyone to argue or disagree with my assessment. After all it’s a personal assessment based on my understanding of the two.In summary I do NOT subscribe to tribalism nd have high regards for my brothers nd sisters in the south..after all I have children nd grandchildren from that land who ar half Tonga nd half Nsengas so to speak.

  41. Joseph

    HH, his the only man to fix, the economy of our country.

  42. mulase

    Only wen HH is in state house can he “FIX” the economy???Those ar Political semantics. Running a govt is not like running a political party.HH hz a lot of MPs implementing most of these govt policies in Parliament nd yet the economy is in reverse gear.

  43. chimutali Stanley

    UPND is HH so…………

  44. Js

    Forward chabe. This is what Dora siliya and other people were telling Michael chilufya sata that he will never rule Zambia. Bushi niwe Less me???

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