Poor State Of Burial Sites Annoys Kitwe Mayor

Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe has expressed disappointment in the manner cemeteries are being managed in the district.

And Kang’ombe has disclosed that Kitwe’s Chingola Cemetery will soon be closed following the diminishing burial land as gazetted.

Speaking to journalists after touring the burial sites in the district, Kang’ombe was sad that while it is the duty of the council to manage cemeteries, the sites have been neglected.

He said the local authority will need about K 200,000 to improve burial sites in the district with ablution blocks, shelter and access roads for mourners during burial and memorials.

Kang’ombe stated that most burial sites in the district are in a deplorable state and need an urgent facelift adding that the Council will not turn a blind eye to the situation.

He has further noted that Chingola Cemetery is nearly full to capacity and considerations will be made to have it closed soon.

“We will conduct a perimeter survey, we want to establish how many spaces are available in each zone of the cemetery.

“I am very disappointed personally as mayor that this is how we are looking after cemeteries. Sure we can do better as a Council, we can allocate resources despite constrained budgets and obviously stakeholders can as well come on board,” said Kang’ombe.


  1. Evans Mwelwa

    Keep it up our great mayor you and DC Mpundu palamoneka apomwainama come 2021 Kitwe will be different. Thanks

  2. Nyambe Ntobolo

    Keep it up!! all the best in your work

  3. lazioto

    keep it up mr mayor what we need is kitwe to be clean

  4. TIM

    This is a serious matter which needs an immediate attention.

  5. Joseph

    Too Bad

  6. Barotseland

    Wake up and do your work Kitwe Council and learn to respect the dead .Thatsvthe spirit Mr Mayor keep it up and God bless you .

  7. Josia

    we need you to change Kitwe from dirapidet to modern

  8. Tamba


  9. Chulu pillious

    Umufyashi wamano.

  10. normal black jesus

    Its good to be concerned with some of these places.Respect and care for the departed.Keep it up mr Mayor.

  11. David

    Nice observation ba mayor

  12. Pamusebo

    This man has more for Kitwe. Please Kitwe pipo support him.

  13. Shaka

    We are living in the world of rotten morals. Bwana, let us hope the developments at these last stations will not be vandalized. In the past we used to have running water and toilets at these places. Guess what? 8

  14. Ignorant

    Also work on the illegal plots opposite chingola road cemetery its getting out of hand.



  16. GM

    Well-done Ba mayor do your duties

  17. Kalonje

    Mr kang’ombe sir…you should make sure you work according to your plans

  18. Simwaka William

    Grave indeed have been left unattended because the council is there ,that man help the mayor of Lusaka also to and check the old chingwele and Chunga cemeteries pipo have turn the land to plot leaving nothing where to put our departed one’s.

  19. Charlie

    Very good observation but we you to something about it and I hope you are not being political

  20. Griffiths MZ

    Tekulandafye awee! Help the mayor to fundraise. Hope & trust other mayor from various districts will copy from him & clean the cemeteries

  21. ek

    mayor pipo love you due to yo comtment,plz keep it up

  22. HH

    When I come in power all will be well vote for me 2021

  23. Jk

    vote for HH in 2021 not abo mwebantu twachula muletamfwa ama civil servant inch into when u don’t have money to pay them for that u will see in 2021 u will loose I tell u,yo only pf member are yo enemies what more opposition? u won with a small magine in 2016,what more in 2021ukalapila,u have enemies poor,rich,short,tall,civil servants very one except yo marketeers u give tuma K300.u think they are only Zambian wait and see ask RB!!

  24. Chanchima

    Even places where the living reside are in a poor state, what more where the dead are since they cannot speak out or vote?

  25. Griffin kafula

    Yah I think that’s the best way……its not only the duty of council BT its also the duty of every citizens to llok after cencemeteriez…its a disappointng thing…..

  26. Griffin kafula

    Yah I think that’s the best way……its not only the duty of council BT its also the duty of every citizens to look after cencemeteriez…its a disappointng thing…..

  27. Clement Siliya

    Ooh! That’s bad kansi.let’s vote for HH in 2021.

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