Zambian Opposition Skeptical Of India’s Global Agenda

A Zambian opposition, the United Progressive People party, has cautioned the huge India investment agenda in Africa could be tied to an unknown global agenda.

UPP media director Mainda Simataa says the state visit by Indian President Kovind must serve as a warning to Zambia because the Asian state was officially announcing its arrival in Africa to contest, and hopefully outwit China by getting the lion’s share of the cake.

“Let it be known to every Zambian that India is engaged in a battle for global supremacy with its bitter Asian rival – China. Both nations are opening up fronts on the African continent for the Political and economic exploitation of our cheap raw materials, labour, and markets for their products,” says Simataa.


12 APRIL, 2018

*UPP Warns Zambians to Beware of India’s Global Agenda: Indian President
Kovind in Zambia, State Visit or State Capture?*

The UNITED PROGRESSSIVE PEOPLE PARTY (UPP), in its sacred duty to inform
and guide the nation, wishes to bring to the attention of the general
public, and the Patriotic Front (PF) government in particular, the hidden
agenda and grave dangers, of embracing with open arms, the Indian
President’s State visit to Zambia. Let it be known to every Zambian that
India is engaged in a battle for global supremacy with its bitter Asian
rival – China. Both nations are opening up fronts on the African continent
for the Political and economic exploitation of our cheap raw materials,
labour, and markets for their products.

Thus, the state visit by Indian President Kovind, must serve as a warning
to us, that the India State has officially announced its arrival in Zambia
to contest, and hopefully outwit China by getting the lion’s share of the
Zambian National cake which China is enjoying!
Zambians must therefore beware, that the Indian President serves and
represents, first and foremost, the national and geo-political interests of
his appointing nation – India, and not those of his unsuspecting and
gullible hosts – the PF government.

India today, being a fast rising global power-house after its own glory and
place in the world, shall only use Zambia’s resource and industrial
potential as a stepping stone to its glory.

Therefore, the Indian state visit should not be a cause for celebration,
but a cause for concern, given that the PF in their usual fashion of
spending when they don’t have, even wasted billions of tax-payers money to
throw a lavish state banquet, when Zambia is the third hungriest nation on

We can further be certain that the Indian state visit will not yield any
meaningful benefits for ordinary Zambians given India’s foreign policy of
global expansion and prosperity through exploitation of weaker nations, and
of course, the PF governments’ own culture of corruption.

Let’s not be deceived, all the Indian carrots and bilateral agreements/
deals to be cut with Zambia’s ruling corrupt elite (PF) are ultimately
calculated to serve and reinforce India’s economic stronghold in Zambia!

It must be further noted that India, like China, already possesses two key
ingredients to become a global super-power, namely, nuclear power
technology and a huge population of over a billion people to provide cheap
labour and a huge market for consumption. But like all rising imperialist
powers, India needs to amass more and more wealth by capturing other virgin
territories to provide cheap labour, cheap raw materials, and a ready
market for their products, and that is where Zambia fits in the Indian
grand scheme of things – to provide all these three key ingredients as we
are already doing for China, and at the expense of our own people!

India is looking out for itself, and we must have no illusions over their
so called state visit for mutual development, which is actually a move at
state capture!

It’s not a secret, every Zambian knows that most Indian businesses in
Zambia, including some individual Indians, are a small but very problematic
and exploitative class! Even without the formal backing and intervention of
the Indian state, these people have risen to prominence and form a
closely-knit powerful, influential, wealthy and dominant class; with a huge
investment portfolio in key Industries ($ 5 billion Dollars) covering
Mining (VEDANTA’S KONKOLA, KCM) telecommunications (BHARTI AIRTEL, MTN,

Furthermore, it is no secret that all these companies mentioned have a
record of thriving off labour abuse, exploitation, police and court
corruption, flouting of trade regulations, with the help and protection of
the corrupt system of the PF regime.

Therefore, in the final analysis, a few critical questions must be posed,
and answered very frankly by every Zambian, for the future and wellbeing of
our nation, or our reenslavement, will depend on how we respond to such
economically hostile engagements: have we benefited anything from similar
arrangements with China before, a bigger power than India?

Is Zambia’s relation to India another case of modern colonization?

Is this renewed relationship between Zambia and India a win-win situation
for all, or is it the typical case of India wins all?

And finally, is this a state visit, or yet another case of state capture,
like the Gupta’s did to Zuma in South Africa?

Cde Mainda Simataa
Party Media Director


  1. Taxy

    It’s another way of developing the country.There’s nothing wrong with the visit.Oppositions???

  2. John Chinena


  3. Marker

    You people what’s wrong that investment? Ask yourself what investment have you made to this country other than mere political euphorbia.

  4. John b chibwe

    The only problem is that the investors get more rights over the Zambian people which reads to abuse of Labour.and the government fails to set conditions and rules on how the investors will work with its people and the income of the people,some time I wonder why Zambian Labour is cheap so Avery time I do so I always come to a conclusion to say maybe only those in power are the ones that benefit in behalf of the Labour other citizens or in other words they sell as to investors.

  5. M.M.

    The bottom line is that that the Indians, Chinese, etc, do their homework and know exactly what they want in Africa. Do we really know exactly what we want from them? Chinese loans, for example, are tied loans, meaning all project equipment, supplies and all must be sourced from China, regardless of their quality. Real jobs will be created in China in companies supplying things, while we will be contented with casual labourers engaged on project sites.

  6. jpowers

    bwafya to opposition everything which is gudu it is a problem to them.

  7. Andrew Nanda

    Nothing will ever happen to this nation. That’s your perception and not ours.
    As long as God is concerned, Zambia is blessed eternally and no devil can ever change that. Stop flooding our mind’s as youths of this nation Zambia and get back to your office. Come 2021 we will see, you will never influence a youth nomatter what you will ever do or say.

  8. wisdom

    Nkhala ce

  9. Razor

    Upp seems to be the most illiterate and backward party in Zambia today. No wonder no one even gives them the time of day

  10. Dealer Man

    Uyumudala aliye nzelu

  11. Dealer Man

    Upp muliye nzelu

    • Morrischongo

      Gօ օռ tɦɛ քatʀɨօtɨċ ɢɛʀʋօʀʍɛռt

  12. Emmanuel

    Upp wat u are saying is making v sense

  13. Rasta Simon

    Am also a Zambian a lot of you our policians are foolish and stupid you don’t that heart for your people like Dr kaumda who fought for us instead you keep barking like dogs useless thoughts politiking even on street vendors sanity maters if a cat can burry its pupu what of humans you critise others for the arrest of fellow foolish politician’s why not for poor tell people the truth and right be like Mandela Kaunda Gaddafi you fools

  14. RAS L.L

    You are right upp all the jobs are for foreigners us Zambians labourers

    • Solomon Pleito

      Why not open companies and start developing Zambia than preventing other people to do what you can’t do. Create a company and stop labouring

  15. hero

    Zambians please lets support where credit is due,but if we will politic everything even though your conscience is against,then we won’t develop and provide services.Lungu stay steady fast and work.

  16. Solomon Pleito

    Ba opposition bonse muli mbushi because you prevent and criticize what you cannot do why not open companies and start developing Zambia than preventing other people to do what you can’t do. You want Anglo America to come and steal with you from Zambia and you will call them investors.

  17. Paulo lukamwba gato

    If a neighbour notices that you are doing nothing with your field he’ll come in to make use of it & for sure he’ll need to realize some profit & what ever will be left for you that’s non of his problem . Your idleness made him to come .If we can do it we are free to stop them & remember we are in a free world.

  18. Kamata

    Armchair critic

  19. suntwe

    The Indians are good mo esp were farm equipment are concerned, they v Mahindra Tractors, Tata buses/trucks, Lister pumps for irrigation & hammer mills& many more others;to me they are better pipo than the crook made in chines pilo hu can even feck drinking H2O for another cimpany

  20. chici

    Don’t, judge the book by its cover,let’s wait and see

  21. Julius Phiri

    There is no neocolonialism here but business. The govt of Zambia were looking for someone to finance a city decongestion project they found Export and Import bank which happened to be an Indian Bank. This bank will fund the project and the condition they gave to protect their money was to give the job to an Indian construction company named Afcom . We will have our roads while they will have their money back with interest. We dont have a reputable bank in Zambia and even construction company that can do such a deal. But the govt is in a hurry to create an environment that will create big businesses like Exim bank and Afcom construction. This is business.

  22. Kenneth Matunda

    Mainda Simataa – if you have no material wealth or possessions, please don’t lose what you can still possess “your dignity and self respect” these foreigners that you are so critical off can be an example for you to follow – if you have any integrity – be industrious , work hard and build something – one step at a time, and have something to pass on to your future generations. Looting and pillaging can only be carried out once – by a freshly empowered local politician – this wealth will never last long .

  23. Zambian

    No country can colonies in todays time, Brother Simatta, those days are long gone. The Chines, Indians, East Africans, South Africans …. so many of them are putting money, their own money into Zambia. They building roads, Airports, factories, shops, Malls …… all this ASSETS will remain in Zambia for ever, they can’t pull it out and take back. Any factory/project has to pay ground rent, PAYE, Import duty, VAT, Income taxes and many more levies – all this produce much incomes for Zambia. Of course some of what is left after, they take as profit to their countries. But remember, to Remain ahead in business game, they are forced to reinvest the profits in Zambia for more business, if they don’t some one else will …… Its a win situation for us. Zimbabwe closed its doors, look what happened … of course we have a plenty to do, so that benefit of this filter down to many of us – but first, let wealth creation be allowed to happen !

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