ZRA To Partner Banks On Issuance Of TPINs

The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has announced that it is engaging the Bankers Association of Zambia (BAZ) on the possibility of allowing banks to issue Tax Payer Identification Number (TPIN) to customers opening bank accounts.

Despite further extensions on individuals to register TPINs and submit to their respective banks, ZRA has noted that the number of individuals who have bank accounts is not corresponding with the TPINs captured so far.

ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda has announced that the authority is considering an extension of one year for people to register from the current deadline of 30th June, 2018.

He said the partnership with the Bankers Association of Zambia will help in capturing more people upon opening the accounts with any bank.

Chanda said the announcement will be made after concluding on going consultations with the Bankers Association of Zambia.

“We are trying to ensure that banks have capacity to issue Tax Payer Identification Number (TPIN) as people open Bank Accounts or transact with them. We will be making an announced once our consultations with the Bankers Association of Zambia are concluded,” said Chanda.


  1. Christopher Silwamba

    The Method Has Not Been Fevera Ble For All Holders. Chris

  2. jakangoh

    Distance to zra offices is hindering most account holders from registering. Allow banks to issue tpins and response will be very good.

  3. MJ Banda

    Am now suspecting this TPIN story. Someone might be stealing cash from citizens

  4. mhango morgan

    inbox me on fb, i give u my email address, u send me tpin number.

  5. The Zambian

    Excellent proposal bwana Kingsley.
    Do not extend TPIN registration requirement, just ensure banks can issue TPIN certificates for new and old Accounts.
    All Banks should be given only ONE month to ensure all their Customer Accounts have TPINs. SIMPLE.

    • Leonard

      Is it the ZRA and the BANKS to be doing taxation?


    Mr Kingsley just let the banks start issuing TPNs and the issue of deadline is not making sense because pipo will continue opening bank accounts, leave it to the banks and start planning other things or maybe how much u will deducting from each of us.thanx for the update


    Please sensitive the people what is behind the TPIN.


      Please sensitize the people what is behind the TPIN.

  8. Leonard

    Also let ZRA and the banks alone to be dealing with taxation not our companies. ZRA and BANKS to be doing taxation not companies please, they over deduct.

  9. Prince Muchimba

    So Does It Mean people do not pay tax?

  10. Leonard

    People have been waiting to see how TPin works, its going to be useless to people if our Companies continue dealing with the Tax, let companies to be just concentrates on they should give the Government and leaving employees tax for ZRA and BANKS, for they too much over deduct . Some companies even deducts from K3000.

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