Kamanga’s Ethics Committee Plots Simataa Ban

Veteran football administrator Simataa Simataa may be the next on the chopping by another of FAZ president Andrew Kamanga’s kangaroo courts.

Simataa has been summoned by the newly ratified Ethics Committee headed by Kephas Katongo for alleged unethical conduct.

The committee has already handed a ban on expelled FAZ executive committee Blackwell Siwale for allegedly circulating unauthorized documents.

Simataa has also been summoned on the same grounds and will most likely be handed a ban.

The documents that details how the FAZ executive shared K805, 000 as allowances for the 2017 Under-20 Africa of Nations has cast Kamanga in bad light.


  1. Shaka

    Revealing secrets (exposing theft) is now a crime.

  2. sinx

    Kalu was great .

  3. Charlesmicklay

    Kalu was great not the kamanga’s of this world, only what is doing is more money in their pockets

  4. muti

    What is veteran about Simataa kanshi? His leadership is not very admirable as he appears to be pushing personal agendas all the time. Hope he can work quietly with others,in this world its not possible for everyone to wrong except you. How does that happen? Need to tolerate other views.Though stealing should never be condoned.

    • big fish

      What are you talking about. You are not clear.

    • big fish

      What are you talking about. You are not think kamanga is taking us anywhere.

  5. King cool

    Easterners bamafuna kudya beka , let Kamanga eat Ni KOSWE MUMPOTO

  6. seasonal commentator

    Kamamga has you continue banning your fellow executive members look for us foreign coach who can do better things than Wada before it is to late for 2019 Afcon please someone to second me Kamanga is very rude.

  7. ek

    we need great kalu back.Kamanga becareful the same door that simataa wil exit from shal be 4u 2moro

  8. Kapatu villager

    Kalu and gang stole and nobody knew about it because even gatetaking was never known in this country. Leave kamanga because now you know how money is being used

  9. ek

    foolish u are and yo fellow kamanga,we what positive results with football not nonses

  10. B.I.G

    Kamanga you are a regret to this country, your interest is to benefit yourself and yo

  11. Summer salt

    You people will never know what you want, today you open your mouth to say you want Kali? Now listen, no one is good, no one does good. Psalm 59 States it clearly! So appreciate the present then you may know the value of the later.

  12. mcb

    i think Emmanuel munaile can do better he understand football

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