Journalist Responds to Kamanga Summons

Sports journalist Augustine Mukoka has given a measured response to the summons served on him by Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) to appear before the Ethics Committee.

Mukoka, an erstwhile ally of FAZ President Andrew Kamanga, has fallen foul with the current Football House administration for his forever critical stance on football matters in the country.

Mukoka has been charged for alleged circulation of illegally obtained documents that detail financial impropriety.

Below is his full response:



FAZ Ethics Committee Summon

I’m neither a member nor official of FAZ. Therefore, its rules or statues do not apply to me as outlined in section 2 of the FIFA Code of Ethics.

While I may have had an affiliation with FAZ through my membership at M’tendere FC which was active a year or two ago, I have not renewed any such membership.

Allow me to mention that my membership with M’tendere when active and solid was solely because as a Zambian I have a duty to contribute to our football. Football is my passion and no single person can extinguish it.

It’s through such contribution, small as they may be, that I believe we can help our young people realise their dreams by maximizing their talents through an organized set-up.

Notwithstanding my non-affiliation with FAZ and to prove my
innocence as a private citizen, I am more than happy to make myself available to the Ethics Committee hearing on the 24th of April, 2018 provided FAZ president Mr. Andrew Kamanga buys a return airfare using part of the K128, 000 he has looted from our football.

I thank you.

Augustine Mukoka


  1. martin chiyesu

    Ba kamanga twapapata stop harassing sports journalists cos they are loudest whistle blowers mind u fwemasoka fans nga twafulwa tulanunka amafi & let this be a friendly warning cos u will go faster than sepp blatter.watmo ba kalu Bali PA bench olo tibateye bwino bwino bola ku faz ulenyela amasushi uko idiot.Ba simata balandeko Ati iyo,u think u can run football matters alone or with worshippers?tuli bengi few ma fans my dear just imagine how we turn up for any game being played no matter the division olo relegation threatened team tulasapota. Me I don’t know teacher why I am a diehard soccer fan aba red Arsenal & hot Nkana blood fan chapwa.

  2. big fish

    The FAZ administration is letting us down no hope .too much hatred .what is suffering now is football in the country .Andrew shud stop chopping members .its not ones man ,s show.

  3. Simooonga Joe

    What is wrong with faz


    Number aitile impashi, sha mububa….you all wanted kamanga ami buba…kkkkkkkk

  5. Charlesmicklay

    U are the same people who voted for him. Now he is showing u his true colours,this is just the beginning. Kkkkkkkkkl

  6. Kamushi kalilalila

    Why has Kamanga become so jittery? Football is not his personal business where he can make crude decisions and no one questions. Kindly step down because you are a straight jacketed guy who wants everybody to agree with your uncensored administrative decisions.

  7. Chris B

    Iwe Chikamanga just step down kabolala iwe pompwe mushibila nsala nomba chakutwala kumwaice, finshi achitile pushi iwe. You scandalised the hard working and innocent Kalusha bwalya you and your ka short man simaata simaata you faught great Kalu day in day out mwabosha notubantu ati upite nomba wamona ulenyafye amasushi pafootball house even me summon me to your ethics committee I will come and face you iwe mbala. Why should you summon Chiko, nyangalakata mbuzi man. Choka chabe you are not a football man. The football standard have gone far down, Kalu raised the standards now you a clueless hiena look at what mess you have done just so early as for chimaata chimaata he should go kwahaya kasenanga and start fishing mwa Zambezi river moo. Ba swaini mwe bamakaka leave Chiko alone this is why you are too scared of Kazala wembushiwe. Makakalyobe. Just resign tapali efyo ulechita ku FAZ.

  8. zeke man

    Kamanga u will GO soon As u came

  9. BGM

    Na Enterest Ya Kutamba Zambian Football Yalipwa Because Of This Selfish Business Man.

  10. kaisunge

    Iwe kamanga ifintu nga fyashupa kuleka wayapitilisha amakwebo yobe.this z football nt business.send a thief 2 catch a idea ya bola umuntu takwata.idiot kumo nabaku votele.

  11. zeke man

    U should never say that warned U this is zambian football not yo personal bussines where u can faire people any how any time KAMANGA COME back to your senses before it’s too LATE

  12. Katwishi’re such a disappointment to Zambian football

  13. Paba

    The problem is with us that put him into office. Kaili us Zambians believe in change even when it’s inevitable. Lessons learnt!!

  14. Mr. BJ

    Football has become well paying world business to both players and administrators. What admin like Kamanga forget is that there are a lot more inspectors. So nelyo uleiba, kuba extra careful ati nefibumba filamona! Christ told Simon Peter to hide the sword, for uwenda nolupanga akafwa kulupanga. Kamanga, mbuya, sala mano yewe!!!!

  15. Kalok

    He wanted the FAZ Presidency – he forgot that a rose on a stalk comes with the thorns, too. Even if the perception of impropriety is criminal, it can also be unethical. Good response, Mukoka.

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