Opinion: Chilanga By-Election Could Be More Than Just A Political Contest

With the newly amended constitution there is going to be very little election action in between by-elections.

One of the positives to have come out of the January 2016 assent to the people driven constitution that the President, to his credit signed with almost his eyes closed was the tightening of the ease with which by-elections occurred between general elections.

It was almost embarrassingly routine for Members of Parliament to cross affiliations and cause by-elections that were deemed a huge drain on the state coffers. The imminent Chilanga by-election provides one of those rare cases that political parties will battle for supremacy.

The sentencing to death of Chilanga Member of Parliament Keith Mukata provided the rare circumstances for a by-election notwithstanding his appeal in the Supreme Court. It may not just an ordinary by-election given the high political stakes in the current set up.

It could be an opportunity for the Patriotic Front to claim the Chilanga seat for the first time. It has always eluded them having been previously switched handed between the MMD and the UPND.

It is not a secret why President Edgar Lungu has taken a more than cursory interest in the Chilanga seat. Not surprisingly the Chilanga victor could win some bragging rights in the political arena.

A loss for the UPND could point to their complete annihilation of the miniscule Lusaka urban base that they so desperately crave for.

For the Patriotic Front conquering Chilanga will render credence to their indisputable hold on the Lusaka mass that has remained their stronghold since 2006 and they have never let loose of that grip.

Chilanga has over the years suffered political volatility as evidenced by high turnover of Members of Parliament in the last 18 years.

Given the rare parliamentary by-election occurrence rate under the new constitution, the Chilanga seat could be more than just a political contest.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia has not yet set the date for the by-election but Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini has notified them of the vacancy.


  1. Max

    The Electoral Commission of Zambia has not yet set the date?? Prestamo rapido

  2. Sitali


  3. Johnsano

    Money Money, moneeey. Uuu.

  4. joseph

    Chilanga residents choose wisely your next mp

    • VOTER

      Joseph , thank you for your admonition that we choose wisely our next MP .
      We appeal for Sober, law abiding & serious people to stand & represent our productive community.
      Good luck .

  5. zeke man

    Let not money desive u people of chilanga ,chose WISELY with yo eyes widely OPEN

  6. Jk

    evil people no wonder!!!!

  7. Bk

    Let the campaigns be peaceful b4, during & after elections. And only asking the people of chilanga to vote with eyes open, for you all know what’s is happening now nabalandile. Am done thanks

  8. Joseph

    its UPND stronghold, the pfool idoits, just make some confusion together with mr jemason.

    • Jeremy

      Why mr Joseph? why the insults? This politics of insults should come to an end we are one Zambia one nation at the end of the day.

  9. Jeremy

    Maybe if the ruling party wins we can see some development


    If PF wins residence of chilanga will receive more development than ever B4.

    • Bruno mars the moonshine jungle

      The case is in the court and you are talking foolish things ubukopo

      • Joseph

        Bruno I agree with u.its confusing in zambia that we should be talking of elections before the final court ruling.this I’d like under mining the authority of the court.suppose the accused wins the case what might happen.please let us uphold the Constitution all the time.

  11. fk

    Those sentenced to death, when do they hung them? People don’t take it serious nowander we still hear and see these perpetual killings. We should be informed of their death and funeral.

  12. ba special b

    One Zambia one nation

  13. Zp

    Wapya baisa

  14. ichinyo

    fk correct we wonder if there sentences are real coz we dont hear there funerals.


    People must understand that the reason why chilanga seat is now vacant is because me Mukata is a convict. He only appealed for the sentence and not for conviction…it means he is a guilty man who is saying reduce my sentence. He did appeal for conviction but sentence, which is death sentence…i think I have made myself clear ooooh.

  16. Hanizy

    Ok will see after court not now

  17. Ebiton

    Vote wisely coz it is for your own benefit

  18. Chanyanji

    I agree with KADYANKAZI. The guy only appealed for the sentence, not conviction.

  19. Oscarmwale

    Choose me

  20. Christopher Silwamba

    People Should Learn To Have The Conclusion Of Every Matter And Then Go Forward . Chris

  21. Mapesho kayamba

    The man was convicted, the only thing is he apealed for a death sentence not convition ,the man is a murderer, the fact of the matter is he killed the guys he supposed to be hanged and pronounced death by hang, my appeal to you my beloved people of chilanga vote wisely don’t vote for a murderer again choose somebody who will represent your problems and develop the area

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