PF Accuse UPND Of Violence In Monze

The ruling Patriotic Front has accused the opposition UPND of perpetrating violence in Monze ahead of a civic by-election set for April 24.

PF director of media Sunday Chanda says the violence in Monze has made it difficult for its candidate to campaign



Lusaka, Zambia, 15th April, 2018 – We are shocked at the violence perpetrated by UPND supporters against PF supporters in Monze District at a time when four of their Members of Parliament were in the area. We are appalled at Mr. Hakainde Hichilema’s continued silence after 48 hours since UPND members at the instigation of their Members of Parliament who were campaigning in the area savagely attacked PF members and accused them of growing the ruling party in the area while demanding that they leave Southern Province and return to their places of origin. As if that was not enough, the PF Candidate’s wife was among those badly beaten by UPND. Sadly, this reminds Zambians of the ethnic cleansing fellow citizens originating from other parts of the country experienced at the hands of the UPND in Namwala District after the 2016 elections – something Mr. Hichilema has not condemned to this day.

The scale of violence in Monze is scary and we are calling on the Electoral Commission of Zambia to assess the security situation in the area and consider postponing the Monze by-election indefinitely until public peace is assured. We do not see how the PF candidate whose wife was badly beaten can campaign in an environment where his immediate family continues to live under the naked threat of attack. Zambians must ask Mr. Hichilema whether his silence on such UPND perpetrated and sponsored violence helps the situation. He must be asked to imagine a Zambia were UPND members would be attacked in PF strongholds and if that is the Zambia he wants to contribute to.

And lastly, Mr. Hichilema, Zambians want you to halt the UPND sponsored violence in Southern Province against citizens belonging to other political parties, especially Patriotic Front. Further, Zambians expect Mr. Hichilema to come out clean on linkages to Cambridge Analytica considering the voter pattern that characterised the 2016 elections especially in Southern Province. More and more, Zambians expect Mr. Hichilema to feel for the poor retirees by telling the nation what he knows about Saturnia Trust saga and offshore accounts revealed by the Panama Papers. Zambians are also gravely concerned at the displacement of over 600 villagers in Namwala District whose customary land Mr. Hichilema bought off and leaving the locals without grazing land for their animals. We wonder if this was the reason Mr. Hichilema remained so opposed to the proposed Land Policy!

Issued by:

Sunday Chanda
PF Media Director
Party Headquarters


  1. seasonal commentator

    When you are rude everything seems normal even when your followers can misbehavior you cannot react to it.

    • Honourable Kaleza

      Y do we fail to investigate cases ? Kkkkkkkk

  2. HH

    I don’t want to see any pf in my territories ,,north western, southern province and western province.these are upnd strong holds 2021 I ll go through.foward!!

    • Kikikikikik


    • B.I.G

      Such statement can bring division in the country, this is the reason why HH fails election every time he contests! We don’t need politics of violence, division and brutality.people are killing each other and you so called HH responds you are defending your territory. In we have intr marriages and some of our relatives are southern province specifically MONZE town. We stop violence we don’t want the shedding of over these bye election

    • ZONDA

      Comment ULIMBUSHI SANA

  3. Sitali

    Panga Family playing victim.

  4. Ba Big joe

    Dialogue eyo tulefwaya.

  5. Zach

    Dialogue can be there but am not sure if the bitter and hateful UPND can implement it.

  6. Rabson mwanza

    we cant just campaign peacefully without pangaz sure . zambia is a haven of peace and that’s what we are known for but this kind of behavior where you want to shed innocent blood for the sake of winning an election should come to an end. ONE ZAMBIA, ONE NATION

  7. T-bo Tach

    I really dont understand why this man is like, I understand his hungry for power but those who were hungry for power did things with a sence of humour and not just trying to prove a point that u can make it no..! Zambian Opposition leaders really dont have sences if only they immited the South African political sceen were opposition leaders talk rubbish but wen they go behind closed doors they are the same peaple helping out the ruling party why because they have brains to think critically the reason for others first then themselves letter.
    So please ba PF Naba UPND really guys.. #ZambianPeopleFirst

  8. Morrischongo

    Saʀɖ stօʀʏ ʏ ҡɨʟʟɨռɢ ɛaċɦ օtɦɛʀ քɛօքʟɛ օʄ Zaʍɮɨa օռɛ Zaʍɮɨa օռɛ ռatɨօռ, օʊʀ ʍօttօ քʟʐ

  9. dealer man

    It was a very big mistake to release that pagan so called hh from prison.

  10. mashinn

    because its on you thats why you are crying, the time UPND members were beaten in lusaka u were very quiet and today u ar pretending to be good people.Bt ba PF…

  11. Shaka

    Why should you attend the opposition’s rally ?To provoke them of course.


    That’s why will not vote for that idiot called hh

  13. one Maumbi

    of that’s not your area to be.

  14. B.I.G

    This is getting too much,we can’t keep loosing people every time we hav

  15. Kenneth arsenal CHISOWA truth

    Last year it was UPND who was beaten by pf in grave yard people was Killed like we’re in readership of Nebgardnezara king Dom, their was no such words, chiwamila galu kuluma mbuzi not not mbuzi kukuma galu,
    Diorog please we want to be heard just saw

  16. zeke man

    Chiwamina ngalu kuluma mbuzi have u forgoten what happened in lusaka’s memoriel park


    These people will never change.

  18. Muclicious

    Things have turned upside down. And of deserve that torture.

  19. Muclicious

    Pf deserve that torture. Viva Upnd. Monde and Kasempa civic bye election will be ours.

  20. MP. O.

    For those who are there to use the Name of HH in fake things must stop. You are bringing a lot of confusion in the Country .

  21. kaisunge

    i wanted 2 vt 4 upnd now am scared with what z happening in de part.better mulyokela no violency.

  22. Muko

    No one can comprehend fully.We just observe.Thank you.

  23. Wenge

    Let us respect our leaders,even in the Bible it is written not to be one sided,things are not OK.

  24. Solomon Pleito

    Abaka votela hh ni mbwa

  25. King cool

    Dialogue is a share waste of time,,, this guys they’re like one another. PF sometimes Acts stupidly also the UPND Acts like fools , if the government can refrain from using abuse language also the UPND will refrain from copying what the PF is doing.

  26. HH GBM

    The politics of Zambia is scoring I can not blame HH and UPND the violence started from LUSAKA, COPERBELT UPND members being killed injured your Government did not do anything over that now whom is to blame just think properly

  27. ECL

    PF cadres attacking a fellow PF cadre, what they is they wear another political party regalia and attack their own cadre in so that pipo can sympathise them.

    • gift

      Kikkkkkkkkkkk…………. No one has powers to claim GOD’S creation. Is he God or what ?all possesions belong to God. am a lozi by tribe and am not owned by any person. Am God’s created being. one Zambia one nation is our motto. Nothing like territories here, the country has got a territory and its guarded by the defense forces (ecl is the chief commander).

  28. mhango morgan

    lets not fight or beat one another we ar one.

  29. Clement tembo

    It is sad that people were beaten and injured because they belong to the party of their choice, the leaders who are saying they are following sata’s example of doing politics are quite, there shall be no another sata, sata could have condemned the violence and handed the perpetrators of evil to police,ecz barn the election in that area, so that we can all learn a lesson, Zambian let us open our eyes, is this another Rwanda….

  30. Jumbe

    I told you.

  31. Dickson Mtine

    HH u cannot rule this country until end of ur lif

  32. Francis

    The loose of life should be condemned Either of or upnd

    • Francis

      The loose of life should be condemned Either pf or upnd

  33. Mist

    Thts A Bad Developmnt There

  34. intelligence


  35. FBI

    Too bad guys

  36. Joseph

    Good news, kill those morons

  37. Michael. mulenga

    ka hh takakeleke ifyabupuba kafwilefye ukukaka.sentence. bcoz it’s to much Zambia is a peaceful contry.am not happy every time hh wat is ka hh Zambia is bigga Dan

  38. fidelis

    Am watching you cadres

  39. Chikanda

    No Words.Hmmm!

  40. Masters

    HH is not a human being, if he is then he’s not zambian

  41. Hmmmmmm

    Kutaipafye guys bene HH vs ECL

  42. Timothy k

    This shows that 2021 is not yo’s u of.

  43. Xavier

    A woman turn into a cader!fyobe mune,see how you are suffering now.

  44. ganisterm

    This politics of caders shud be condemned by all believers because they have broken some law’s of the bible which says: don’t kill and love your neighbors as your self

  45. Mwape

    UPND is a violent party and its their nature shame!!!thats y they will never b in power.

  46. Hercules

    There’s violence by PF in Chiwuyu ward, Sinda, Mulilansolo ward Kasama. Let these be banned as well. Justice please?

  47. chikumbuso L

    Atleast Haks Hichs

  48. beare bambala ng'andu

    let love lead

  49. muudem

    when Tonga’s come to our provinces we shall go to their throat also they think they are clever

  50. chasanga

    Pf stop violence to upnd u a one pipo ok

  51. Taylor

    It is high time Zambians should wake up and realize that we are living in a civilized world. When will these cat and rat games end in our political structure? This is getting out of hand mwandi! Can’t we learn from other countries out there? I think it is time to unite and work together. Let us all say NO to political violence! Don’t forget that you have nothing to loose at the end of the day.

  52. Aradin k

    Voters we afraid


    This is the only Zambia we have if this violence continue then we are doing nothing ,please people of God let be united and love one another fighting will not take as anywhere ,I want to see change in Zambia this the land God has given as please let be jealous of country loving mother Zambia,

  54. ShiMutale

    Comment Wapya baisa ECL

  55. Mopao Mopao

    You people who are busy mentioning HH’s name you make me wonder, was he there you…………….;

  56. zambian

    Politicians are useless, unless they change their bad attitudes

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