UNZA Throws Parallel Students in the Cold

The University of Zambia has dumped parallel students midway through their academic journey by either arbitrarily scrapping off the program or incorporating learners into the regular stream.

Parallel stream is a program designed for students who are in employment and are accommodated through evening classes.

But University of Zambia management has discontinued the program midway with students given the option to join the morning classes or join the distance stream that takes a longer period to continue.

Management has not paid the lecturers in the parallel stream for the last 12 months forcing them to refuse to conduct lessons for the 2018 academic year.

Parallel students are self-paying learners forking out an average of K26, 000 per academic year.

Some students that cannot fit in the morning program have been forced to withdraw from their studies.


  1. Catherine Bwalya Mutale Nsofwa

    I’m a fast track student and we were supposed to get the modules and do registration in April but to date we don’t know our fate. We are sponsored by the Govanornment.

  2. DIMAS

    What about us in provincial centers under the school of Education Extension Studies are we also affected.

  3. Bamuna

    To get an idea of how confused Zed is, just look at UNZA the supposedly highest institution of learning.

  4. mpyangu


  5. kennedy

    zambia has the poorest education systems in the region,govt should intervene or ophans will sufer most.

  6. Marc.j

    What a bad news. …….how I wish the management can recind there decision.

    • friday bondi kudemu ntamba!!!if u are not understanding me then ntamba!!!

      ba lulu aka rasta man wanjala!!!

  7. ba chanyanya

    mmmmmm ungadabwe!!!

  8. grant zimba

    iyeee mayo twafwa nkusala!!!

  9. Chanchima

    Great economic and financial management policies by one Alexander Chikwanda has led to this. But most people will not lay the blame at his doorstep. As The Post used to ask, why?

  10. HH

    Vote for me all will be well

  11. IBOLA


  12. mercutio

    Ba koswe ba tupesha twaaalaaafwaaaaa…!

  13. HH jr.

    wat is dununa reverse means,is it nt wat we ar seing nw?bushe ba mufulira bena balibapa ishabo?ba union mulikwi,iye uluse nokusambilila twalalekafye fwebashingakwanisha



  15. Isaac

    This isn’t a political. Shame on you, let’s just deal with the issues; cause you can’t say that we should for u to be in power don’t u know we r getting old

  16. Ba mbuzi

    Not a political issues. Booooooooooo

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