FAZ Cautions City; Warns Of A Possible Ban

FAZ has cautioned City of Lusaka to put its house in order or face a possible ban.

There was drama yesterday when two clubs bearing the white and black strip turned up Week Two match in match against Young Buffaloes.

Justin Zulu’s group found itself closed out at Woodlands Stadium which is owned by Forli Investments after Young Buffaloes had turned up for the Week Two match at the disputed venue.

After the Zulu side that has registered their home stadium as Queensmaid forced their way into Woodlands Stadium, there were three teams on the pitch forcing the match officials to cancel the game.

Initially the Zulu led group had headed to Queensmaid but were later surprisingly called by FAZ Deputy General Secretary Adrian Kashala telling them that their game would be at Woodlands Stadium.

It is unclear how Young Buffaloes turned up at Woodlands Stadium instead of Queensmaid.

City of Lusaka Football Club is split into two with the other group owned by Diego Cassilli’s Forli Investment calling itself City of Lusaka 2000 Limited while the other is labelled City of Lusaka 1970.

After the incident, FAZ issued a statement warning the parties the matter had already been settled.

“An interim committee headed by Mr Kaitano Chungu as interim committee chairman was appointed by City of Lusaka PLC to oversee matters pertaining to the running of the club on interim basis.

“The Football Association of Zambia directed that City of Lusaka Football Club harmonize its separate factions into one team to participate in the 2018 league,” reads a statement issued by Desmond Katongo, the FAZ communications manager.

Katongo states that FAZ will not condone any more confusion at City of Lusaka Football Club.

He added that City had up to mid this year to resolve its issues or face the association’s wrath.

“The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) considers the ongoing divisions to be an internal matter and expects that these will be resolved internally by the concerned parties failure to which FAZ will be compelled to protect the integrity of the game and may invoke protective measures which may include suspension of the club from the league.

“Any group of persons failing to follow this position will be subject to the FAZ disciplinary processes,” says Katongo.


  1. Emmanuel

    I dot know why faz can’t change coach the current one z nt ok at all

  2. that's true

    FAZ please change the national team coach

  3. that's true

    FAZ please change the national team coach soon

  4. that's true

    The team doesn’t do well

  5. focus on this issue

    There is more international players in but look now what happened we loss from bafana bafana

  6. Francois

    Yaba a board that is part of the confusion trying to provide leadership, who told Young Buffaloes that they will be playing at Woodlands Stadium, the same FAZ Secretariat call the Zulu faction to also pitch up at Woodlands Stadium to create more confusion right? Kuwayawayafye Ba FAZ

  7. focus on this issue

    Next year is afcon what we are going to do if this coach to coaching the national team

  8. kizo

    FAZ change the national team coach

  9. Enos Kalulu

    FAZ you are not providing serious leadership. Why wait until June to resolve the City yamoto saga. What happens this weekend and next week. Be more proactive shya!

  10. zeke man


  11. chipayeni

    me i dont-understand this

  12. Assad

    Mmd kulimbilana city yamoto kulimbilana nichiani imwe bantu

  13. Henschel Christian

    Faz please don’t be corrupt , we are waiting for your reaction on nyirenda is doing nothing…he’s just bringing our team down.please do something

  14. Agm

    Nyirenda is a failier coach! Please we need a new one.

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