Siliya Counsels UPND on Rogan Showdown

Information Minister Dora Siliya has advised the opposition UPND to tone down on their wild allegations against the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) resident representative Janet Rogan whilst seeking a meeting with her.

Siliya said that it not going to help the UPND to go to town dressing down Rogan whilst seeking answers from her.

She said that some of the allegations raised against Rogan were so vile they could embarrass Zambia in the eyes of the international community.

The UPND has been at crossroads with Rogan over the alleged failure to publish the conflict structure vulnerability report for the 2016 general elections.

Being a diplomat Rogan has had little window to respond to the savage political attacks.


  1. preacherman

    Katwishi mwee…taakatekepo…balesawaila fye…time is ticking toward 2021. Blessed is a political part that is busy strategies and planning for future.

  2. Rasta Simon

    You Mr HH and Chiluba sold a lot of companies in Zambia creating poverty now your friends are trying to develop you’re there disturbing them why can’t you improve peoples lives with your money like Dangote so that you can be voted in and people can believe your sweet talk

  3. George

    Wild allegations indeed.HH + UPND = MISSED CALL.

  4. Mr. BJ

    Nampo nga menso yene ayo ba hh ngayakapola Lisa? Mwasabila chacika! Mwati tekupofula nomba. We have had pipo in your situation, but we saw them act soberly. Seeing u move about with a face an angry man, it does not help out matters at all. Kenyan leaders were once at each other’s neck, not any. Chawama, no one between u has high or low bp, umo ngatwalishika. Namusuka namukotelamo, shame to u!!!

    • strong pf

      Ba HH have always base less allegations, he crippled Zambia in 1992,parastatals company diminished, and from there pipoz started suffering becoz of him,and today is sobering up realizing wastage he imposed pls let others reorganize yo sabotage and develop the state.

  5. zambian

    Pf just know that you’re failing almost all the existing generations of this community through poor exercising of the law, as how many times do you think this unsatisfactory kind of rulings will last? Siliya weren’t treating you as our enemy but as our biological mother who decides to divide her own children and then create confusion among well lived siblings.
    We’re watching you and days are numbered.

  6. john

    The man has no strategy,2021 will allude him.

  7. HH

    Please 2021 is mine wait and see.one ni foward chabe.2021 I will organize a war Zambia will be like Libya wait if I lose your hands will be chopped with pangaz

  8. Nkonkosheni

    Tht Rogan u ar talking aboult she even visted u in prison kashi umutima obe wabipa shani?U ar not a good leader 4 sure.

  9. Demutal

    Days are numbered it was unip /mmd/pf now is time hh next mile

  10. wapya

    uyu temuntu takwaba umuntu uwakosomutima kwati ni ngoshe

  11. chimutali Stanley

    Zambians know who their next leader is. put smiles on your face they will admire you.

  12. Wenge

    We have HH & GBM only for Zambian .

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