Yaluma Upsets PF Youths In Mazabuka

Patriotic Front youths in Mazabuka were left disappointed after Works and Supply Minister Christopher Yaluma failed to meet them and hear their grievances in relation to employment opportunities.

The Patriotic Front has made it a point that whenever a minister or senior party official visits any area, they find time to meet party officials and listen to their concerns and report to the secretariat.

But this was not the case for Yaluma who seemed overwhelmed with other government related functions upto his departure.

Patriotic Front District youth chairman Paul Mulotwa expressed disappointment that the Minister failed to meet party structures in the district with a lot of problems.

“We have serious problems in Mazabuka but with coming of the minister we thought it’s best time to tell him serious challenges we are facing with Zambia Sugar Company. Our youths are not employed in the Sugar Company and the PF family in Mazabuka are not given contracts with Sugar am disappointed with Yaluma,” the PF official said

Mulotwa said efforts to get the Minister to meet proved futile after he clearly stated to them that he was busy.

“He said he is busy yet we wanted our honourable minister to lobby for us youths for slots for our youths in Mazabuka for employment opportunities.

“Zambia Sugar have just started employing seasonal workers at Zambia Sugar. If opposition can manage to lobby for their own cadres through their MP meanwhile as party in government we are failing to lobby for youths how can we mobilise the party in Mazabuka,” asked Mulotwa.


  1. Macpherson Muyumba

    Please Yaluma is not and has never been Works and Supply Minister. He is at Commerce.

  2. Macpherson Muyumba

    Correct this anomaly

  3. Maybin

    That’s how it is,time will come when they will be asking for your votes and they even nill down pretending.

  4. josphat nyirongo

    Anyway,am just disappointed with the editor for misplacement of information .Mr.Yaluma is minister of commerce and not woks and supply.

  5. 555

    Foolish Reporter

  6. Jk

    nefine mwe today works and supply tomorrow commerce, Just suffer ba mbuli does pf mean good for u youth? kuchulafye mwebo!

  7. Barotseland

    That’s correct

  8. kizo

    Just get used to it

  9. zeke man


  10. Chakolwa 2018

    Ni donchi kubeba ….

  11. strong pf

    Gentlemen ala nikose inchito nashishupa,get back to a life skills jobs u will never complain,govt cant employ we a deficit in terms of graduants,craftsmen not forgetting school leavers with proper credentials, let’s not depend on govt to on our behalf pls,we need to do away with dependancy syndrome then will not be crying everyday for these politicians.

  12. Champion

    As youths let us not wait for government to give us Jobs.its time for us to reflect positively and star running our own businesses.the issue of always waiting for government and always blaming the leaders won’t help us at all.take note my fellow youths.

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