Commonwealth Warm Up To Locally Championed Dialogue

Vice President Inonge Wina has given insight on her meeting with Commonwealth Secretary General Patricia Scotland.

The meeting on the side-lines of the Commonwealth Heads of Government summit gave insight on the state of the never-ending national dialogue.

Wina said that the Commonwealth stands with the government position that dialogue should be spearheaded by a local body.

The revelation may not sit well with the opposition UPND that has been running to the Commonwealth at every turn of grievance.

“We briefed her on the Zambian stance regarding the dialogue process on the role the Commonwealth should play or not play. She has accepted that the dialogue should be carried through Inter Party Dialogue and they will be asked if they will need to play a role,” Wina said.

The dialogue process was ignited by the Commonwealth Secretary General after having brokered the release of UPND president Hakainde Hichilema from prison over a treason charge.

Scotland spelt out a roadmap that had Professor Ibrahim Gambari as chief envoy but the process seems to have broken down following a dispute over who should lead it.

President Edgar Lungu has said that his team is agreeable to the dialogue process only if it is spearheaded by the local body while his political adversaries in the UPND are looking to a foreign force to oversee the dialogue process.


  1. Tom London

    The Upnd does not trust the pf and ecl in particular because according to hh the pf and ecl has put conditions for the dialogue . hh is however willing to dialogue if such demands by pf are removed to provide an enabling environment . Also the upnd are very skeptical as to why pf and ecl in particular are now willing to dialogue while all along they have been refusing to do so .
    The second conc

    • Samuel Banda

      Let not change lungu for this even hh government whn we put them in power they will be corrupt Zambian people you always complain even when this are whole OK.what type of government do you want.let’s change the way we talk.let as be united.

    • Samuel Banda

      Let not judge lungu for this even hh government whn we put them in power they will be corrupt Zambian people you always complain even when things are all OK.what type of government do you want.let’s change the way we talk you will see the true leader.

  2. Sunshine

    I ve seen that all PF re poor & foolish in their head

  3. The reason for anyone not to trust Pf is very simple. Who can worst his or her trust in a strange groupe Who cant even obey court ruling by final court.

    Who can trust this groupe of people in Pf who arrogantly cant obey the final court ruling



  5. Armstrong Mudenda

    Why wina made an appointment to vzt Patricia in London
    Mmmmm pf ar very smart

  6. Michael Chileshe

    The question is why did the so called ZCID not take the initiative to organise dialogue when things have been going bad? Did it have to take the intervention of the Commonwealth for the ZCID to work up? The fact is that even the government and leadership have no respect for local institutions. They did not listen to the Catholic Bishops and other church mother bodies when they were pleading for dialogue. They vilified Archbishop Mpundu for speaking out against the injustices that government was committing against perceived enemies. If not for the intervention of the Commonwealth, HH would still be languishing in jail and the tension in the country would have mounted. Having succumbed to international pressure that provided a dignified way out of the treason saga for the government and initially agreed to the terms of the dialogue as proposed by the Commonwealth, today the government has made a U turn claiming national sovereignty and saying the country can handle its own affairs without the help of outsiders, when we failed to sort things out on our own in the first place. This is a very treacherous government that can not be trusted. The ZCID can’t be trusted to handle a dialogue of this magnitude because they have already demonstrated their incapacity by failing to call the parties to order when they should have done so. Let the Commonwealth at least oversea the formation of the proposed steering committee, comprising members that will be agreeable to all parties and then let the church lead and guide the dialogue process, with the Commonwealth being present as neutral observers. ZCID should also be part of the process as a stakeholder so that they learn something for future processes. Government should not insist on ZCID to lead the process when other stake holders are not comfortable with the organisation in its current state. Dialogue is about compromises. People should not be rigid about their stand points.

    • John Chinena

      At that time UPND were chairing ZCID. Ask them that question.

    • hummer where it hurts

      Finally the headless (Zcid) has grown
      a head or two. Where was it when Zambia so much needed it?. I now understand that (ZCID) is like a wheelbarrow, it needs someone to push it for it to change position. In short it has no brains for itself.

  7. OK

    This total confusion.

  8. zeke man

    PF YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED no wonder mutati is trying to strengthen MMD But nothing will happen YOU ARE ALL DEAD… R.I.P

  9. Joseph David

    Pf kuwayawayafye

  10. Shaka

    He who complains first justifies his cause. Why did her excellence go to the mediator (the Commonwealth) first, to compromise.

  11. Clement Siliya

    The problem is that when someone is in power,we only see and talk bad things, but when he is out of power,that’s when we say good things for him.The fact is that Edgar lungu is doing nothing, so let’s vote for hh in 2021.

  12. zeke man

    Good one

  13. mpyangu

    Mmmmm,! maa ma ma ma! an academic exercise. maybe the bishops, otherwise the outcome will be in favour of the oppresors.



  15. james

    what kind of ignorance is this?someone is calling the Commonwealth foreigners. are they really foreigners,maybe Zambia has withdraw it membership.

  16. shaft

    lets pretend there is nothing wrong and they will be no dialogue and see who will cry the most.

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