Divisions Emerge In Chingola Council

Divisions have emerged in the Chingola Municipal Council with the Deputy Mayor George Kampamba being linked to the yet to be registered Harry Kalaba party.

Kampamba a once upon a time close friend to Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo, has been accused of being disrespectful to his senior and is alleged to be holding dark corner meetings with other councillors.

The Chingola Central Ward councillor is alleged to have been causing confusion by undermining Tembo during meetings as he organises Harry Kalaba’s passage in the once cleanest town in Zambia.

“We are aware of his activities I am one person he has approached but I have told him am not interested, you see the way he is treating the Mayor who single handedly made him Deputy Mayor is shocking.

“Most of us are aware that he has been holding meetings with Honourable Harry Kalaba, but because I know Honourable Kalaba’s standing in the Party I have taken a distance,” one of the councillors said.

He said it was shameful that Kampamba during a full Council rose on a point of order against His Worship the Mayor of Chingola while seated on the same table in front.

“It shocked all of us because such a thing has never happened and it was embarrassing to the Mayor that one among them was rising on a point of order when such issues could have been addressed in the office before coming to the chamber,” he stated.

He said, “the Mayor was shocked to learn that Kampamba has been collecting signatures from other Councillors to discipline two councillors, Benson Tonge and Brian Banda of Nsansa and Kabundu Wards respectively.”


  1. oli chipo

    Papa the corrupt pipo u fought are here in yo party,u Neva told us how to treat them when they come,should we work with them or leave them?show us a signal.

    • hummer where it hurts

      My son if you’re corrupt, work with them but if you’re not I have given you the signal flash them out.

  2. bravo

    How many nonsensical political parties are gonna have? Even if its democracy this is too far from real democracy. There must be certain hidden agendas over the mushrooming of these political parties.

  3. Sunshine

    SO what is this now ba people



  5. Armstrong Mudenda

    Zhiko latu LA Zambia mmmmm pipo ar after the money lol
    2021 vote fo me as a president under the (SOD)sons of the devil

  6. Marker

    Zambian political scenario has become pathetic some of we are getting bored.Am pretty sure those making political noise will not win the 2021 jackpot ,they feel Zambian are foolish who want trial and error probably it’s those party who talk less that God is going to give Chance.Harry was in Govt,So is Chishimba,GBM what did they do to Change Zambian lives and what makes them born against this time.

    • Benson

      My brother this is true this people a after money not doing things for the people come 2021 no change we are seen what this people a doing planing eviel things but our God always fever us David is going to win which is Pf .Goliyad, upnd has nothing to give to the zambian nebukaneza is sick person ,

  7. zeke man


  8. Shaka

    Come 2021,the least voted for parties be deregistered.

  9. ZONDA

    Comment i we KALAHARI DESAAT WILABA takalaba mwelwa

  10. Hanizy

    Are you sure pf is going 2021?

    • Benson

      Yes why not my brother don’t doubt Zambia is big. pf is working in town, rural areas,district school

  11. Bishop

    Titus Tembo is a non performer. Atleast Kalabila”s mayoral office had credibility.
    Therefore, in one is challchallenging him then that is admissible.
    We shouldn’t just restrict our City to monopoly.
    As Mayor, Titus is supposed to represent all people but this is not so as he is always talking about the party that sponsored him as mayor.
    He does not understand the role of his office. Let him study political science and democratic tendencies.
    Be it any other party, all we want is service delivery not just talk and praise.
    Policy is issues must be articulated that’s all

  12. Shachz

    Sometimes, you just watch!


    PF is calapt

  14. mercutio

    Lets just merge all the opposition political parties to remove the rats in the big pot of Zambia period simple & straight forward no need to think but to just form one opposition part such that no chances of malpractices such as rigging,missing ballot boxes,information technology barriers etc…


    Ichi chakoma-naichi chakoma fisi anagwa chagada.Check this out imwe be musebenzela boma naka okapi ku mphasa.Lungu mumuyambila dala.

  16. Yolam zimba

    Still loading…… ……….,?

  17. Musonda umwana musuma

    Don’t force someone to stay in the party when he has seen that he can belong to it no more. And don’t include Kalaba in childish matters

  18. mulena mulena

    Too many political parties in Zambia how are we going to vote as am also about to register mine which is called comboni people’s party(CPP)

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