Lusaka Deputy Mayor Defends Demolition Of Illegal Structures At Kamwala Market

Lusaka Deputy Mayor Chilando Chitangala has defended the demolition exercise conducted by the council at Kamwala market in which traders lost their merchandise.

Chitangala says there was nothing unusual about the demolition exercise at Kamwala market despite the council not giving the affected traders 48-hours demolition notice.

She says the council will continue with the demolition exercise in other parts of Lusaka.

Chitangala says the whole essence is to ensure that street vending is brought to an end.

Chitangala says despite some traders whose structures were demolished having trading licenses, they did not have the right to put up the demolished makeshift structures.

Meanwhile Lusaka City Council (LCC) Acting Public Relations Manager George Sichimba says the council has returned merchandise found in eleven demolished illegal makeshift stalls at Kamwala market to the owners.

Sichimba says contrary to assertions that the merchandise was looted by Council and State police during the demolition exercise, the merchandise was taken to Civic Center for safe keeping.

He states that during operations of such nature, state Police are involved to ensure that the merchandise found in targeted premises is not looted.

Sichimba says among the merchandise found in the demolished shops were footwear, Salaula, mobile phones and accessories and groceries among other things.

He says the affected traders were invited to Civic Center to identify their merchandise which was given back to them.

Source: Qfm



    keep Lusaka clean….

    • hummer where it hurts

      Ati ni…..Pro- poor government, kikikikiki making sure that the poor becomes more poorer kikikiki the Poverty Factory (PF) is really working….kikikiki.

  2. Gilbert k

    Keep Lusaka clean, but find altenative place for them, for they want to see Zambia go fowrd economically, they do pay tax, Zambia depend on tax, n Zambia no employment, encourage citizens to find something to do than destroyng their mechandise sores, sit down with them, u ll need them in time ⌚ of elections, their vote is power. U r n offices bcoz of them

  3. zeke man


  4. ek

    foolish u are,people are crying and u says keep lufoto clean. i see no difference between u and those who burnt city market u hav no mercy 4the poor shame to on u ediots,

  5. Coco


  6. ek

    mrs chitangalala u are a fool

  7. Shaka

    In the name of keep Lusaka clean of course,warn people, don’t operate like gorillas. You behave like criminals.

  8. Joseph

    Son of the whore, you treat zambians, like criminals, but foreigners their enjoying, them seifs. the next elections, you are going to beg 4 their vote’. street vendors, next time, vote wisely not RATS.

  9. Barotseland

    Foolish pf cadres stealing poor people’s goods

  10. Desert

    Keep Lusaka Clean Yet Soweto market in Dirty yesterday I was there

  11. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Lusaka city council find alternatives for our brothers and sisters please, that’s where they make ends meat.

  12. Skb

    Joseph,there is no need to insult. Just state your point with civility and inteligence. Social media should not exite us into abusing our Freedom Of Epression!!!

  13. Sunshine

    Please help us ba people

    • Musonda umwana musuma

      Heartless people you are making our lives unenjoyable. We empowered you via voting for you and you have built infrastructures that you never had before but you are falling through to empower us back. Keep Lusaka clean but you can’t give people new sites to trade from. You demolished their ntembas and left them helpless

  14. BMK

    When pf came into government in 2011, late president Sata ( MHSRIP ) made pronouncements that street vendors will not be thrown out of the streets until alternative trading places are established and more employment opportunities are created. According to the late ( Sata ), this was going to be gradual not at this rate and system we are seeing today. Poverty and unemployment levels in Zambia are so high. The minimum wages for very few lucky casual workers is very low. The government has introduced taxes in almost every aspect of life. This means that the only means of survival for most Zambian citizens is to be on the streets.
    Therefore, i feel the government should get back to the drawing board concernig the issue of marketeers and street vendors or else this exercise will end up making pf unpopular if not already.

    • shimwitwa

      you are right. PF strongly emphasised that balekeni ama street vendors baleyendela. These actions will cost them votes.

    • Benson

      Ba sir HH brought street vendors when the started selling the company’s we have being in this system for so long it’s very difficult to bring the idear which our lovry govt is doing but after two years we will see that it was good for us .Pf please don’t worry you are doing the right thing for the better zambia.

  15. King-G

    Why defending who practiced illegal?
    Uli Na Back-Up iwe Alah!

  16. Razor

    Good move Lusaka city council & I know you had the blessings of the top leadership otherwise you wouldn’t have taken this bold step.

  17. black spider

    Papa give us a signal. These council workers say they do not get paid in time but wonder were they get their energy to demolish shops. Is it through the looting of properties… Giv a sign papa

  18. Simwaka William

    Yes we understand that you are keeping our city but look for better solution to all guys that are affected through the steps which you these guys are taking. Bear in mind that proves will be done through out so how many people will be affected and how are they going servive with their families don’t put much oppression help these people to find better marketing place than destroying properties which more worthy. We love you guys

  19. King cool

    Bulanda bushala

  20. Ba Zambian


  21. FBI

    Come 2021 please

  22. Kayoya kingsley

    Comment still loading

  23. zeke man


  24. Nkonkosheni

    Ukutupa ba kanyangu.

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