RTAs Claim 400 People In 3 Months

The Zambia Police Service has disclosed that about 400 people died in 7,247 road traffic accidents recorded in the first three months of 2018.

The 7,247 accidents recorded in the first quarter of 2018 represent an increase of 179 accidents compared to 7,068 road traffic accidents recorded during the same period in 2017.

Exact number of deaths stand at 396 but the figures could be more if unaccounted deaths were factored.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo says of the total number of accident recorded this year, 340 were fatal in which 396 people died compared to 480 deaths recorded in 343 fatal road traffic accidents during the first quarter of 2017.

Katongo says this shows a decrease by 84 persons killed when compared to last year in the same period.

She says 1,147 were serious road traffic accidents in which 673 persons were seriously injury during the period under review as compared to 1,187 persons seriously injured in 637 serious road traffic accidents recorded during the same period in 2017.

Katongo adds that 1,960 people sustained minor injuries in 1,578 slight road traffic accidents during the first quarter of 2018 compared to 2,265 persons slightly injured in 1,264 slight road traffic accidents in the same period in 2017.

She adds that the total number of casualties in the first quarter of 2018 is 3, 503 as compared to 3, 932 casualties in 2017.


  1. chici

    Too bad let’s follow traffic rules in the second quarter

  2. Reu Ndumba

    Road traffic accidents reducing systems upto 80%
    From Kafue innovation center
    *we have invention to reduce road crash upto 80%
    * the solution will create thousands of employment.
    * And making K200 – 500 per second.
    We are waiting polishing and finishing by the electronic engineers from any country who manufactures electronic gadgets IF WE BE FUNDED BY GOVERNMENT OF ZAMBIA.

  3. dilado

    What are the measures put in place for 2018 and 2019 to curb RTAs?😩😣people are finishing mahn!😔😭😭😭😭🙆

  4. proud tumbuka man

    RTSA Dnt be fanny wth da rulez mek sure u put stiff measurez inplace.

  5. BMK

    These figures are so high. Is it the same with our neighbouring countries? Is it normal to record such figures in the shortest period of time? What could be the main contributing factors? Someone to educate me.

  6. ek

    its coz of bad roads and over speeding

  7. focus on this issue

    Too bad lets reduce over speeding and make some rules

  8. focus on this issue

    This figure is high so it meant that RATSA they didn’t do anything for

  9. focus on this issue

    Ratsa They didn’t do their work

  10. Demutal

    They always do they it the mentality of the driver’s following the rules and don’t don’t ratsa no traffic let us avail the rules you rush you put people at risk

  11. Kashweka joel

    Let’s follow de rules, as simple as that

    • Sianga Musialela

      The police cap in the picture has a badge with the british crown.Please use the modern Zambia police barge in your future articles.

  12. suntwe

    Driving from Nakonde to Mpika is something else! The road is bad mo especially from nakonde to chinsali district,we are yet to record mo deaths if nothing is done,even just mending it muma potholes,it serve the life of pipo pliz twafweni ko mulu iyo inshila mwebuteko

  13. Kbw

    The only key to avoid accidents, is to just follow the rules that’s so

  14. Joseph David

    The pf govt, is doing nothing. lets blame ECL.

    • ZONDA

      Comment BA JOSEFU David mulichisushi KONTWA how can u blem the president ? blem HH

    • Musonda umwana musuma

      You are the most foolish and brainless creature God has ever created. How blameworthy Lungu is? Is Zambia the only country where accidents happen?

  15. Mwenya Kamps

    Hmmmmm….. Diz z bad

  16. Barotseland

    Latest Fatal RTA along Great East Road shows how professional Traffic Officers work .Those three traffic Police officers deserve something for the hard work rendered to retrieve those 6 dead bodies who were trapped inside kindly if the Minister of Home Affairs and Inspector General of Police can put their heads together to give those Traffic Officers a brand new Vehicle because the one they used to ferry the bodies to Feira Montuary is unroadworthy. Please do something to give more moral to those three Traffic Police officers at Luangwa Bridge.I salute them for their hard work . Viva Pf.

  17. GM

    Let’s observe the traffic rules and avoid over speeding that will help us to reduce road accident s


    Imwe fipuba ninshi muleblemela gvnmt ya PF pamo na bakateka umulandu wama accident pamseu?Iyi nintchito yakwa RTSA balekeni abene balawombelapo.Bonse muleblema PF panuma pakwikuta uwali wa finkubala,kabiyeni ku chimbushi.May the Lord bless RTSA.

  19. Elias

    Dear RTSA just make sure that rules and regulations are put into consideration before we lost more lives thank you

  20. Tx

    the main culprits z RTSA. coz they dnt considr whethr overload, unfit vhacle drinking and driving etc. wats important to them kulyamo chabe!

  21. Kelvin kangwa

    Too bad to our friends who has left us in road accident rest in peace

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